Friday, April 8, 2011

Jake's Gift

Jake's Gift is playing at Pacific Theatre ( Hemlock and 12th. Written and performed by Julia Mackey with Director Dirk Van Strallen and Lighting Designer Gerald King.  The story is of a French girl meeting an elderly Canadian WWII vet who has returned to the 60th Anniversary remembrance on the Juno Beach landing.  He was one of three brothers who fought there, 2 survived, one was left on the beach. It is a survivor's story. A story of remembrance and regeneration.  I wasl rivetted to my seat  by the extraordinary acting and transformation in this moving one woman show.  At then end, the standing ovation, silenced the sobs and sniffles.  It seemed we were all crying.  Tears of sadness. Tears of gratitude. Tears of joy.  As we left we saw an white haired man wipes his eyes.  It was only last month I breakfasted with my father and his 3 friends, all WWII vets, air force, army and navy. I believe they all would have liked this play.   Julia Mackey honoured them with  her writing and her remembering.  I would recommend it to all who have like Canadians been touched by war.

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