Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Morning Burnaby River Walk With Gilbert

Normally I take pictures of Gilbert, the Magnificent Cockapoo. Today I took pictures on our walk along the Brunnette River of what we see.  Gilbert sniffs and sees everything, doing a thousand miles to my every step.  He's mostly interested in meeting other dogs too. Today he met Molly the lab and Elmore the Sitzue.
I only had my new Nikon Coolpix with 12.1 megapix and 18.1 zoom today.  Often I have my terrific SL Reflex Nikon D5000 with telephoto or wide angle lens. I feel I should have a coolie to carry it though.  In contrast, this little Nikon Coolpix pocket camera can go everywhere with me.  It's adds a different dimension to a walk.  People who know me well, know I'd rather carry a rifle or a rod and bring back breakfast or dinner.  Some people frown on that sort of thing in the city and few appreciate the awful burden I bear to  be politically correct.  DSCN0041DSCN0030DSCN0032DSCN0031DSCN0044DSC 0347DSCN0052DSCN0061DSCN0066DSCN0065DSC 0348DSCN0046DSCN0077

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