Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Fifth Wheel Ready for Storage

Well, it’s happening.  Amazing.  A miracle.  Kelvin from Travco came by last night and winterized the Fuzion 360 toy hauler.  I wouldn’t have known to winterize the washer drier.  Then he helped me again with the slides and packing up the unit. I’d overturned everything looking for what I might need the next few months.  Expeditioning in my mind, just taking the unit from one Good Sam to another. The place is a total mess but Kelvin helped me with tie downs and confirmed we were ready to go.  “It’s not like you’re planning on towing it over logging roads’.
I took a picture of him fixing a drawer that had escaped on the drive.  The slide at the back had come lose. He fixed a catch on another cupboard too. Last minute adjustments.  I feel a bit like I did heading south in my sailboat. 

Then he helped me load my Harley on the front rack on the truck.  Madigan and I slept in the camper last night after I finished a couple of late night calls thanks to the satellite connection and cell service.  Now I’m up and washed. I had breakfast of instant oatmeal, yoghurt and stove top expresso coffee. I’m thinking of finding a little portable expresso making already missing my big one. I’m so spoiled.  Glamping.  Thinking also of finding a really smart tv to replace the little one in the bed room I’ve rarely used. It worked with DVD and I did watch a few DVD ‘s a couple or years but now with satellite and Apple TV I confess I’d like to upgrade.  First I’ll find it it works without the hassle.  Last night I read a novel .  Reading is better and writing is even better.  I keep telling myself I should be finishing books. I’ve dozens of chapters of three already completed but am so disorganized that I don’t know where to begin.  I need to put the chapters I have together , add some and then edit.  I would rather blog,

Heading out I plan to ‘travel blog’, my favourite past time next to blogging poeople watching and of course talking about God. 

Thank you God for this day. Thank you for all your blessings. Help me be better today than I was yesterday.  I really enjoyed talking to a fellow Christian in Chilliwack telling me about the Main Street church which has developed there today.  Then I saw more religious persecution of Olsen and other evangelists. I naturally try to remember a time when a rabbi, an Imani hindu leader or Buddhist monk was so judged yet the wealth of some of these spiritual leaders has been staggering.  Just more Marxist aetheist attack on God indeed.  The oligarchs that survived the fall of Communist USSR and their cohort in China make even the western billionaires look hat in hand.  Putin didn’t amass wealth as a civil servant. Xi Jin Ping doesn’t eat beans.  Our radical leftest media like CBC always attacks Christianity today.  I rather liked listening to Olsen driving to work. Uplifting message.  When music tanked with negativity and ugliness from the finest days of Here comes the sun and such I began listening to educational tapes or sermons in the car. I’ve always listened to language tapes and occasionally the propaganda news. 

Now I have audio books and love Clancy and Baddaci.  Driving the book must be thrilling and keep me alert as compared to a beach read where I like to nod off every few pages,  Life really is a miracle and a blessing. Thank you Jesus. 

Time to walk Madigan. 


Monday, December 4, 2023

Packing up Fuzion

I’m counting the days and sleeps. It’s so close. I brought the Adventurer Camper in from Chilliwack on Friday. Merry Maids came over Saturday morning and cleaned it.  Then Kelvin from Travco came in the afternoon and made sure it was trip worthy. He de winterized it too.  He’s been a true godsend doing great work and a terrific fund of knowledge.  All the while I’ve been moving things from the Fuzionto the camper.  Nicoletta told me she and Erenest has everything packed in boxes when they recently bought their Thor bus. They were able to transfer in a few hours from their old RV but ‘the work began when we set up and began unboxing.”  I’ve done a little of that but it’s clearly a superior strategy. 
I gave a way three green garbage bags of clothes and sheets as well as throwing out as many.  I’m a regular pack rat.  I loved when my sailboat was set to take off on an hours notice.  The plan is to get the license to tow the Fuzion and then maybe I’ll do just that rather than using the camper.  The camper though is like the boat, so convenient compared to this liveabloard.  I’ve a storage locker full too.  I really must downsize.
This trip for a few months will challenge my pack rat tendencies. I’ll remain lean and mean.  I’ve all the gadgets and such I need for work and play.  Hunting and fishing took a lot for gear but travelling does not. Madigan has a place to stay when I go out shopping too. Far better than a motel room 
Just read about thee Sythians, the nomadic, light skinned blue eyes, sometimes red haired folk that flourished in the Steppe region from Thrace to Mongolians with domestic horses , and flocks of cattle and sheep along with wagons.  Early Gypsy’s .  7000 BC to 3000 BC.  I suppose I identify more with nomads and sailors .  I loved my first Winnipeg house and might have remained a city dwelling suburban were it not for a divorce. I loved the country more and especially loved my Errington Homestead.  Again a house lost to a divorce and back to the city. I loved the sailboat and travelling by water to Mexico and living there that year in Sea of Cortex, later sailing Solo in Winter to San Francisco and Hawaii. I liked my beach apartment and the  penthouse apartment overlooking Kits. They all had appeal but I’ve been on the boat and here much of the last decade. I’d hope to sail across the Atlantic or take the inside passage to the Caribbean but my brother’s illness and Covid intervened.  This was a great place in Covid with the nearby Brunette River Trail
Now I’m all set to journey south again, Last year I took the Mini and stayed in the Best Western in Yuma.  I loved going to Nogales,  The reconnaissance was great,
This summer’s work stint in the camper at Logan Lake went well. So now extend the time to months.  
Laura is visiting next week till end of December then Madigan and I will be alone.  
Laura had the Replica perfume and suggested I get the Replica for men. I did and it’s kind of Christmas cinnamon but a little like my Seattle perfume I bought then dropped to my chagrin and bought again.  Expensive that. I just transferred it to the Camper.  It’s not like the limited clothing I had bicycling across Europe or motorcycling across the US to Sturges and back but there’s limits. I have two small duffles but shorts and skirts and sandals take a lot less space than hunting cammo, offshore heavy weather gear, winter clothing. I’m taking my new Harley Davidson Nightster Special on a rack on the front of the truck.  I’ll pack my Harley leather jacket and a couple of helmets and jeans.  I’ve a set of boots.  Every recreational activity has its gear. One of the reasons I’d like to take this Fuzion toy hauler down so I could carry the harley and Honda Rancher ATV in the garage. I’ve a foldable boat strapped to the side too. So this has all I like.  The camper is perfect for travel with the dog and frankly I’ve been moved to so do this since reading travels with Charlie by Steinbeck just as Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Mainentance influenced my motorcycle journeys as Joshua Slocums’ Sailing Alone around the World influenced my sailing.,
So I’m not fully here.  Living in the moment and presence and one day at a time and seize the day are all very well but I’m excited about the coming road trip and am a bit in the future. 
Today is my last day clearing up nicknacks and preparing for Kelvin’s to come tomorrow to winterize this Fuzion for storage and repair the door latch in the Camper.  Paul is coming on Wednesday to tow the Fuzion to Chilliwack leaving me to stay and work in the Camper Wednesday and Thursday.  In the rain and wet I’m taking taxis to work and about this week so I don’t need to move the camper.  

It’s all very exciting.

Thank you Jesus   Thank you God.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Good Morning, Another Day, Thank you Jesus

I woke to the wonder and joy of Lauran and Madigan in bed beside me. I changed the propane tanks last night so the heat was true coupled with the electric furnace and the electric blanket.  Walking Madigan last night in the early darkness I met Peter and Bella and Luka and he said “just a few more sleeps”.  We both were wearing parkas.  He heads south each year Boxing Day.  His mother is here.  I’m leaving in a couple of weeks. When I dropped off the Mini at John’s in Chilliwack thanks to Laura driving it there while I drove the truck, he said, “already a couple of fellows have headed south with their RV’s and families.”  He was pointing to the mountains where there’d been snow already. There was a late fall crispness in the air and he was expecting snow. I liked the holiday spirit it the mall when I stopped to pick up my mail. It might have been Black Friday frenzy but it was the Christmas decorations, the tree and tinsels that caught my attention.  A beautiful young woman in cashmere sweater and camel skirt was posing for her girlfriend to take pictures of her in front of the tree.  
I’m drinking coffee. What’s new.  Laura gave me Irish Breakfast Tea which I drink in the afternoon. It’s past 7. I woke at 6.  There’s a WDIR Zoom meeting this morning at 9.  That solves the ‘do I or do I not get up to go to church’ debate. I didn’t make it last week.  Slept in. This week I’m up for the doctors spirituality meeting.  There’s frost on the roof of the building I see from my window.
It’s wonderful when Laura is here.  My buddy.  I share a bond and love is in the air.  I ‘m not alone. OF course Madigan is delighted that his ‘pack’ has expanded by another. He has two to get treats from and two to get pets from.  We walked as three yesterday.  He liked the off leash dog park.  We had a&w onion rings and burgers.  
At hom yesterday I finished The Last Crossing by Guy Vanderhaege.  It was a great read, brilliantly written. After I finished I wasn’t surprised to learn he was an English professor and had received many awards for his exquisite writing and well crafted works.  I ordered another then began the latest in Sharpes books.  Simpler reads,,  I ate a delicious dish of macaroni and cheese after several nights of barbecue steaks.  A mixed diet.  I ‘d be enjoying genre reading like the fast paced detectives and thrillers. The Saigon historical fiction was a great read. I’m rather blessed to be finding new authors and having much enjoyment in reading when I supposed I should be writing my own stories to contribute. I bought the last of the trilogy of the Englihhman’s boy and saw there was 2023 book I must order too.  
We watched a couple of scie fi last night…..The Creator was a bit like Avatar , interesting AI and Cambodia like scenery, jungles and such with markets and mix of ancient and modern. I wondered about the anti American message. Mostly Anti American Army. I’m not sure if they distinguish Ameriaa and the global Military Industrial complex as they tend to be pro communist.  There’s a market in China for the anti Americanism.  Yet the American and Chinese and Iranian and Russians are all in the killing game.  Singing give peace a change in Canada is only going to help the war mongers in Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Palestine and Saudi and Yemen and China and India.  
I don’t like the Buddhist Hindu Asian religious components in these movies that miss the ‘servant king’ nature of Jesus.  Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Aetheist communists as well as pagan and Christians have all been at war. it’s the polarization and dichotomies that are lost.  Cohen’s There is a war would  or Dylan’s you have to serve someone fly right over the  heads of communists and Muslims and Buddhist but I’d hope a Christian and Jew might sniff the meaning.  Whom am I to say in all arrogance and humility. Yet the movie had that sense.
The other was Hypnotics with Ben Affleck and a good watch indeed.  Less idealism and more home grown answer to the control freaks.  Both anti military industrial control freaks. I was saying to Laura that administration and Politics seems to have grown little in the last hundreds of year, law is still as backward, meanwhile sciences and medicine advance in leaps and bounds.  We’re be monkeys with space ships soon.
Now it’s a new day and I ‘m blessed.  Asking god for guidance and recovery.  Asking God for presence and knowledge, truth and love and direction.  to Know and love god.
God is infinite, impersonal and personal, the sum of all upposites, the one and the zero , alpha and omega, omniscient, and omnipotential.  Pure mind and pure heart.  Within and without Creation.  Love.  But no the absence of Love for only I can not love god as God always love me. I feel like I’m Madigan to God.  Madigan is still fucking pillowsa nd tearing the blanker or sheet chewing on it in ecstasy, frustration or anxiety. Who knows. He looks at me weird when I tell him not to.  I’m unsure what God wantswhen I reject the wee small voice and have another chocolate bar.  
Health is an issue.  Trying to live well and exercise enough ,eat right and speak softly .  I would be3 th best version of myself.  I would be kind but don’t want to be so open minded the marbles fall out. I want to experience thee blis of the flow.  thank you god for synchronicity . thank you god for your fingerprints on my life.
thank you god for this new day and the pains and brushes and blank pages.
I love you God.  thank you.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Good Morning, God

I’m up.  I’ve showered. I’ve had a cup of coffee and a yogurt and a glass of orange juice. I ‘ve checked out facebook and it really is a circus out there. At least Jennifer Lawrence was entertaining with her looking into the PAC, political slush funding.  Joe Walsh sounded great on guitar.  I see friends are in Puerto Vallarta.
I message good morning to Laura. She messaged back she was in the bath.  She’s coming over to drive my car to Chilliwack. I’m driving the truck. The car will be stored there while I’m headed south. We ‘ll come back in the truck.  I’m bringing the camper back next week and the following week storing the fifth wheel RV and preparing to live and work from the camper in the coming weeks.  
It’s an adventure and expedition in a way.  That’s my perception yet so many are doing it.  Obviously not as many as are sitting in their living rooms reading magazines or watching tv.  I’ve travelled in so many ways but this is new.  Crossing the border with a self contained road vehicle home having already travelled with my liveaboard offshore sailing vessel.
I ask God what he wants from me. My work is useful. I’m contributing to my community. I’m on call for friends and family. Some might say I’m ‘pillar’ of the community today, certainly not of steel or stone but maybe made of wood.  I’m evidence.
I feel in a certain way I’m waiting in Heaven’s waiting room.  So many I’ve been close to have died in the last few years, my brother and two best friends, and good friends. There were sponsors and mentors who died too.  Dr. Phillip Ney had what sounds like it may have been a CVA.  88 years old. I thought he was 80 .  Then Bill Gyles passed. Vivian went before that .
My dad said all his friends had died.  He was in his 90’s when we talked about that.  You and your brother are all that are left.
I wonder about friendships. I have a steady flow through AA and Church and Work.
These days though I’m in the midst of gender dysphoria.  It went with a book called ‘black like me’ and a white man explored the life of a black man in the southern US>. Viva la Differenece. I’m really affected most by my lumbar thoracic spine. The instability of the lumbar spine and surprise episodes of excruciating pain when I move differently or twist or sneeze.  It’s made all I associate with ‘masculinity’ unreliable.  I’m becoming an invalided old man in my mind.  I assoviated men with ‘doing’and women with ‘being. I’d rather be an old lady than an old man at this point.  I could as easily dress as a clown or a cheetah and get the reactions.  Personally at home I’m comfortable in a sarong or shift. I loved living in the tropics in t shirt and shorts.  So I find novelty and interest in this direction.  There’s a line that goes back years certainly tied to the abuse and anti male attacks by female psychopaths supported by the authorities.  I identify with Turing and the State.  The State is quite evil now. Steal a little and they put you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.  The Importation of scab labour of so many who have live ‘pre Magna Carta’, pre French Revolution,  Pre American Revolution, pre Sexual Revolutions, pre Civil Rights movement. We’re regressing with the chauvinist pig leader to a bastardization of Canada. I try to help the depressed and anxious but so many would simply not be that if it were not for the government mis management, lying media and government and the increasingly cost of living.  I’m doing okay but all around me others struggle.  I don’t want to think about the future. Trudeau hates the elderly becaus only pretty silly girls would vote for him. I figure if you van’s beat that mind set, then join it. Be a silly girl. 
The wise mothers are something else.
But then I was attacked by psychopathic female lawyer who lied and stole and were supported by the authorities who pay terrorists 10 million dollars.
The fact is I’m tired.  I’ve worked all my life and watched slackers, theives , psychopaths, sociopaths . Liars be rewarded.
I see this as cognitive distortion and the selection bias of my comparisons. 
But I am tired. Physically and soul tired sometimes not with Israel and Palestine gun sales or Russia Ukraine gun and ammunition market but the censorship of the evil twirl Justin Trudeau and the evil of the UN dictators club and the Klaus Schwab Epstein list private jet crowd.  
I’m looking forward to lying in the sun taking estrogen and watching my breasts grow and my skin become smooth and hopefully feel my back heal.
I’m also anxious about breathing since my near death experience unable to get air with what was mostly likely a Covid Flu thing after the polluted air of Delhi.  In Mumbai I was so sick and yet since then I’ve had a URI and survived.  I’m afraid.  I don’t like being afraid.  I’ve known fear facing guns and knives, chased by bears, in hurricanes at sea and freezing on the tundra. I want comfort and no longer want to ‘fight’ I’ve fought so many battles and rescued so many people from bullies and lies. I just want to heal and recover.  I’m happy advising re medication.  I’m happy to make diagnosis and advise but I’m not willing to engage negative transference or work through denial or pre contemplation issues.  I’m coasting and remember I did all the heavy lifting and also remember how the girls didn’ think twice about taking the light lifting work leaving the heavy lifting to guys like me and then calling us ‘toxic masculinity’.  I’m a switch hitter. Maybe if I could have had the moral or ethical nature to have a couple of girlfriends or a wife and a mistress but I’ve accommodated all their covert and passive aggression and blame and if that’s the victim, I’ll take being the victim.  If rape is inevitable best bend over and think pleasant thoughts. I was raped and I was brutalized when I complained. Some animals are more equal than other animals. I was punished when I did good. I learned that the bad guys are in nests and that the government is infiltrated by communists and traitors. I’ve lost my nativity. I’d like to be blond in camouflage. I guess being a monk comes next but I think I’m too young to do the monk thing. I checked out Meteora and Cappadocea but would take a space flight to a Mars Monastery in an instant.

I am really blessed. A great sleep in a warm bed with the warm body of my dog buddy beside me.  Terrific dreams of collegiates and university.  I once dreadmed of academia and thought it would be an award of long service but see it’s just another business.  I’d like to find a dog friendly library and write. I liked last writing in Ireland on the street while Laura shopped. I like writing and drinking coffee.  Commercial street. But I need a study space to write the books. I need stability. That’s the next ‘project’ but now I’m prepareing for another adventure. The trip south.
I’m trying to down load.  I took another bag to the Diabetes clothes bin and culled the storage locker some but it’s a week task with an assistant I think.  Next year. I want to learn to drive a heavier truck load too.  I would sell my boat or sail it south.  I’m happy working virtual with contact with clinics but would rather finish the books as well. 


It’s very good. I have food and space and so many blessings. God is good all the time. This is a great day. The air is crisp and we’re planning a drive to Chilliwack then a leisurely weekend.  Laura and Madigan.  

thank you Jesus for all your blessings. Guide me. Please. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Autumn days, beautiful

I am working virtual from home today. Yesterday I was at the clinic, enjoying seeing, Karen, Ruby and Yoanna.  It’s a lovely place to work and I do enjoy the people.  I like working from home avoiding traffic and commutes and safer from the flu and covid that plague clinical space.  I’ve become anxious with older age since I couldn’t breathe so sick on return from Delhi.  These last years I’ve not had the weeks of URI that had caused such illness in the past.  I’m blessed really.  I used to overwork all the time and feel the strain to meet the demand, personally feeling responsible for the shortages of resources.  Now I’m pacing myself and doing what I can to be healthy.  Aging isn’t for the young.
I’m preparing for the trip south with only a few weeks to go.  I’m thankful for my Adventurer Camper, Ford 350, Starlink and my Macpro laptop, ipad and iPhone.  
A patient said I’d lost weight which has been my hope. My pants are loser and I’m eating more carrots than ice cream. I’m exercising walking the dog and more active.  
Madigan is a great companion. He’s taken to playing fetch in the home.  Late by my Scotty, Stuart’s standards.  He loves going to the clinic seeing Karen and Belinda who had cared for him while Laura and I were in Europe.  
I’m thankful for my teachers and mentors, so many passed. I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends and dogs and cats in Heaven.  I’m pleased to be here now. Life is an adventure.  
I’ve been taking stuff to the storage locker, cleaning up clutter to be ready to leave this place.  I realize it’s time to replace the couch and get a new smaller mattress. Maybe when I get back when I plan to do driver’s lessons. I’ve been thinking of an on line course from university but fluctuate in what I’d like to learn.  I’m up to date I think with my MOCOMP continuing education studies. I love to learn.  History fascinates me .Loved watching the Promise about the Armenian massacre.  Just read Grey’s Saigon, historical fiction like Michener, all of whose books I once read.

It’s a beautiful day. I’ll have to get up and walk Madigan, taking out the garbage before this virtual clinic day begins.  

Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. Thank you Holy Spirit.

Friday, November 17, 2023

Mid November, Carrying on

I’m pleased to say I woke up today.  I gave thanks. I crawled out of bed.  I have now meditated and prayed .  I’ve coffee. The day has begun. thee is light and blue sky.  I’ve a few errands.  Some work I can do.  A meeting I can attend. A trip to the storage locker.  I’m in preparation phase and anticipation.  I live to be in the present with the Lord but I confess I’m a few weeks ahead on holiday.  I’m dealing with a myriad of details in bits and spurts.  It’s falling together.  So many moving parts.  I do the next right thing.  Baby steps. One foot after another. It’s not like I’ll be 30 days away. I’ve a 4 day road trip.  I’ve done it before though now I’ll be carrying a motorcycle and a camper. I’m looking forward to places I know a long the way, especially the coastal highway.  I sailed that coast and it carries memories looking in and looking out.
I exercised remembering my father in his 80’s exercising each morning.  I think he did more than I do.  I often minimize now. Thankfully I have the dog to walk.  I let him out for a pee.
I’m reading Col. Hatfield second book in his Apollo Murder Series and enjoying it like I did the first.  I feel guilty I’m not writing my own books three are on the way but I’ve been distracted.
I’ve reached out to Loyalist Cove again.  A year ago I asked them to recommend a broker and I spoke to Grant but he was going to see the boat and didn’t get back to me. Now when I asked the insurer to insure it for the new year they asked for an up to date survey. I ‘ve spoken to Loyalist cove and they recommended Paul Esseld so I’ve left him a message asking him to survey the boat so I can insure and sell it.  I’m shedding skins.  
My back injuries have left me feeling fragile and though I know I could devote more time to exercising and stretching and strengthening I don’t see myself able to solo sail .  Some of it is age and weakness but actually I just don’t want to do it. I’m in a comfort seeking phase of life and even hunting seemed a bit rigorous. I ‘d rather wear a sun dress, or lie on the beach in the sun.  I like to drink coffee write and watch people. I think about travelling to Venice, Vienna and Berlin. I imagine Bangkok and Bali. I really am looking forward to Mexico again.  Mostly though I like what I’m doing and imagine once I do this camper trip I could easily tow the big rig south or just keep sun hunting with the camper. I love it here except in winter and it’s the ice I’m afraid of. I’ve this fear of slipping and falling because my back might not save me in a balancing act. It’s not true. I’m just a bit catastrophizing and hypochriachal but the fact is my back hurts with certain movements and strains so I’m enjoying less athletic endeavours and the cold.
I’m blessed with a home, heat, my buddy Madigan who is the best companion. I m going to read now and have another coffee.  

Friday, November 10, 2023

Friday, Remembrance Day Weekend

Dad was RCAF. It was important to him.  He connected with other men who’d done service the way mothers connect with other women.  Conversations occurred that weren’t for girls and boys.  Exclusive conversations because the children couldn’t understand. They’d judge and be offended.
I’m here today thankful for Dr. McCrae who wrote “In Flanders field between the rows the poppy’s grow’.  We recited that as children in school in rows with teachers leading.

I’m up early. I woke from pleasant dreams of marinas and mountains and friends. It was 5 am . I was able to get up and pee and get back to bed to snooze.  It was 6 when I rose. I’ve prayed , meditated and exercised the little bit I do each day. He’s run out for a pee and a sniff. Now I’m having coffee. I’ve collected the laundry to drop off since I have to pick up my dry cleaning. It’s the winter blue wool coat I bought at the Bay some years ago.  I’m going to the desert by I will appreciate this driving to and fro from the south.
I’m excited about the future adventure expedition. Taking my camper truck and motorcycle south.  Last year it was a month with the mini staying in Best Westerns. This year Gilbert and I have Starlink.  Laura’s joining us for a couple of weeks at Christmas. I’ve got to find an RV park and be set up for our visit. We’re going to be shopping in Mexico as well as getting our teeth cleaned.  What a date! I want another pair of glasses and hearing aids. I’m becoming cyborgs.  I’ll restock on meds too.  

It’s rainy and dark.  With the clocks turned back there’s light at 7 am.  I’m moving to waking at 6 am as a consequence.  The evening is pitch black. Even in the south it’s dark at end of day.  I am planning on a two hour lunch in the south so I can take advantage of the mid day sun. I’d like to stock up on Vitamin D and hopefully see my back pain reduce.  Chronic pain is a challenge. It’s not that bad or I really would do more stretching exercises , lose weight quicker and actually make faster progress. I am progressing though and I persist in steady slow progress.  Last year in November I had such severe sciatica I could hardly circle the car.  Walking to the gas station washroom was a challenge.  This year I have fleeting fears of limitations.  Aging is something I recognise and worry I’m being too cautious then other times I’m not cautious enough.  

I’ve been reading another Anthony Grey. This one is Saigon. His Peking was superb and I’m enjoying Saigon.  A bit of a Modern Day Michener.  I love historical fiction .  

Madigan and I do our regular walks about the park and of course he comes with me on almost all the outings.  Today he’ll accompany me to the laundry and post office.  Laura is coming and she spoils him.  We love her company and visits.  Her daughter bought a Harley Nightster 750.  

Adell is planning to sell the property.  I expect that next year I’ll drive there to pick up the little boat and make arrangements to sell the big boat. I often think of taking the inside passage south for a last hooray or going up the St. Lawrence. The cost is what stops me.  I’m happy with the camper these days and especially like my large 5th wheel. I plan to take lessons in towing it when I return.   Perhaps next year I’ll take it south rather than the camper.  Perhaps I ‘ll go west. I like working virtual and doing these little jaunts.  I’m rather blessed indeed.  I sometimes look back on my life and smile. I’m so grateful.  Yes there’s been manure but that surely had fed the flowers, I continue to carry resentments to the institutional Borg and the arrogant smug mandarins.  I struggle to forgive and my mind continues to need to be reminded to look on the positive.  

Thank you God for this life. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God for this day.  Thank you for Madigan, Laura, family, friends and acquaintenance.  Help to guide me and show me the way.  Protect me and watch over my loved ones.  May I do thy will. Thank you.