Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Person and the System of Governance

I would like to make it clear that I love authority. I’m a doctor and a specialist and a sub specialist. You simply do not get to that level of authority without respecting learning, education, leadership and frankly, being a follower. I love being a follower. I love learning. You have to be a great follower to become a leader.
I’m also a ship’s captain.  In sailing my leadership and decisions not only put others at risk but myself as well. In medicine this only occurred in infectious disease and talking with psychotic and dangerously insane people. Mostly in medicine you don’t share the risk of decisions as much as you do at sea.  Still if I said the wrong word I’d be dead to day, given the histories of so many of my patients.  Eventually I became a solo sailor. As a solo sailor I didn’t have to “worry” about others as much.
In medical practice I rose to the heights of being a consultant with my own business, a ceo with a corporation.  That’s success story, far more than I ever envisioned.  I’d been happy as a country gp.  I married unhappy women with different dreams. I hope they found what they were looking for.
The trouble today is not with the System of Governance.  It’s with the people who hold those positions.
I don’t like Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister.  I don’t like his decisions. I must follow them for now though I would like to see him impeached or removed . I fear the amount of damage he does will surpass that of  his father’s years of favouritism, corruption, debt and lies.
I don’t think that leadership is attracting the kind of people it once did. I actually admired Mr. Harper and even liked Mr. Turner.  I thought Mulroney and Chr├ętien were really powerful men. Mr. Martin was an extraordinarily  man.  I might not have agreed with all their policies at all times but I respected them.
The leadership today personally seems sketchy.  There’s a weakness at the core. I see it not just in the Prime Minister but throughout the beurocracies. It’s National and Provincial and Urban. Too much crime and graft and greed and sloth.
The famous Hamlet quote“Something rotten in the state of Denmark, “ comes so readily to mind.
I will follow. I’m not Bonhoeffer.  Like the Beatles,  “I don’t want a revolution.”
But I really would like leaders I could respect. Smart people with vision and character. Not weak, stupid people.  Not the Justin Trudeau’s of this world.   They have too much  greed and are far too shallow and false.  Such people rely on their position and guns that maintain that position.  Chamberlains really. Cowards. Misguided. False.
I admire the System of Governance but sure wish I could admire the person.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mini Cooper S 2017 and Yaletown Mini

“What do you think about a road trip?” I asked.
“Where to?” She said.
“I don’t know. San Diego, maybe.” That’s about 2000 km from Vancouver Canada.
“Would you take the truck?” She asked,
“I could.”
“We couldn’t go in the Miata. Now that Gilbert’s blind and has a sore back, he’d not be able to travel that far on my lap’”
I’d thought about that. The new Ford F-350 truck is for hunting and hauling. It’s for carrying my Honda Pioneer ATV and towing my Fifth Wheel Fuzion toy hauler.  lt’s a cowboy Cadillac ride but heavy driving and not the best gas mileage. Okay if it’s doing it’s job but this would be purely for play.
I wanted to go to sunshine. It’s a hard winter in Vancouver with the constant darkness, cold and rain. I’d thought of flying to Mexico but with Gilbert now blind and having a sore back I didn’t think that a good idea. The Miata would be a great road trip ride but I didn’t want to choose between Laura and Gilbert:) Better to consider a different car.
 I sure could use a back seat. I’d like more storage room. Laura and I had enough room in the Miata for a carryon flight suitcase each. But if we wanted to buy anything there wasn’t any room. Good for a weekend trip. But not really suitable for much longer. My brother and sister in law had driven the Miata down the California coast, loved the convertible and  loved the ride but bemoaned the lack of storage. I’ve got a Harley for the joy of a ride.  I don’t really need the convertible.
Everyone I know likes the Mini.  Laura had one in her youth. Even carried her St. Bernard in it.  My motorcycling friend  Dave had had one, said it was a whole lot of fun to drive.  I need something for the city.  Something for commuting and something I can park. I’d like something I could take more gear, maybe for more than a weekend trip. Maybe camping.  Gilbert needs his own seat.
Mini Canada has a great site. I looked at all the machines.  Then I emailed Langley and Yaletown , the dealers nearby, saying I needed a sun roof, roof rack, didn’t need all wheel drive but did need blue tooth for my phone.  Other than that I wanted to know if it parked as easy as a Miata.
I didn’t hear from Langley but Kevin Smith from Yaletown got right back to me.  Said he had a show room full of Mini’s and would be glad to show me around.   Kevin was great fun.  Obvious he loved the Mini and loved his work.  Warm, kind, hard working guy.
Right off he showed me a great selection of Country Mini’s and Coopers, helping me narrow my choices down based on my comments. We zoned right in on exactly what I was looking for.   There really is a wide selection, some of the Mini selection being quite a bit bigger than I imagine.   I wanted small and maneuverable.  That’s the Cooper.
While I looked at Mini’s with Kevin someone else from Yaletown was checking out my Miata for resale potential.
What utterly astonished me was the amount of storage in all of the Mini’s.  My Miata is mostly engine.  I’m going to miss the convertible but the Mini Panoramic Sun Roof is truly a treat.  The Ford Sun Roof was a selling feature on my F350 truck too. Having a dog I need to  vent the hot  air. Being a motorcyclist I don’t get that caged feeling if a vehicle has a sun roof.    The Mini  sun roof is amazing.
I loved the interior to, really comfortable bucket seating.    Lots of design consideration.  BMW.  Heavy duty construction. Nothing tinny about it. Solid.  I loved the workmanship and little thoughtful design touches everywhere.  You just have to swing the door to know that it’s the real deal. There’s a whole lot of visibility too. I liked the mirrors.
I scheduled a test drive.  I’d considered the Soul and Fiat.  All the other cars except Laura’s Smart car were a bigger class.  I liked the Mini. Always thought it was fine looking car.  Several friends over the year told me they thought I’d like it.  In the modern city bigger cars just are too big getting around and parking. Vancouver has lost all it’s roads to bike lanes and construction too. My truck is simply too big for getting around and for underground parking.
Laura met me at Yaletown Mini.  Kevin was there waiting with a Mini parked outside.   It was a rare sunny day.  Lots of traffic. I’d thought we were going with one of the blue Minis.  I’d told Kevin, I thought just in passing,  my favourite colour was British Racing Green.  They’d not had one out in the show room.  He’d taken the time to  find one in inventory and brought it out. It didn’t have the roof rack but they could have that installed. The British Racing Green with black top is elegant.  I loved the drive, right from the get go.  Heated seats. Like my Ford there was a sensor system for backing up.  All the electronics with blue tooth were light years ahead of the 2011 Miata.  I love the electronic features in new cars and trucks.  I”m a Trekkie.  I loved the space age touches.
The drive was delightful. I pulled a u turn in the middle of the street, barely legal and  a surprise to Kevin and Laura. That’s what I wanted to see.  Could I make such a tight turn fast enough because that’s what I’ve been doing in the Miata city driving in Vancouver. Sure enough it did the turn like a charm. Not one honk from behind.  It maneuvered perfectly in rush hour traffic then parked on a dime. I was impressed.  I was sold.
Back at the dealer Laura was beaming.
“Do you like it?” I asked.
“I love it.” She said.
“Would you consider a road trip in a Mini?”
“Absolutely. Gilbert would have his own seat.It’s so comfortable you could drive for days.”
Kevin showed me the figures with trade in. I’d have like a couple more thousand for the Miata but I was glad to pay for the convenience. I love trading in at dealers, not having the hassle of private sales. After my work day, the last thing I want to do is meet with strangers in the evening.  Kevin put together a good,  reasonable package and didn’t hustle. I like that. He made the whole experience pleasant.
Bo in finance completed the paper work with us.  I had the extra cost in my savings account having put aside money monthly this year just for such an eventuality. Scotia bank at the end of the block cut me a bank draft for the difference.
The long slow part was wading through the  ICBC insurance process.  The smart young man made that go as quickly as possible.  Kevin was kind enough to get me a coffee.
Laura said, “Gilbert’s going to be so happy with his new wheels. He’s just glad to go with you. I’m glad too. The Miata was a whole lot of fun and the Mini is going to be too.”
I really think about my life in terms of the vehicles I’ve had over the years.  A whole new chapter was opening.
“We could put his blanket with his smell on it and a couple of his toys .  Then he’ll know this new car is his car right away,” she mused.
Next I knew Kevin was taking me out and handing me the keys to the beautiful little machine. I shook hands and thanked him, seriously.
My Mini Cooper S  really looked beautiful.  I remembered then  British Racing Green was the colour of a car we had when I was small.  Laura was pleased. I had to drive her across town to where she’d parked her red smart car. It was fun drive.   The Mini has a whole lot of  great pick up.  Spunky little car.  Brakes well too.
After I dropped Laura off I got out the book and learned somethings about the Center display. So much information on the car, like a regular computer console.  I set up blue tooth with my iphone. The first song that played then in the car was Amy Grant’s “Holy Holy Holy” Good omen.
That night I drove around trying it out on the freeway. The Miata hugged the road better at high speeds.  The Mini performed pretty good.   Comfortable ride.  I know I’m going to miss the convertible top coming down but I loved the Panoramic Sun Roof.
Today I’ve been driving around some more in it and enjoy zipping in and out.   It parks so easily.  I brought Gilbert along.  He climbed inside curious.   Then he walked from back to front and sniffed everywhere.  At first he settled in in the back seat but not for long.  Pretty soon his little tail wagging he climbed into the front and sat down in his front passenger seat to enjoy the ride.  Laura did say she liked the back seat too.
The best part is everyone likes my Mini Cooper.

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Godless and Soteriology 

I listened to Rev. Flowers Soteriology 101 pod cast yesterday.  My commute time in Vancouver was doubled by the fog. Everywhere medical marijuana drivers had slowed their vehicles down so they could collectively stare and say, “Wow, Man!” It really was surreal and beautiful.
Vancouver is a bipolar city with moods fluctuating with the weather and commutes fluctuating due to poor administration of the road services from anywhere between a 1/2 hour and 2 hours daily.  The real money in the city comes from crime and government.  The criminals and the elite live in the city. The commuters like me are just the modern peasants.
Soteriology is the study of “Salvation”.  An end days prescription.  Like George Carlin, “What is this hand basket and where are we going anyway.”  Every day a person not on drugs or willing to forego the Starbucks coffee waiting in the city, gets up and drives their car either north or east, heading to the country or the prairies just to get away from the boredom of Vancouver in the darkness of ‘daylight saving’ and the rain of winter.
Snow and sunshine seem preferable to whiplash seeking pirates looking for ICBC insurance windfalls offered daily by the legal lottery that runs the province.  Meanwhile ,why work when the government taxes the workers while giving a pass to the criminals and speculators.  It’s the same with guns. Criminals have them. But the government taxes those who own them and pay taxes on them.  So the government simply does the same with workers, demonizing them, and punishing them with greater and greater taxes while leaving the criminals to prosper.
Salvation sounds like a lovely contrast to the media circus and the daily toil of hedonist smog producing bike laned city life especially as the government is taxing the air we breathe and water is now bought and sold.  Death has an appeal.  Euthanasia is marketed medically along with marijuana.
It pays to check out the tourist brochures of the various religions ultimate destination offers.
I once wrote a paper on Heaven and concluded that Christianity and Taoism had the best resorts in the after life. I didn’t really care to fight each day in pagan Valhalla.  Hanging with virgins didn’t seem nearly so appealing since the virgins I knew weren’t a particularly a attractive lot.
As a doctor I also know that the hymen restorative surgical industry is a thriving business.  The introduction of the birth control pill removed the whole need for virginity that leftover from  the agricultural and herding days of breeding, eugenics and  and thoroughbred children.  Today 50 % of the children of divorce are by DNA study, not those of the father.  Despite this, the  Jews continue to step on glasses at wedding.  Muslims kill people who look at their promiscuous sisters.  Myla Cyress, the penultimate Hollywood disease attacting slut, rides her ‘wrecking ball’.  New religions like feminism are sources of perpetual anger and ‘offence’ , like nation states in the empires building colonial days. New colonialists.  Different names, same old, same old , game.
Soteriology says each religion and each culture had some purpose and meaning.  Today the Godless simply lie and deny that they really want the most toys at the end but their agenda always is world dominance for purely hedonistic reasons. They don’t have an afterlife so can’t really care for their own children.  All must cease to exist when they, Gods of their own making,  no longer exist. No wonder there is an opioid epidemic.
The Buddhists by contrast are the most truthful.  Soteriology or salvation for them is ‘nirvana’ , ‘liberation from suffering’.  Life is ‘samsara” or the never ending cycle of misery.  All Buddhist humor is a kind of Vietnam black humor which makes their laughter so infectious.  Even Kierkegaard the great Christian theologian said ‘life is suffering unto death’.  Quite a contrast to the promises of politicians, whores, bankers, marketting agencies, and Hollywood.  Nothingness is the reward of life.
The Christian ‘salvation’ is saving the soul from ‘sin’.  Sin is a word used to describe the ‘missing of a mark’.  Christianity like Zen uses an analogy of the archer. The archer shoots an arrow and if ‘Good intentions didn’t pave the road to hell’ the arrow would always hit the mark. Christianity like Science asks the question of ‘outcome measure’.  The ‘deviance’ from the aim is called ‘sin’. In science we’d explain the ‘error’ as ‘windage’ , ‘arrow’ material’ , ad infinitude.  Christians say that sin follows from separation from God. Salvation is made possible in Christianity by the life and death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, (God entered his creation, lived it, found it in error ,  corrected it, died and resurrected..  The cross of Christianity is the ‘cross road”. It’s all about choice and freedom of choice. Also I imagine God was just a tad cross as his creation when it killed his creatures killed him suggesting either a design error, a Robert Graves sacrifice of the king or downright naughtiness of children unattended. Apparently the computer reset didn’t take a Noah flood but the cosmic fix could be put in with ‘love’.
There is also however a pesky issue of ‘predestination’ and ‘grace’ .Soteriology addresses these ultimately Unchristian factors in Christianity.
A good Christian gets ‘mansions in heaven’ and time with God.  Virgins are apparently optional and singing replaces war. It sounds much more appealing as you get older.  You also get a new body while the Muslims must make due with the resurrection of the one they died in. This explains the mass exodus of male followers of Islam to Christianity after they have suffered castration by whatever means.
Only 1 in 1000 Muslims actually get to any kind of heaven so it’s a lottery system anyway with most ending up in fire and despair just like some Christian sects who feel the stick is far better than the carrot for managing the followers. Corruptions naturally goes along with either lottery system.
The Judaism Soteriological construct is as a collective not like Christianity which is individual. Jews are never individual tourists but must travel by the bus loads. The attraction of aetheism for the likes of Marx and other Godless Jews is that many Jews simply don’t believe in an afterlife “The dead know nothing. They have no reward.”  However other Jews do believe in an afterlife, though not nearly as attractive in terms of housing as the Jewish Christian sects believed.
In Hinduism Samedhi or Moksha is the escape from ‘samsara’ the cycle of death and rebirth.  This may mean like the Buddhists a loss of individuality but it might also mean a simple closing of this book before the opening of the other. This goes with the idea of this ‘caterpillar’ existence where enlightenment is a ‘butterfly’ existence. How can a caterpillar know as a butterfly. “I am the bubble make me the sea’.  There’s closure and possibility without the idea of a human ‘body’ or the anthropomorphism associated with the mystery religions.  The Sikh seed the ‘union with God’ as a drop of water joining the sea.
There’s a sense with the Godly that we’re all going in the same direction in a sense. Pesky pagans preparing to fight forever are as challenging to be around as those who truly believe that this is it and there are no consequences, except perhaps indigestion, for eating one’s neighbour.
Rev. Francis was challenging the Calvinist notion of preditermination, the idea that God’s chosen are already picked and the out come is ‘fixed’.  This has an anthropormorphic quality considering however we find that elections, soccer games and leadership positions are ‘rigged’.  Why not think that God has ‘rigged’ this life. The least taught book of the Bible, Job, certainly challenges the notion of Satan and dualism. Satan might well have been God’s companion creation or alter ego before the creation of more entertaining humans with delusions of free will.
Personally I’ve considered myself a ‘voice over’ on a ‘comic strip’ .  The question then is who is the writer. I’m writing my life or God or worse ‘the Borg Government of Canada’. And if the ending is ‘fixed’, as my dope smoking friend believes, “why worry, be happy.”
There’s a notion of ‘happy cabbages’ and I find when I ask people ‘why’ or ‘where are you going’ or ‘what do you want in the big picture’ they commonly simply shit themselves.  I know that beurocrats are the most disturbed by that question. They hide behind platitudes and swagger with confidence but the seed of doubt and the depth of fear is so readily apparent in their eyes.
Most who join armies have said simply, I don’t know I don’t care I just want to be a tool.  I’m here to pay for my family because that hedonistically feels good. Others believe the signs offering travel and education.
I am no more than an animal, they say. I mimic the words and motions of man but really no more. Everyone agrees with me. I represent everyone. I’m schizophrenic and leave me alone. Don’t ask me such questions!!!!
Soteriology. Thank you Rev. Flowers.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

If love is the answer

If love is the answer, then you would defend yourself and your family and friends.  I just watched Felon last night. It was a powerful movie about a man falsely accused and incarcerated for defending his family.  It’s message encouraged one to consider just how many people are in jail who are indeed not guilty.
False accusations are increasing exponentially with the rise again of socialism.  In communist countries ,the ultimate expression of socialism, the standing joke was when three people were gathered together, one of them was an informer.  In socialism there is always someone who believes they can improve their lot by accusing another to the authorities.
Those who do make false accusations are sometimes just garden variety psychopaths and sociopaths, more common than many believe. The other sort  are developmentally psychologically immature and falsely accuse their neighbours to please their mommy or daddy, whichever one they feel rejected by and to psychologically conceal their own ‘dirty’ secret.  Of course there are good citizens. But historically part of good citizenship was the ‘openess’ of knowing who your accuser was.  Today ‘mind your own business’ goes hand in hand with the realization that a life in ‘witness protection’ might not be what one personally envisioned.  The check and balance of ‘accusation’ among good citizenry was that it was not done ‘lightly’ as it is today with everyone ‘offended’ and everyone a ‘critic’.
In the Judeo-Christian view from which western laws derived it was taught ‘thou shalt not judge’ and ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ was one of the 10 commandments along side ‘thou shalt not murder’.  Jesus taught that if you see fault in your neighbour you should first pluck the timber out of your own eye before trying to take the sliver out of another’s.
Yet today, with a society ‘externalized’ by Hollywood and other media celebrations of the evil villains and superhero’s , along with all the propaganda, self reflection is discouraged.  Blame is the name of the game.  Deny deny deny is the answer the lawyer tells the accused.  Notice it’s not ‘silence’ but ‘deny’.  This message to the innoscent and guilty alike is given again and  again in the ever more popular police stories.  From the earliest age children are taught to lie even if they need no encouragement.
If love is the answer, then one needs to beware of Canada’s increasing failure to address ‘perjury’ in the courts.  Further in beurocratic agencies false accusations are sadly apart of the industry of encouraging people to spy on their neighbours and report their neighbours to the authorities.
This is seen in the ‘anonymous ‘tip’ lines’ which are naturally commonly abused.  The extent of the abuse is seen in social services where disputes between mothers on the play ground for whatever reason are sometimes followed by that awful call to child’s services with the claim that one neighbour is doing something wrong.
That these are not being investigated and front and centre of any discussion reflects the need of authorities to maintain their autocratic positions by any means. The loss of ‘truth’ in society is just one casualty that follows this drive to war and anarchy created by the fundamental failing of law and order.
If there is no truth there is no real law and order. In communist countries truth died first.
We are seeing the ‘fake news’ of CBC news, Vancouver Sun and CNN.  These alt left and alt right media compete in lies. Harvard University reported that 75% of CNN news coverage during the recent election was highly biased (essentially ‘untrue’).
Truth is the first casualty of war.
If love is the answer, then truth is the question.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Gratitude Monday

Thank you Lord for this day.  Thank you for the weekend and the rest. Thank you for Gilbert my dog and George the cat, two caring companions whose antics amuse me constantly. George just ran ‘thundering cat’ through the home past blind Gilbert who twirled about followed him for a bit wondering no doubt what all the fuss was about.
Thank you for the planet , the air and the sun, the trees and the green and all the animals and creatures who are cohabitants on this galactic Noah’s ark spinning about the sun as the sun revolves its way about the arm of this wondrous armpit of a universe.  May we meet friendly aliens soon.  Help us to build a space ship to take us to Mars and beyond.  Guide us out of the waste of political correctness and lawyers and beurocrats and politicians quibbling to the science of intergalactic travel and inter dimensional movement. Let us be explorers again not hoarders.  Help us to focus on what is most important and not live lives of ‘quiet desperation’ in fear constantly looking over our shoulders for religious police, political police, professional police and all manner of men with guns representing those who steal a lot or those who steal a little.
Help me in my meditation to gain enlightenment.  Help me to push beyond where the Tibetan monks where when the Chinese communist thugs genocided them and forced the Dalai Lama to be homeless and wandering.  A good man. A wise man.  Help the South Africans who in the only way they knew tried to bring enlightenment to a country crippled by tribal cannibalism and greed. Help Zimbabwe overcome it’s military dictatorship of men and women who like Stalin liked shiny things and like Mohammed like sex slaves and children brides.  Help all these perverts and adolescents lift up their heads and look to the heavens.  See God in all his Glory there in the unseen with in and in the future of the human race as travellers not stagnant pond scum squabbling over who has the shiniest thing.
Forgive Hollywood for the crime of waste. Forgive all those who live by covert aggression. Forgive the courts for their refusal to lift up their heads remaining focused on increasing delays upon delays.  Help us all move apace with the world and not waste more and more time delaying and delaying for beurocratic sake.  Please God hold committees personally accountable so that they’d will no longer be able to dilly dally while the rest of us pay their abhorrent wages.
Help our government have new meaning.  Let not Canada be the place remembered for universal abortion, universal euthanasia, universal heroin , universal political correctness, universal marijuana, death of freedom speech, sharia law for all, the niqqab for women and jihad for men. Help us be more than just a brand of maple syrup, sickly sweet for fear of offending anyone.  Help us regain the lost blue of our past flag before the communism was thrust upon us with the corruption of Quebec, it’s mafia and biker gains and its red and white and a maple leaf that doesn’t stand for all of Canada only Quebec and Ontario.  If the flag is not to change then let western Canada join the US for it’s high time we stopped paying for all the waste of central government with it’s chronic abuses.
Lord protect me. Christ before me, Christ within, Christ beside me, Christ above me. Christ below me. Lord of light. Lord of Lords. Lord of all creation, thou who is more than all I can imagine, thou who is loving and kind and true, show me the way which will help me out of this mess that is fake news and trillions of banker scat and waste and endless war. Help me to see the good wherever I go. Help me focus on the right and good and not so be overwhelmed by the darkness. Help me lift up my eyes. Help me find within me the way to levitate. Help me to materialize love and know that all is light and that all is energy and that we are not just the grave but birth and love as well
As Christmas comes restore my hope.  As Christmas nears help me to feel the air and move between the molecules in the infinite spaces that exist between the atoms within. Help me to know the galaxy of particles and space that the nothingness, the nada of St. John is so much greater than the stuff of creation. Let me expand my consciousness and know thee as thou doth know me. Help me overcome the fear and know that as you care for a tiny bird so you care for me. Son of man . Son of God be my personal saviour. Save me today from the liars and the false accusers, from those who would use these poor souls to wield axes and swords and guns above the heads of us who merely chop wood and carry water. Help me as a doctor face these devils and tyrants and those who would not be well but seek wealth and hate instead but come as wolves in lambs clothing.
Help me Lord face the unknown patient who my lawyers tell me is a dangerous enemy and I would embrace for it is in the touch that healing comes.  Don’t keep playing your legal game for huge profit of claiming that catching the one justifies destroying the city.  Wake up to the idea that you are the problem with your medieval ideas of justice and retribution as you are made to play favourites for the elite and that whatever else you do is secondary to your primary goal to protect their priviledge.
I would not care if you would leave me alone to do my work but you insist that I am a projection of yourself and I am not and you do not know me and cannot know me because you are not in the street today where the dying is happening because of the war that is waging in this land. There is war here and the war is expanding because of your fear and your hatred.  You are choosing the evil and I am choosing the good. I am doing good and what you are doing is not helping the good. You have chosen evil. You had the choice and you chose evil.  I have the choice and I choose good.
Be the gone Satan.  Satan is the ancient name for all that is wrong. Not some personified devil but a metaphor for this who cannot see beyond their fear and the shiny things. The reflections of the light for the light itself is blinding.
I’m begging you Lord be with me today. Guide me.  Help me.  Help me overcome the call of the aetheists to sloth and gluttony and hedonism and deceit and murder. Help me avoid the lies of these who would deny their fellows killed millions in the name of the godless.
Help me today follow you and help me healing and heal.  Please Lord help me always to see the glass half full. Help me to be quiet and caring and hold true to the course with you God of Light and truth as my Lodestar.  Be thou the Lord Star of my Life.
Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death you are with me.
I am afraid seeing the stranger of their unknown physical diseases, the viruses and bacteria they bring in sickness to me, as I’m afraid of the memes they introduce to my mind , the sickness and paranoid and now I am told that my very government who I thought worked with me to help us all is instead poised ever with a knife in my back to stab me with joy and pleasure claiming that they are doing their jobs and insisting they know best but I am to go into this awful meeting with all the fear and trepidation that doctors carry into that initial contact with disease and unknown and know that you are so quick to kill all honor, all truth, all life for the STATE is a greater killer than all men alone and kill as surely as epidemics and I face the insane and the diseased and the addicted and have known their violence and untruth and I must go there day after day now knowing that no one has my back but you My Lord and Savior. I beg you be with me today. Help me be strong and face this day.  We have done so long and so well to make it look easy and yet it’s never been. The sacred successes have caused those who sit on the sidelines to swagger and glory in their own cowardice shame and inactivity living their lives as critics far from the front backed by their guns and authorities while we go out alone and face our fears and hope that this person is there to get well and not looking to use a doctor for their financial meal or to to eat us as cannibals among us.  Please Lord help me face the terrible dangers of these unknowns and walk on.
I am thankful that the utter incompetence and terrors of our media and government turn me to you Lord Jesus. I am desperate for God because there is so much failure in the institutions that were supposed to serve us. There are no resources. I am ever begging and crying out for help for others and know that I am increasingly alone and that we seem to be losing to those who make profit on death, the abortionists, the euthanasia mongers, the drug pushers, the boards of tobacco companies the corrupt bankers and the the evil elite that seem to be winning in the dichotomy of those who must surely be doing all they can at the top to help us all for surely there is good and evil even in the elite.
Help me always to see the world in colour and not only in the black and white of paranoia and identity politics and the chronic insanity of the sordid partisan press of today. Help me discern truth.
Guide me Lord. Thank you that I am able to see the light that is you. Thank you for all that you do for me. Holy Spirit come.  Holy Spirit be with me today.  Help those I would help and protect us on this battlefield where we are the first cross from those who bomb hospitals and would kill doctors and the wounded as well. And help us all from those who would steal from the wounded as they are legion today.  Help me today in my work. Guide me.
Help my dog be well too, Lord for he is little and I know you care most for the small. I am so very small Lord. I am humble and meek and know I am nothing without you. But with you what can I fear. Help me connect with you within in and without.  Please Lord let me see you everywhere and everywhen today and always.
Thank you Lord Jesus.  God of gods, holy God of Holy God.  Being without end.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gratitude Sunday

Thank you Lord for this day. Thank you for all your blessings. Thank you for my family and friends. Help their health and prosperity. Help all our pets too.  Thank you for the sunshine we had today. Thank you for the galaxy and space flight. Thank you for underwater exploration and robots and physics and chemistry.  Thank you for biology and history and theology. Thank you for this iPad and the iphone . Thank you for my clothing and coffee and tea. Thank you for energy. Thank you for feelings and thought .Thank you for the safety I have today. Thank you for just for today and this will pass and pray.  Thank you.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Don’t Expect A Gold Watch

“Here’s your gold watch

And shackles for your chain

And a piece of paper

That says you left here sane

And if you’ve a son

Who wants a good career

Just get him to sign on the dotted line

And work for 50 year.” 

Donovan - Gold Watch Blues