Thursday, September 12, 2019

Good Morning God this Thursday

Good morning, God. Thank you for the alarm clock waking and the earth being here much as I remember it. Thank you especially for the squirmy licking body of room mate , friend and dog, Gilbert. Thanks for this morning’s breakfast, Ethiopian coffee cream and honey, hard boiled egg with salt, peanut butter and marmalade sandwich and Aviva yoghurt.  Thank you for the internet and emails and FB.  I do enjoy reading what my friends post.  I especially love the animals and sacred writing, nostalgia and dirty bits.  I feel so old and proper then read the totally risque stuff and think I once was lighter and freer and didn’t feel weighted down by the industrial military complex with their assasins and promises.

Thank you for the election. I know the bird has two wings and all political birds are albatross but I can pray for eagles. Thank you that the Israeli Iran war has not begun. Thank you that Bei jing and the Barbarian Xi Ling haven’t rolled the tanks into Hong Kong.  Thank you that North Korea hasn’t shot missiles Guam.

Please Lord stop the Moslem Jihadists and the Aetheist Communists  .  Protect our closest Allies, the Americans.  Please remove the lying stoner elitist traitor Trudeau from his puppet position. Give us something less creepy and smelly.  

Strengthen and guide Andrew Scheer and Jaget Singh.

Christ before me. Christ behind me. Christ to the right of me. Christ to the left of me. Christ below me. Christ above me. Christ in every word I speak. Christ in every thought I have. Christ protect me. Christ free me. May hummingbirds, bumblebees and dragonfly wings always beat your name. May I see you today in the infinite game of hide and seek.

Thank you for the light and the colour. Thank you for family and friends. Watch over them and keep them safe and help them prosper. Help those who are sick. Make me a channel of your peace!

Thank you for the rain that helps the plants. Help me feel joy.  Lighten my being and give me more energy and less pain.  Help me to focus on the wellness and not the disease. Help me be a good gardener.

Thank you Lord for the wholeness within.  

Thank you for that feeling of not being alone.

Thank you for the dreams last night.

Thank you for all your blessings.  .

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Bonanza Resort, Horse Lake Bc

We had arranged an extended long weekend for the end of summer.  Laura arrived in her little red Smart Car at 9 am.  I loaded my white Ford F-350 truck with the Honda 2000 generator ,West Marine Inflatable Kayak, the Excalibur Crossbow and Winchester Coyote Rifle.  The KTM 690 motorcycle loaded easily onto the front rack. We were off. Gilbert the blind cockapoo was so excited.
As usual I began singing Willie Nelson’s « On the Road Again....One more time we’re on the road again. ». Laura said she’d had that album when it came out and Gilbert barked excited to be part of a new adventure.
In Chilliwack we picked up the Adventurer Truck Camper. Each time loading was getting easier, especially with Laura watching while I carefully back the truck in place before lowering the jacks. « Stop! Stop!, ‘ she screamed as I backed up nearly knocking the camper over.
At Hope we picked up DQ hamburgers with cheese and a patty for Gilbert who doesn’t like the bun.  It had begun as a stormy cloudy day with heavy rain in Abbotsford but by the time we reached Hope the skies were clearing.  I love the drive up the canyon on #1.  One summer we’d left the RV at the Boston Bar RV park coming up Friday night to enjoy several weekends there. 
At Lytton we saw the goats again. A whole herd with babies on the side of the road. 
« The goats were here a decade back when we came this way, » Laura exclaimed.  « I wonder if it’s the same herd. » I loved the photos I took then and took more now.  What a treat to see. Wildlife up close.  The babies were precious.
I love the High Country.  Vancouver by the sea is on a lowland plain but as you go up the canyon you eventually arrive in the most incredible high country with sage and tumble weed. Great rolly hills. Cattle and cowboy country.  BC is world renowned for the great ranches of the area.
The sun was out. The heat was dry. One of our favourite stops is the rest area with the fenced off leash dog park, picnic tables and toilets. Gilbert loves all the smells and wandering about, big dog, off leash. He still bumps into things but he’s safe.  He  loves it. I think he has the memory of these places we’ve been so many times before. 
I always feel the mould and fungus from the lowlands  zapped dead with every breath I take.  The joints felt better.  The head felt clearer. Once in the high country the smog and city congestion seem a world away.  You really can see for miles. Who music plays in my head.
At Cache Creek we stopped to supply at the Grubstake Market.  A terrific country store with excellent food selection and lots of odd bits for campers and sportsman.  We headed north on #97 highway.
I’d not booked a campsite. The BC Provincial Parks allow you to reserve them.  They fill up early for long weekends. When I first looked I could have booked Big Bar or Green Lake but wasn’t ready to commit.  I wanted to be off the clock and explore.  We’d stayed at Gold Trail RV Park in Clinton before and could again..  Highway #97 continued on to 70 mile house and 100 mile house.  
Laura and I have always said how much we loved Hundred Mile House each time we drove through.  The even have a little hospital clinic.  It’s named 100 mile house because it’s one hundred miles north from Lillouet on the Frazer River where BC’s gold rush trail began.  Heading north from Clinton the rolling hills gave way to rich green forest, Douglas, Fir, Pine, Spruce, with marshland and little lakes were ducks gathered. 
« We actually considered moving here, » she said . They had a little hospital clinic that looked so inviting. I’ve loved the Pawnbroker Exeter Sports store and Laura the pharmacy and town stores.
The little Hundred Mile Motel and RV park was full but the manager kindly directed us to nearby in town Campground on Horse Lake Road.  It would have been perfect but an addict’s needle left on the picnic table.  Coming from the downtown east side Vancouver where I work in an addiction methadone clinic seeing this here was saddening.  There’s no getting away from the government mismanagement of an epidemic.
We were mostly stopping to sleep after a long drive. We love the camper.  Jacks out, camper stable, We were set up. I took Gilbert for a walk at dusk.  After dark we’d step outside and looking up  enjoythe expanse of stars in the glorious sky. There was a trail around the town that began there. Gilbert and I walked down it a little before returning.  We snacked on  late night sandwiches before turning in for a great sleep..
The morning was perfect. . Laura loves having the  Adventurer shower and bathroom. I just loved making stovetop expresso coffee and reading my western novel. I’d found this Johnny Black Classic Western series by Gary Church and was absorbed in escapism. That historical fiction revolves around the 1860
The Gold Rush Trail here began in the 1850’s.   
We pulled up the jacks and saddled up in the Ford F-350 Lariat to continue East on the Horse Lake Road into the famed BC Interlake country between Litle Fort on the Thompson and 100 mile House.  It’s all part of the Caribou Region and includes Canim Lake, Green Lake, Lone Butte, and Fawn Creek.
I’d been curious about Lone Butte a little settlement I’d checked out on Google Earth earlier in the week. It was a short drive.  A gas station and country store with an amazing Lone Bute Sporting Goods Store, so well stocked for fishing, hunting camping. I’d later buy a sweet spin casting rod and reel there when I concluded my fly rod was the reason I wasn’t catching fish.  We were on Horse Lake then and everyone was catching great trout but me so it had to be the equipment.  On Facebook I was looking at pictures of Bill catching huge trout in the interior and Doug catching gargantuan salmon off English Bay. 
Responding to my questions about camping, the lovely Asian ancestored lady in Lone Bute directed us to Bonanza Resort.  It was only 8 km away in Paradise.  
The Bonanza Resort had everything rustic, a row of little log cabins on the Horse Lake shore, docks for fishing boats, campgrounds and an RV park.  There were shower and laundry facilities, wood for outdoor fires, and a little store.  The people all were wonderful. 
We were given the sweetest place on the shore before a great tree underneath which ducks liked to sit and preen themselves.  I pulled in and jacked the camper level after hooking up to electricity and central water supply then running the sewage hose to the septic system.  It was perfect.
No boom boxes. Lots of adults and children and dogs.  Everyone so respectful.  An older couple stayed nearby in an RV supervising this area while the office and campground had other folk available. It was an amazingly wonderfully run site with lots of Europeans by the mix of language we heard. We had a lovely young German couple beside us.  
I got the KTM 690 MC off the truck and suited up to ride all over the back country exploring my new terrain. Laura sat at the picnic table with her buddy Gilbert who lay beside her fascinated by all the smells and sounds of ducks,  dogs and children that came by.
I found a place where I could bow hunt the first day of the season and headed out at the break of dawn, well more like 8 am.  I actually saw one doe running away a long ways ahead of me.  Thanks to Deep Woods Off which I sprayed all over to ward of the pesky mosquitos I was able to have my nap with bow and rifle out in the woods undisturbed.  No animals came by.  So I killed some targets and rode back to join Laura and Gilbert.
Lawn Chairs, bacon sandwiches, Ethiopian expresso coffee and Johnny Black Classic Western.  I felt exhausted with all the work and wasted the day away in the sun. I did cast a half dozen times with the fly rod but I’m impatient.  
The other big task was to get the West Marine inflatable kayak out on the water. I’d picked up a pump and paddles at the great Canoe and Kayak Store in Abbotsford.  I inflated the boat and now all I had to do was get out on the water.  
Laura laughed watching me get into the kayak, not quite inflated enough, water running over the sides so I sat in a puddle. She got pictures of my graceful entrance with feet and legs in the air and me trying not to tip.  I got the hang of it and actually paddled out on spectacular Horse Lake.  The beauty of the area was unbelievable. One of our friends actually shared they’d once had a cottage there. Several others had been to Bonanza Resort and shared on Facebook what a great time they’d had. 
We had a loon that called at dawn and dusk. We had great blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  The weather was perfect. We watched a storm cross the lake one day, the skies going dark then the clouds moving along and clearing. 
I loved my lawn chair and Kindle. I barbecued steak. We relaxed.  It was over all too soon but heavenly while it lasted.
No terrorist attacks. No drug addicts screaming in the streets. No dead bodies showing up in the back woods.  No daily traffic jams. No tv or radio though we could have had them if we’d wanted. We had wifi and cellular coverage.  
We called this Glamping. Just peace and tranquillity. Here and there a dog barking.  Old people young people.  Camp fires. Children swimming in the lake.  Lots of fishermen catching fish. Lots of lawn chairs.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one doing nothing but enjoying there.
The place emptied a bit with the long weekend ending. Back to school for kids. We had Tuesday as a travel day and enjoyed the leisurely ride back to Vancouver. Definitely a long ride but the best of company. Gilbert sat in the back seat high up on the luggage and Laura beside me talked to him all the way home.  She included him. When we stopped for A&W Momma Burgers and onion rings and fries he got his own burger which Laura broke up and hand fed him while I drove south. 
The drive down the canyon through the various tunnels, Hell’s Gate, Sailor, Alexander was spectacular eye candy. I love this route never tiring of it.  It’s so much more picturesque than the Coquahalla which of course is faster and straighter.  We couldn’t stop at the fruit market we stopped at if we’d been on the Coquahalla.  Leaving there we were munching on plums and BC apples.  I had a fresh supply of honey and marmalade as well.  
In Chilliwack we dropped off the Camper, one of the jacks needing to be done manually while the other 3 worked electrically from the remote. A minor problem to be solved another time. 
The Langley bottle neck wasn’t even that severe given it was a weekday. We were home in record time and had the truck unloaded and gear stowed.  
Laura stayed the night.  Netflix snacks and couch. Some crazy folk were having lots of drama and acting badly on a spaceship.  Then early to bed to work the next day. 
What a fabulous time. BC is God’s Country. We loved Bonaza Resort, Horse Lake and the whole BC interlakes with the spectacular canyon drive.  This country is truly glorious. We are so grateful. 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

North to 100 mile house

When Laura, looking pretty, arrived Friday morning at 9 am, Gilbert, the cockapoo went crazy, barking, circling, sniffing.  It was great to see her.  We had a five day weekend together with Gilbert.  I immediately brought my white Ford F-350 around. . I have a motorcycle mount for the front of the truck.  I attached that then loaded the KTM690 enduro.
I’d decided also to take my West Marine inflatable kayak along. I had the Honda 2000 generator too. Bear season was open for rifle and deer season for bow.  I had  Winchester 300 Coyote and the Excalibur crossbow. It was the opening of bow hunting season on Sunday.  We’d planned a travel day going and returning with Sat. Sunday and Monday for outdoor adventure.
Laura travels light with an Eagle Creek carry on luggage and colourful sack.  I have the cammo duffle bag and Harley Davidson bag that together carry gear and clothes.  Gilbert likes to use these to sleep on high up in the back seat as we drive along the highway≥
I keep my Adventurer Camper at the unbreatable Chilliwack RV Storage.  From Burnaby to there it was only a couple of hour drive despite highway construction.  We’d stopped at Abbotsford’s great Canoe and Kayak Store to buy another paddle for the kayak.  
Laura and I are getting better at positioning and loading the Camper. It’s less anxiety provoking and really a good feeling when a second bouse was on the back of the truck as we pulled  away heading north.  
It started a cloudy stormy rainy day but miraculously the sun came out as we drove from Chilliwack to Hope. The corn fields were ripe. The glorious evergreens began to replace the farm lands as we ascended out of the Fraser valley floor.  At Hope we took the #1 highway that splits offf from #3 to Princeton through Manning Park and Coquahalla, the high country freeway.  I stopped at DQ and got us all DQ hamburgers with cheese, Gilbert just likes the paddy.  I’ve taken to having mine without the sauce driving. No need to change shirts. 
Laura and I recalled the spring summer and fall I left my Forest River trailer in Boston Bar coming up weekends.  The road has all the old railway tunnels. Sailor, Alexandra and Hell’s Gate..  We always remember the time riding the Harley together home we’d hit the road fault entering the tunnel, We’d become airborne forever going from light into the dark at 120 km per hour, only able to pray before we hit down in total darkness passing safely on.  The truck and camper are the latest in a series of travel camping arrangements.  We like it the best today.  Every possible camping vehicle combination was on the road north with us, some carrying bikes, quads or pulling trailers or boats. There was a recreational exodus north.

At the rest stop with the fenced off leash dog park blind Gilbert loves I changed from jeans to shorts. We used our own toilet and just loved the high country sunshine and heat.  I’m always ecstatic once we come out of the lowland to the high country sage and tumble weed country.

A herd of goats greeted us in Lytton.  It was 10 years before when we were in a car with tent in the trunk that we passed a similar herd of mountain goats on the highway and walking about the town.  There were young with therm and they all looked healthy and robust.

The views of the river winding through the high country tumble weed hills were spectacular.
At Cache Creek we stopped at the Grubstake Store we’d visited in past years. A lovely oriental couple have really outfitted it well for campers and fishermen. We found everything we wanted and now had a fully stocked camper.  We even had Hagen Dash ice cream bars to enhance our glamping experience.
Lots of nostalgia passing through Clinton.  Laura reminisced about walking here when Faith was still a baby her mommy’s tummy. Now she’s a going concern.  It was here I shot my first moose with Bill Mewhort 30 years before. We hunted mulies in the high hills back in those days,climbing high up the mountain before dawn to meet the game as they left the rivers and lakes. 
It was temping to stop there. But I was in exploring mode.  I’d bow hunted Hundred Mile House with Tom seeing lots of deer though not shooting any. Laura and I loved Hundred Mile House  having stayed here several years before and even considered it as a possible place to live. 
Now here we are in the municipal campground. The 100 mile House RV Motel and Park were full.  Not needing hook up it was just nice to park after a long scenic day of driving. Sandwiches sufficed for dinner.  Gilbert loved the new dog sniffs and walks.

On my iPad I read a kindle western before falling asleep a little after Laura who’d been reading about a woman pilot in the war. Gilbert cried in the night to be let up on the bed but settled when I shhhhd him.  He’s jealous I get to sleep with his favourite person and he’s left down on the floor in his own dog  bed.  Life isn’t fair.

There was promise of aurora borealis but the sky was cloudy so we didn’t see the night display.  The fresh cool air was a delight.
Waking this morning in the pine smelling outdoors by a running stream  was heaven.  

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Hello God this Saturday

It’s a new day. Thank you for the wonderful sleep. I did appreciate the interesting dreams. Thank you Dad for visitting. I love seeing those who have passed come near. Our worlds crossing over. There here and the now and the there and the then.  I’m in this nebulous mysterious place of grandeur and simplicity. I love the blue sky and fluffy clouds. This late summer days have had that smattering of refreshing rain. It’s good to know that forests are cared for. The raid stops fires. The fires come and go. Renewal and return. It’s a time old cycle.  We are in the midst of much.  I’m thankful to be alive now.  I’m glad to have awoken in your brace. May I always think of you first and always.
Thank you for the lovely woman in the bed beside me .She is such a comfort and delight. I glanced to where there is usually another pillow but there was her tossled hair and seductive curves.  The dog was with her. He’s totally smitten by her and I understand. She is so sweet.  Like sunrise. I slip from bed to meditate.  
I’m thankful for that time on awakening. Breath in. Breath out. The cycle. The mystery of life. The gift of this engine of daily life. I’m so often taking for granted my heart and lungs and the circulation system of my body.  My mind like a hamster in a cage has his whole list of priorities. But for this time I pay close attention to the essential.  My mind then drifts back to work to a myriad of concerns then I lead it back to the simplicity.
I remember reading Walden Pond. I love Aurelius.  I was blessed as a young person to read the classics. A Kempis.  Brother Lawrence.  For years I studied Paramahansa Yogananda then later Augustine.  These journals of the greatest lives left as memoirs.  I’m thankful for those lives distilled for the young. Almost gnostic insights. The gospels are gnostic to the unenlightened. I am always amazed by the discoveries in the holy of Holies.  New meanings. Insights. Special references.   It’s a key to a locked space within that flies open with attention.
I’m here now with you in this place and time. I’m aware that the distance between electrons, neutrons and positrons , all the apparents matter, is indeed huge. We have football fields of emptiness within. The being of my self is mostly empty. Who armies of neutrinos can pass through the spaces between what we think of as matter. The quanta of light are overlooked. I’m energy and light.  Yet gravity and depression and anxiety pull me down.  The incredible lightness of being. The spirit world. The levitating laughing joyful self is always present but caged, weighted down.  Giving myself to Jesus, laying my burdens at his feet. Learning his command, Do not be afraid! I believe he walked on water and so could I. We all can. Children of God.  But to be childlike is not so simple as it sounds.  Dancing is difficult for the serious.  
Now this day I ask for dance and song. I give myself to you. I would do your will. Thy will be done.  There is I and Thou but I would be less so you could be more.  I am the bubble make me the sea.  Let me rest in Thee.  God come closer.  Let me know you more fully.  Let me serve you better. Today I would be a better disciple. Today I would laugh with the grand belly laugh of creation. I would sing the body electric. I would rest on Eagles Wings. I’d soar to the depths of love. I love Thee. I am here for Thee.  
Thank you for the coffee. Thank you for the heat. Thank you for the light. Thank you for the mundane. I really like the alimentary system. I’m amused again by this holes, the mouth and anus and urethra.  What amazing design and consideration. A marvellous vehicle to take me about this mystical sacred realm.  Thank you for the indoor plumbing.  So much is here that I did not conceive and know not how they came to be except by consideration of history and texts. The electricity is incredible. The moving pictures. All the computers and images and mirroring devices .  I’m so thankful for the fun of the keyboard and computers and cameras.  I love the iPhone and iPad.  The light inside is good too and the heater.  
The air, O2 and CO2, and the Krebb’s cycle. I love internal combustion.  I imagine a design class of children. I know it was made in 7 days , Genesis gives the broad strokes but couldn’t this whole world have been made by babies. In the details.  It’s got a quality of unicorns and puppies and kids working together with crayons and paints.  I know that’s not mentioned in the first days.  This was created and that was created and later came Adam and Eve.  But maybe that was just the stage final production and there was this kids with duck tape and WD40 phase of creation.  Lots of mistakes and messes and God laughing and the unicorns running about. It’s even possible there was. Great stew and a giant stirring the pot.  Just trying to get the sky light right.  Showing God different colours like in a carpet store. Or trying out paints on mountains.  I love the leaves of plants. The flowers are awesome.
I have so much reason always to be in awe. Lift me up Lord.  Let me see the world through child’s eyes. Carry my burden of cares for me. Holy Spirit Come.  Here and Now Lord.  I am yours.  
Thank you Lord.  Good morning.  
I need a cleaning lady or I could do that myself again.  I did the dishes already.  It seems like yesterday I shook the rugs but it was weeks ago.  I have that cluttered table screaming at me. There’s never enough space but then I’m hoarding. The Minimalists are perhaps wiser. My floor is littered with doggie toys.  I’m looking at wires about the tv and DVD. Books and books and more books and I’m always flogging myself for not reading enough especially when I love so much to read the ‘fun’ stuff.  I’m only on chapter two of the fascinating textbook I began months ago.  Meanwhile I ‘ve read a half dozens westerns and historical fictions.  Paul said I do what I don’t wish to do and I don’t do what I wish to do. I muddle through.  I don’t wish to read the biography of Clausewitz today.  I read Chitral 1895. I’ve been moving my reading more to India. There’s been Salt Spring and Tennessee.  I’ve been studying war medicine.  I saw another soldier. I was interested in the US law regarding ‘service related’. How to separate the two. I’ve been moseying along those lanes of enquire.
Today I will walk the dog. I may swim. We said we might go to Costco. I ‘ll roast more coffee.  I’ll make breakfast. I barbecued steaks and rabbit last night. We watched the Israeli movie of the 6day war.  I read hundreds of books each year.  I’ve read thousands of medical and psychiatric texts and hundreds of history.  Then there’s all the how to manuals about radar and Icom. I sometimes miss my Hamm.  I’m a survivalist. I have all the skills and next week I’ll get the bow out another year.  The rifles come out.  I’ve target practice and backwoods hiking and motorcycling off road to do.  I’ve been dreaming and thinking of my sailboat. I miss the tradewinds. The Harley has been fun this summer. I have most enjoyed the music too.  Three dog night . Deep Purple. Santana. The $5 bin at Walmart. My Harley radio doesn’t treat CD’s well but to repair the radio costs a thousand so buying some ‘throw away’ cd’s for the summer, that’s how long they last before scratched and warped by heat, is a better solution for now.  
I ordered opera glasses.  I had some. They’ve been swallowed by the storage locker. But these new ones aren’t hunting binoculars repurposed but the read thing and only $35.  I was surprised at the price considering I’ve paid a thousand for boating and hunting binoculars. But those have been lifesaving. The binoculars for opera are only 3 x 25.  I’ve been looking forward to going to the symphony and opera this fall or winter.  Certainly I want to see and hear Pink Floyd next year. Bucket list is such a mundane descriptions for the stars I want to visit and the trips I want to take riding the cow around the moon. I’m still waiting for my space ship, a flitter saucer. I almost feel the motion on the Harley but then I miss the horses and keep ‘planning’ to arrange a ride again.  There’s so much to do. So many things calling. I envied my brother going on safari. It would be wonderful to see a zebra or giraffe in the wild.
I see so much sadness in my work. So many people beaten down by circumstance and toxic bosses and environments.  Living circumscribed lives. We have the most amazing park here in Vancouver. Our beaches are incredible. There’s public transport. I’ve got various vehicles and rarely do I get there but then I prefer to go to the interior or to the north and have a truck just for that purpose. But I see daily people who are depressed but they refuse to leave their cages and take a bus to the beach or the park or ride the gondola to the top of the mountain. Self pity has them in it’s grip and a thousand excuses but it’s all there. A smorgasbord. 
Thank you Lord. Help me make the right choices. Guide me in my day to day endeavours.  Help me steward my time and resources. Help me focus. Help me continue each day in your grace. Thank you Lord. Thank you God. Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah!