Sunday, April 17, 2011

CTV - Canada's Trivial Voice

I just turned on the CTV to catch up on the election. The Sun Run made it next to impossible to get to church even if Laura, Gilbert or I were feeling particularly religious today. My face is swollen and aching from having a wisdom tooth out and Laura is down with the flu.  Gilbert, the dog, and I had already worshipped in his shrine of nature. He likes Christ Church Cathedral and St. Jame's Anglican because they're pet friendly.  He doesn't wear a watch so couldn't hurry us along as he needed a long  nap after our morning walk.
Church time passed.  I missed it. As God's retribution would have it I listened to CTV -Canada's Trivial  Voice .  Some silly facetious woman and an old guy had Gloria Galloway and Bruce Cheadle on the News.  Painful.  Everyone was liberal or NDP.  Not a good word was said about Steven Harper or the Conservatives except one thing.  He was winning in the polls. They actually asked with astonishment , how could he be winning in the polls and doing so poorly in the campaign.  Like most liberals they didn't question that their views might be the reason for reality being at variance with them. There's always that liberal arrogance to contend with.
Canadians like Steven Harper and the Conservatives. They've voted him into power twice now.  In baseball 2 strikes would put the Coalition of Quebecois, Liberals and NDP out. But no they want to have a third kick at the can, at the cost of $1.5 billion dollars an election, for Canadians who have twice and now will say a third time, We Like Steven Harper and the Conservatives.  The Conservatives like young people and Steven Harper's partner is extremely popular with the women.
The only serious aberration in Canada today is the media. They were like the Tenured Professors at university who always encouraged revolution so long as it didn't affect their pensions.  These old academics sacrificed student willy nilly with their silly fat ass armchair liberal/NDP revolutionary rhetoric.  Isn't it time that Canada got a world class media.  Something like the BBC or at least like the US which has yahoos from the right and the left. Here in Canada all we have is yahoos from the left.  Actually there is a Canadian media which is responsible and that's the business media, trade media and the practical how to medias.  Mainstream media unfortunately has been trying to be 'reality' tv when most of it's reporters are living in 'dreamland'.
I am appalled that Canadian media can be so utterly left wing yet block Fox which was the right wing competitor the Canadian media collectively blocked from entering Canada.
I had to go to BBC again to find out that Steven Harper is doing well on the campaign trail.
CTV showed a clip of Ignatieff screaming angrily 'Rise Up, Rise Up." Some left over hack from the 60's with brain fried from LSD must have thought this made  Ignatieff good.    Bruce Cheadle tried to apologise for Ignatieff's upper white class American mockery of a poor black gospel missionary's fire and brimstone sermon.  The original sermon, knowing Southern Baptists, would probably have been given to the congregation because the minister heard one his sheep  had backslid and voted for the likes of Ignatieff in some southern election.  Because Ignatieff is so uptight in his $5000 suit, he looked like Celine doing rap.  Silly.
Now I'm biased.  I've declared my bias. What offends me is that the Canadian media does not. At least I can watch CNN and know it's left of centre and Fox News and know it's right of centre. There is no centre in Canada. It's just left and occasionally these days the CBC touches the edge of centre. CTV Question Period was out there with Mao and Stalin and the worst of shaming and blaming and put downs and slant. CTV Question Period is really scarey.  Gloria Galloway is even more frightening. These people actually think they're objective or that Canadians are stupid. They certainly think Canadian women are stupid by the way they were talking about them. Worse they actually thought that Canadian young people were stupid enough their left wing hustle.  .
The Canadian young people are going to the Conservative site and the Liberal Site and the NDP site on the internet. Like the Egyptians they have given up on mainstream media.  I wish I'd gone to church. CTV is a toothache.  Gilbert slept right through it.

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