Monday, February 29, 2016

Rape, drugs, consent and lawyer chaperones.

I think the Oscars occurred. There’s news on Facebook of a Lady Gaga song about rape on campus. I’m sure it’s moving. It’s just that I remember the ‘stats’ for a few years back that said that ‘rape was least likely to occur on campus’ .  The book was addressing the ‘privileged rich girls’ concerned about themselves when often a mile from campus was a poor neighbourhood where rape was common.  This was addressing the question of more lights on campus when there were thought to be better places to put the money, i.e. more lights in a nearby black ghetto.  Now the figure ‘1 in 5’ girls will be raped in college years comes up but the question I remember was whether this was ‘on campus’.  Clearly rape is a crime against the young.  But what are 4 in 5 doing differently.  Further the ‘stats’ have been muddied by ‘date rape’.  The former stats were about ‘violent rape’ , ‘gang rape’ and now ‘date rape’ is this ‘grey area’.
Historically consent was a physical statement.  A woman ‘consented’ to sex by her behaviour.  Now the rich judges say that ‘consent’ is a legal document drawn up and signed before sexual congress. Indeed all manner of perverse behaviour is permissible if a lawyer agrees. That’s the message of 50 shades of grey.
So increasingly we’re seeing the increase of state power through courts in the bedrooms of the nation.  Further, we see more ‘make work’ for lawyers.  Men simply must not ‘date’ women without the woman offering a ‘date agreement’.  This is acceptable for the rich but the poor are the ones who are going to be dinged by this.  Only the poor can’t afford a lawyer for a date.  Only the poor and stupid will be without the properly notarized ‘consent’ document.
I’ve had ‘unwanted’ sex.  There used to be a difference between ‘unwanted’ sex and ‘rape’ .  But the expansion of this definition expands the police/legal state’.
Today I teach people to be ‘assertive’ and find that very few know the difference between ‘assertive’ and ‘aggressive’.  Today I teach ‘consent’ and few women are ready to ‘admit desire’.  Indeed studies show that women are ‘turned down’ 1 in 10 to 1 in 100 times for men when it comes to dating.  The fact is that men simply can’t take the risk to their lives and their careers of dating in these violent times.  The tragedy is that as the courts profit the cultural shift is to Moslem ‘behavioural consent’ laws.  A woman not wearing a burga in public is available for sex.
My older female friend said ‘when I wear 4 inch heels I’m not planning on walking. They’re my ‘fuck me’ shoes’.   But that’s no longer the case.  The ’SLUT WALK” closed the door on behaviour as consent.  So that means no man is safe in college from ‘false accusation’ without ‘written lawyer notarized’ consent. We know statistically that the range of ‘false accusation’ is at least 1 in 10 and ranges upwards from that.
Frankly I can’t recommend men attend mixed colleges and universities  and believe that military schools are the only ‘safe’ place for men today.
Clearly women would do well to go to female only colleges and universities until they are past the age of risk for rape.  There is a need further for ‘cloister living ‘ to return and definitely our society can learn major lessons from the Moslem society where apparently ‘rape’ is not the widespread disease it is in Canada and America.  Multiculturalism may well be what has failed since given the ‘history’ of ‘behavioural consent’ there are clearly ‘mixed messages’.
This can all be stopped by everyone having a lawyer chaperone at all times or by separation of sexes, new behaviour and consent agreements, and generally a recognition that both children , male and female, must be protected from this epidemic.
Personally I think it’s alcohol and drugs and would focus the financial attention on removing alcohol from university and college related activities rather than adding more lights.  I’d also do drug testing of those involved like we would with accident reporting, testing the accused and the accuser.  The reason for this is simply that drugs cause ‘psychosis’ and ‘memory’ loss as well as ‘violent behaviour’.  Rather than locking up a ‘date rapist’ if he is drinking or using drugs, repeat behaviour can be expected if he is drinking or using drugs, therefore the right treatment is drug and alcohol treatment and prohibition for the individual.
I really don’t think boys and girls go to university with the intention of being the rapist or to be raped so clearly there’s more involved than lighting and ‘good girl victims’ and ‘bad man victimizer’s and ‘rape culture hysteria’.  I’ve mentioned just a few of the changes that need to be made.
The best is removal of drugs and alcohol because statistically rape is more associated with drugs and alcohol than any other variable.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Gratitude derailed

Thank you for the light in the morning when I walk the dog. This morning the sky was blue and the crocuses have returned. I’ve seen daffodils and now the neighbours tulip stalks are up.  I’m so looking forward to the tulip days to come.  It’s like somehow this year I lost faith in the fall and winter coming to an end.  My brother’s diagnosis has brought me face to face with aging.  I’m seeing illness all about me in a way that I’ve not for so many years.  There’s always been the itching sensations after treating the scabies patients.  The germophobias that assail me somedays.  I know that I can’t go out from fear now some weekends.  The attacks come back. There’s this lack of faith that I’ve had.
My decision to stop marijuana smoking as occasional as it was still remains an issue too because even though I drank and that was little compared to the mainstream today I felt I was wrong to be ‘breaking the law’ by smoking marijuana. As a professional it didn’t matter that I did this on holidays or weekends. It didn’t matter that I bought my marijuana from doctors or that I smoked marijuana with doctors , psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and lawyers. It didn’t even matter that I had seen a psychiatrist who recommended that I smoke marijuana given my wife’s illness.  All that didn’t sit well with me.  Spiritually I’d felt that I wasn’t right. I’d made a promise to God to change my life. And I felt that smoking marijuana was breaking the law and I didn’t consciously break the law.
I was and am and always was a law abiding citizen for the most part even though in Canada today the legal system and bureaucrats and parliamentarians think people who are law abiding so called good citizens are fools, that’s what I was.  I’d speed in my car occasionally but these were lapses of judgement.  The marijauana smoking was conscious. I truly believed that the State was wrong, not just in it’s views of individual behaviour with respect to drugs but with its views towards sex and a variety of ’social laws’.   As I got older I saw that Canada wasn’t a ‘free society’ in a lot of ways and when I smoked marijuana I was ‘rebelling’.
Yet here I was riding on roads made by the collective.  I was enjoying the clean water and food that came from the collective.  I was thankful for the courts and parliament for the jails and laws that fought murderers and thieves  I enjoyed so much of what our ancestors had given us in our buildings schools and churches.  I was being paid as a physician through the organization of health care. I was taught as a physician.  These were all ‘lawful’.  So what was I do ‘breaking the law’.  Why was I smoking dope.  I drank wine and that wasn’t an issue.  I was a wine connoisseur. Yet when I drank wine I smoked cigarettes and marijuana. I’d concluded as a physician that smoking cigarettes was stupid, evil, extraordinarily unhealthy and that the tobacco boards were organized crime. I further thought that our government was corrupt to arrest marijuana smokers but allow tobacco producers to be rich and major influences on the supreme court and parliament.
When I drank legal alcohol I’d smoke again though I’d quit and when I was smoking cigarettes I’d prefer a joint so I’d break the law and get some marijuana as well. I’d even tried cocaine but was glad it didn’t agree with me.  My pleasure seemed to be red wine and smoking a mix of low strength marijuana and tobaco.  I thought I was ‘cool’ when I was a little buzzed.  Like I was James Bond and Sherlock Holmes and that I could write and play guitar better. I was wrong . I also thought I was a better lover. I was slower but I don’t think I was a better lover. I know too I didn’t think about work and I didn’t worry and I was just happy to sit and let the world go round and round as compared to my normal state where I’m trying to help and work and concerned about what I could do next.  I certainly never worried I wasn’t fulfilling my destiny or doing all I could be or achieving my potential or what others thought when I smoked a joint. I was utterly narcissistic and definitely purely pleasure oriented. A hedonist. Canada is a country of hedonism today or some might call it "shedonism'.
But I was breaking the law.
So when I stopped I sought help from the Physician Assistance program.  I couldn't get my wife to address her illness so I felt the best way was for me to admit my problem, and that this would lead to her getting help.  I was a politically outspoken person who had represented a lot of cases against the totalitarian corrupt authorities.  I’d been an outspoken critic against communists and fascists and Canada breeds both in abundance in high places.  I had integrity and told the truth and defended patients from abuses from above as much as I fought the diseases which plagued them from within.  It made me a lot of enemies.  Reporting a pedophie means that he’s caught but the ring survives.  Reporting a doctor doing unauthorized experiments on patients for profits catching him but not the nest. Always the very authorities whose job it was to protect patients were collecting their pay and not doing their job.  I was a vigilante good samaritan, doing the right thing.  But of course, when the criminal was caught, it was naturally asked why the beurocrats who are paid millions to protect patients didn't get these 'big fish'.  They naturally looked bad and they hated people like me.  I think too that they're there to 'protect' those 'special  doctors who aren't like the rest.
I had to do it .  It was a thing I had with this ingrained integrity and ethics and morality that said that doctors shouldn't be killing and that eurocrats shouldnt be colluding.  Of course everyone wondered who was getting kickbacks.  Why  were these doctors getting away with murder.  The elite protects its own.  It’s disgusting but true.  To get ahead they have to have protection within the courts and high places and especially within the bureaucracy. I exposed this.  If you do good in Canada you will be burnt. I was a whistleblower and whistleblowers are all collectively condemned in Canada.  The State thrives on 'informants' and encourages 'confidential informants' and administrators carry little black books like all good communists do but 'whistleblowers' are another thing.  They disrupt the common business of corruption and undermine the whole 'institution baksheesh' industry.  The Reformer is the enemy of anyone who benefits from the status quo.  The whole job of the elite, the bureaucracy and the courts is to resist change.  Change  threatens  the powerful.   The lie is they are always 'promoting change' deceitfully.  Lie, lie, lie!  Deny. Deny Deny!  It's the halcyon cry of the courts and bureaucracy.  Fuddle Duck!!!
I cause change.  My generation was a ‘change catalyst.’
My question at the time is what do I do with my drug addicted wife and how can we get help with our marriage.  I’d been divorced and concluded that I  was facing another divorce and the common ingredient in my divorces was that my wives and I drank and smoked marijuana.  Of course given feminism in it’s day and the radical feminists in beaurocracy they had long concluded that all divorce was the cause of men, another common ingredient in marriage,  so drugs were irrelevant.  This was before lesbian marriage with its similar rate of divorce so the idea that men were the cause of divorce went out the window but too late for my marriage.  I divorced.  I was punished as men are in divorce .  It's a sexist society, i.e. men are sexist.  I was also punished as marijuana smokers were in the day.  Marijuana smoking wasn't actually punished but rather being truthful about marijuana smoking.  The same as homosexuality. For the longest time homosexuality wasn't punished as long as you were not truthful about it.  Society is that kind of lie.  I was punished because while the bureaucracy paid lip service to the idea of ‘disease’ the individuals involved in the programs were holier than thou and claimed that they were the guardians of the public good.
Yet they didn’t care that the prime minister was smoking dope as a teacher and that the prime minister was smoking dope as an MP.  They didn't about the irreparable damage he did as a teacher and the irreparable damage his example has had on children.  Baseball players and hockey players are condemned for smoking marijuana because they are an 'example' to children but Justin Trudeau was smoking marijuana when he was an Member of Parliament so what kind of example does that set for children.
They justified all that they did to me and others by the idea that we were a threat to society. I was never a threat to society and never made a bad decision. I loved the movie with Denzil Washington as the pilot because that’s what I saw in my case and for those around me.  This horrible ‘war on drugs’ world was coupled with beaurocratic pomposity and deceit.
So my marriage ended.
The friends of the men whose friends I’d caught stealing, killing and raping, suddenly gloatingly became my superiors holding my freedom in their hands.  I was terrorized by a little hitler and his little eva brawn.  And today I’m afraid of drugs because I believe seriously that too many people in Canada are on drugs and that the only way we have been able to get another lying Trudeau in leadership is because Canada is a nation of stoned drunks.  I would have voted Trudeau when I was smoking dope.
So I’ve not handled the election well. I’ve not handled watching 18 billion candian dollars go to the PARTY.  I’ve not handled the lies well and the idea that others don’t ‘get’ it.  I’ve also wanted desperately to smoke dope again so I can join the stupidity and not be aware of what’s happening.  I’d like to smoke dope and believe that there isn’t illness and everything is an illusion and that if I just have my dope mind I’ll get by.  When I smoked dope it was like I was one of the batteries in the  movie Matrix. I thought the Matrix was the best movies about the drugged and the awake.
I’m awake today.It's hard to be awake.  I think of the millions who were not caught up in the Hitlermania of their day or the Lenninmania of their day.  There's this 'mania', an orgy that I could get myself caught up in when I was smoking dope and drinking. I liked the group grope and hedonistic throb of the club scene when I was a little high and in denial of reality.  I loved the escape to adolescence, the disregard and animal like awareness that drugs brought.  I smoked a joint and drank some wine and I was blatto.  My IQ dropped and I had trouble following conversations or walking to the bathroom. I was demented.  Usually I was actually more aware than the thousand or so others in the club since I was only a light user in public and at home I used to just go to bed early.  I was a happy drunk, if drunk is the right word.  Rarely was I angry but like all couples drinking we had our shouting matches.  She was always a public ranter screaming at me when I wanted to get her home public scenes worked well for women.  I remember trying to get drunk women into taxis to get them home with even drunker men trying to keep them at parties and me caught between these two drunken nightmares.  Sometimes I went home alone and worried all night if she'd get home somehow.  When I went to Al Anon I was the 'wife' and my stories were the norm for that group. I fit right in.  They'd all been their with their drunks and addicts.  And yes, some of them had joined in but the fact was we'd always been the 'adults'.  We'd been the ones who had to 'get the other home' or take care of the 'adult' business the next day. I was always 'papa'.  I am seriously tired of being the 'man' .  I always knew I could take care of myself and I could take care of others but that if there was trouble I really couldn't rely on the wife to take care of me. She was hardly able to take care of herself.  It wasn't just out in the wilderness but in the city. I've watched the new rage of girls in high heels beating up guys in tv movies and it's more of the lie.  I've known too many situations where there's three or four men and I'm defending myself and a woman and the woman is usually drunk and stoned and often caused this scenario but probably won't remember what happened the next day.  Or she'll rewrite the script to be something like a Supergirl scenario and ultimately she'd find a way to blame me for her drunkeness or being stoned legless.
I’m thankful fortmy sobriety. I’m thankful I’m not stoned. I’m grateful for the relationship i have with family and true friends and the journey I’ve been on if only because it helps me related to the horrendous abuse that so many Canadians have had who when they smoked dope at their jobs were subjected to forced treatment for the benefit of society. I am thankful that Justin Trudeau driving his car stoned didn’t kill anyone and I didn’t kill anyone even though I now know that people who smoke dope are ‘impaired’ for 36 hours though they feel the effects of marijuana for only a few of those hours. I’m thankful I didn’t hurt anyone except my beautiful ex wife with my unkind words because her drug addiction was so much worse than anything I experienced and I never was understanding of her it mpairment because I was totally caught up in the narcissism that drugs does to self and relationships.  I know today that relationships are the first thing harmed by drugs and that we can’t really know each other when we’re in a parallel play only because our only intimacy is with the ‘drug’.
I suspect there’s a ‘dose ‘ factor. I think there’s a ‘steady state’.  Certainly pharmaceutical medications don’t ‘impair’ like ‘self administered pleasure’ drugs. I don’t suspect there is a ‘low dose’ that can be helpful but that this isn’t like the aspirin where we know the dosage by years of study.  With marijuana it was always ‘good’ weed’ , bad’ weed’ and effects over time. I truly don’t think ‘maui wow’ was ever strong enough to do more than what a beer did but BC Bud is “killer weed’ far more potent than possibly cocaine or tequila.  A regular hallucinogen.  I hope one day that agents like SATIVEX will make dope safe.
But I’m struggling with this right now.  When I hear Truedau speak I could swear he’s had a joint especially when he smirks to himself.
I loath that the Trudeau household was a Maggie filled dope house of second hand smoke when my friends were being put in jail for one joint. I hate the double standard and I’m really struggling with getting old and thinking I may be dependent on institutions like my parents were and have to trust again. Because I stopped trusting 17 years ago when I divorced and I witnessed the worst medical care I’d ever believed possible and saw first hand abuses of power that I never in my life would have thought could occur in Canada and yet were done to me.  I’m lucky to be alive.  God had other plans. I put my living down to the intervention of an unknown female Irish psychiatrist and some Christian doctors who believed in truth and love more than profit and power.
But I’m struggling. A whole PTSD time coming back to me and questions between me and God about prayer and faith and gratitude.  And rumours of war and end days and Freud saying ‘maybe the paranoids are right’ and me thinking really ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’.  And everyone seeming to be smiling their joint like smiles, while  I’m standing on the street during “Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ scene.  The smell of marijuana reeks. I can’t get away from it in Vancouver.  It’s worse than the smell of second hand smoke or stale beer.
I'm hoping for tulips and that this too will pass. I'm hoping that with spring I'll snap out of this and find gratitude. I know I'm needing to deal with resentments and fears and that I have to get my head into the same room as my head. I've got to be thankful. I've got to find a way of seeing this present situation in a way that spiritually makes me a better person. I always remember Dr. Ney, the great anti abortion physician saying, the world is full of bitter people. You have choice.  He'd cry when he heard of more babies being killed.  I see the light going out in the eyes of people when they're on drugs and alcohol. He saw the light going out in the world when a baby was killed because there was no hope and no one cared for life.  Death stalks the earth.  But there is gratitude.  And with an attitude of gratitude there is no room for the darkness, fear and resentment.  That's what Hal Morley told me and Hal was a light in the darkness.
So again I must find gratitude.  Thank you God that I'm alive. The daffodils are out.  Soon the tulips will return.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Schizophrenic man beheads innoscent man on bus

A man on a bus beheaded his fellow passenger.  The witnesesses say they still suffer the trauma of seeing this.  No doubt the headless man, had a problem with his own fate.
Now the court decided in Canada that the man who did the beheading was schizoprhenic. After a few years of being in custody he was allowed to go to a group home where the fellows says he is planning on changing his name.

My concern as a psychiatrist who has treated violent schizophrenics in the United States and Canada is whether or not the man will be required to remain on injectable medication.  The 'non compliance with medical regimen' runs up to 80% with schizophrenics.  I was in charge of a dangerously insane ward in a provincial asylum.  One day my patients would hear a command hallucination, "kill " and it was no different than I might hear myself say, 'go outside'.  The trouble is that a schizophrenic hearing such a command hallucination may well follow the internal or externally perceived 'advice'.

One of the principle problems I have had treating schizophrenic patients is the commonly misperception that "if I stop my medication my disease will go away".  Non adherence to medical regimen occurs roughly 30% of the time for most people with medications at some time. We can forget a pill or taken three in stead of 4 or stop our antibiotics on day 7 instead of 10 or 14 'because we're feeling better" .  The schizophrenic patient on medications 'feels normal' and on medication those around him after a while think he is normal.  However without the medication the psychosis returns usually in weeks or months.

One dangerously insane patient I remember well stopped taking his medications having chopped off someone's arm with a machete and was then seen a while later wandering about with a machete all set to do it again.  Outreach mental health nurses are a good send in the world of psychiatry.  With a nurse I went out and brought this fellow in with the help of the police assistance.  So often police are required in such cases and often as we've seen in the news these are the cases where the police  are attacked by a sad sick tragic schizophrenic man who off his medication will and do kill policemen believing they're aliens from another planet.

Now I've weighed in on this discussion simply because in the articles that I've perused in the papers I've not seen that the man will be mandated to be on injectable antipsychotic medication for life.  Injectable medications are given monthly and are more effective than pills generally. The critical matter is that if a patient doesn't show up for his intramuscular injection we know t hat the patient is at increasing risk for psychosis and can alert the police.  There's no 'mouthing' of medication or 'spitting out' or 'throwing up later' with injectable medications.  It's done.

In all enlightened forensic settings this is the standard.  I agree that schizophrenics who have been violent don't need to be incarcerated.  However, when a person has killed another human being, especially in such a heinous way,   the risk of another psychotic episode is too great to trust to anything but injectable medications.   I have been happy following schizophrenic patients on injectable antipsyhotic medications and felt that individual and community are safe. However, too often I've been faced with non compliant schizophrenic patients who have not been taking their oral medications and many times I've been faced with near catastrophic consequences.  It's difficult enough to "find" schizophrenic patients who "escape' between injections given every 2 to 4 weeks.  I've had to "return' a dangerous Toronto schizophrenic patient from Vancouver where they escaped to.  Fortunately no one was hurt.

And the vast majority of schizophrenic patients are the least likely to be violent.  Further on medications the vast majority of schizophrenics are safe in the community. Very very few need to be in psychiatric asylums. However I now work in the DTES where I see schizophrenics with histories of violence on crystal meth or crack cocaine, or drinking. all of which counteracts medications and increases risk of violence. If they are on injectable antipsychotic medications even abusing drugs is unlikely to cause a recurrence of violence. Off anti psychotics 'street drugs' exponentially increase the risk of further offences.

The Injectable anti psychotics today are highly superior in patient tolerance than the old medications of the 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest " era.  No longer do patients do the "Thorazine Shuffle" or feel like they are in the Haloperidol 'chemical straight jacket.'  While some patients liked Haldol, even, with the introduction of Flupenthixol there was a breakthrough in well tolerated medications. Today my patients tell me how much they like the Paliperidone Intramuscular monthly mediation and the Long Acting Abilify and even the every 2 week Long Acting Rispiridone.  The safety to the individual and the community is central.  I hope for this man's sake and for others as well that he will be on an Injectable Antipsychotic for life.  Otherwise, frankly, knowing what I do about the disease and violence, I won't be taking buses anytime soon.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Gilbert, Dog of Dogs

Thank you God for Gilbert. He’s 6 years old today. I remember bringing this little bit larger than my hand fluff ball home from the US.  That’s right he’s an American citizen.  Now he’s Canadian.  He’s run and jumped and rolled in dead fish and cow poo.  He goes with me everywhere.  I loved those first days he rode on my motorcycle with me in a pouch I wore over my shoulder. Then he graduated to his own box on the back seat. That’s how we rode together to Sturges North Motorcycle Rally where he sat under my chair listening to Burton Cummings singing all those great songs of Canada.
He sailed with me too. Never bothered by the boat heeling over or waves smashing across the deck, he was there with me.  He did like the little dinghy rides ashore though.  Lifting his leg and marking his territory like he was planting a flag on the moon.  Never a fighter always a lover, he’d bark at any one who wasn’t friendly and alert us all to possible danger.  Well, he did growl back and stand his turf against that big pitfall I pulled off the little guy one day. I picked that big dog off my little guy and threw him at his surreptitiously gloating master.  Gilbert knew I had his back. That guys smirk was a thing of the past.
But the best thing is to see this brilliant little dog find a grouse in the woods.  When the guys and I have been hunting it’s only because of him we get all the birds we shoot. Then he flushes them too. He even began retrieving them last year despite their being bigger than his head.  A regular little trooper. A great part of the hunting teams.  Not much help with moose and bear but still a great companion.  
Every day he’s excited in the morning.  Without him I’d forget it’s a NEW DAY!!  HOORAY! It’s a new day. His enthusiasm for almost everything is infectious.  The fact is he’s my back up alarm clock. If I don’t wake up he’s there to lick my face and pounce up and down on my chest.  It’s impossible to stay in bed with him snuggling and kissing me.
Twice a day and more he takes me for long walks.  Lots of times I’m just wandering around in nature enjoying the great Canadian outdoors because I know he does.  What a great guy to take camping.
He surely loves his friends. First and foremost he just loves Laura. She cared for him first when I had to be away, spoiling him with treats and back rubs.  All my friends have bought him toys.  He’s the richest toy dog I know. And little hand knit sweaters and jackets.  What a handsome guy.  His blue and green Canucks hockey sweater gets him cheers from passing cars as we walk down the street.
But mostly he’s a therapy dog.  Everyday he comes to work with me and brightens the day of my depressed patient.  One little old man had withdrawn so far that humans couldn’t reach him but month after month Gilbert jumped on his lap and licked his ears till one day he talked.  He’s brought smiles to those who no one knew they’d ever remember.  My dad called him “Monkey Dog”.  He’s such a squirmy happy little guy.
We fly WestJet , in the main cabin,  to visit the family.  He runs for days with his cousin cockapoo, Eva, on my brother’s property on Haybay  near Napanee.
When I took him to St. James Church, I asked Father Mark if he was welcome.  Father Mark said, ‘we love dogs here. Of course..  You, though, we’ll accept on his recommendation.”  We laughed. Eventually the Bishop blessed Gilbert.
Today it’s Gilbert’s birthday.  6 years old and I hope another dozen more.   Thanks for being there for me, pup.  I love you
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Saturday, February 20, 2016


I like the connection with friends on Facebook It’s been enjoyable to reconnect, if only in that flat unidimensional, phone call type way that is Facebook.  It’s been fun.  I love that I am in touch with my family.  My brother since has created a circular email. Opening that is now more enjoyable than Facebook.  I’m thinking of leaving Facebook.  It’s timely.  I love the humour.  It’s was my only connection with the ‘news’ and I enjoyed the ‘diversity’ of opinion till the last election. Then the sociopaths came out.  The AD HOMINEM attacks took their toll.  All the hate speech against the Prime Minister, a man I admired. Now I continue to express my loathing for the present regime.  The leader offends so much I believe in and aging I want death rather than to live in HIS CANADA.  My Canada is a place of freedom and meritocracy.  HIS Canada is ENTITLEMENT and bureaucracy and waste, partisanship, corruption and CHARM.  I have found myself in debate after debate only to be pilloried and condemn constantly by ‘name calling’ trolls.  It’s wearying after the work I do and the threats I live with.  Those who ‘fight’ my ‘opinion’  because Justin Trudeau and the Liberals say they want ‘diversity’ but the fact remains the Political Correct ‘want no opinion but their own’.  The left is totalitarian and their views are more religiously held than any others. We can’t even ‘agree to disagree’ because they demand my ‘conversion’.  I don’t agree.
Then there was the ‘lets all smoke pot’ agenda.  I mourn the countless hours of free pro bono time my health care friends and I put into arguing against the rich psychopathic ‘smoke’ Tobacco companies. Now the rich psychopathic ‘smoke’ Marijuana companies with their billions of tax free money and crime association constantly mis inform and promote their product.  I’m a prophet crying in the dessert.  The same groups said cocaine was not addictive.  So more and more on Facebook when I put forward a medical fact, share an interesting new thought in an area where I’m a specialist, addiction, I’m literally hammered with AD HOMINEM.  Nasty name calling.  I’m beginning to feel like I’m back in an abusive marriage with Facebook.  All the trauma of all the cutting remarks and put downs and attacks and viciousness that caused me to walk away seem here once again with this multiple personality disorder Facebook persona.
I love the humour. I love the puppy dogs. I love the cats. I love the inspirational messages.
But when Obama and Merkel and Justin Trudeau said bringing in hundreds of thousands of immigrants was good and safe,  I said, ‘whoa’.  Excuse me.  All my University level study of Sociology and Anthropology says that large movements of people quickly into other groups is the basis of civil war and societal destruction.  So I said, heck, what’s the rush.  And then the leaders lied.  “Islam is a religion of peace.”  That’s like saying ‘China is a country of Civil Liberties” or “Russia and US are countries of peace’.  These are bald faced lies.  The tragedy is if you tell a lie enough times people begin to believe it.  Further these same bullies and diabolical fiends began to rewrite history.  Christians were the enemy and Muslims were defensive. The stupidity of so many Canadians it appeared is that they didn’t know the history of the crusades and didn’t wish to study the history of the muslims.  So I systematically, already having a masters of divinity, already having many muslim friends and having trained with muslims and studied muslims studied their religion. I’d read the Koran already but I took the time to study really study history and the Muslim religions.  Everyday I’d listen to university audio tapes driving to and from work, learning about the teachings and the variety of disputes. I’d ask all the many muslims I knew and loved about their religion.  I’d travel to Turkey and hire a professor of religion and history spending every day walking through mosques asking questions reading at night about the ideas.  I thought as I always thought as education has taught me to think, maybe I ‘m wrong, maybe I’m missing something.
The conclusion was the Justin Trudeau and Obama are lying.  Islam is no more a religion of Peace than America as a nation of peace.  Good advertising.  Good marketing but the truth is far different.  Fundamentally Mohammed was a war lord and a killer and pedophile.  Jesus was son of God,  teacher, healer,  non violent.  The New Testament, the Gospel teaches love.  the Koran, like the Jewish Torah, is a mix of tribal history and guerrilla warfare teaching coupled with passages of peace and love.  Mohammed said war was the ‘lesser jihad’ whereas peace was the ‘greater Jihad’ of Islam.  Islam is a religion of war.  Now the greatest, and fewest of muslims, like Rumi know that all physical language refers to the spiritual paradoxically.  So the war that is central to Hindu texts is about the  war in each of us between right and wrong.  The war between Jesus and Satan is the war within each of us between right and wrong, love and fear.  I am ‘interpreting’ this but those who have a ‘mystical’ idea about any religion are the extreme minority. Even Buddhists are killing each other in a war over a temple in Thailand.
So Rumi, Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus, Martin Luther, may all ’teach’ peace but their followers and all the elites of the world who want power and have great greed and lust will and do use religion as a weapon for their own agenda, self aggrandizement.  The only relevant atheist political expression to date is Communism and it killed more people more efficiently than any religious based nations state in history.  Islam is no more a religion of peace than Judaism is a religion of peace. That doesn’t mean there are not a whole lot of peaceful Jews and Muslims.
The trouble is, Nazis were a very small minority of Germany and this minority lead Germany to war.  Napoleon did the same in France.  Justin Trudeau has only about a third of actual Canadian support but he insists on grandiosely speaking in the ROYAL WE.  WE, CANADIANS.  CANADIANS WANT.  I am constantly excluded by his words. Like all communists his language is language of exclusion.  If you don’t agree with me you are not a Canadian.
This is difficult for me because “Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings.”  I’m not a high self esteem guy.  I’m at best an egomaniac with an inferiority complex.  I have courage, which means that I do the right thing despite the incredible terror I feel.  I get up go to work, eat, sleep and participate in Canada but Justin Trudeau and the Liberals say I am not a Canadian.  The message I hear from him every day is ‘if you don’t agree with me , get the fuck out’.
Now on FACEBOOK I have had to hear repeatedly:
“Get the fuck out of Canada."
“Shut the fuck up"
“You are ignorant."
“You are uneducated."
“You don’t know what you’re talking about"
“You’re wrong”.

I heard enough of this when I was married.  I remember my marriages as he said she said. We’d disagree and then the name calling would begin.  I have always been ‘defensive’.  I played defence in hockey.  I have been in a number of street fights but never hit first.  I actually avoid fights to the best of my ability because “first strike defence’ is the paranoids mantra.  And today everyone it feels “entitled” to attack because they are the victim.
I’m a white male.  White males aren’t allowed to be individually victims.
There is a flavour of the month victim board somewhere.
All my life these groups were the designated victims
1) Children  - I’ve never hit a child but I’ve been cut and bruised by rock throwing gangs of children.  I’ve been punched by children.  Teen agers up to the age of 18 , maybe 21 are considered children. The law has had a special status for children as victims.  So a gang of 18 year olds out of the blew surround and try to attack me coming home from the theatre with my wife.  As I chase these knife wielding Canadian children off I am fully aware that my police and courts that I pay half my income, and the media in Canada will condemn me if I hurt one of these little angels.  But because I put up a good resistance they flee.  My liberal wife is upset with my ‘language’.   ‘Did you not see the fucking knife!”  Yes but did you have to say you’d rip off their limbs and feed them to their mother….you frightened me. “  My wife was as silly as Margaret Trudeau who said Morocco was perfectly safe for western women when I was staying in the rooms of a western woman murdered that week and the posts in the city had countless posters of lost blond american and canadian and european girls kidnaped for the sex trade. Margaret Trudeau failed to notice or mention that the Australian Rugby team was her companions in Morocco.  The princess is always so self absorbed that she never even notices her parents or the men or servants who make her life ‘safe’.  So maybe 99% of children and teen agers are victims but maybe just maybe .001 % of children and teen agers aren’t.
2) Women - all my life women have been the victim. I was brought up in a home and Christian community where ‘chivalry’ and protection of women was central.  In the cowboy dogma of my youth a man “never hit a woman’.  I was a women’s liberationist and even a feminist. I was immersed in all the propaganda of the ‘woman as underdog’ and man as the abuser.  Then it got personal.  All men are rapists.  All men hate women.  This sloganeering just didn’t jive with me my father, my brother or my friends.  I knew individuals but then I lived in a country where the most privileged person was our QUEEN.  QUEEN ELIZABETH WAS NOT A VICTIM. QUEEN ELIZABETH was a woman.  So the delusions of the leftist feminist ideology wore thin in time.  A half dozen women physically hit me. I walked away. I had excuses for that. Women didn’t handle their drink.  Women would apologize and say they hit me because their last boyfriend hit them.  Women asked me to hit them.  Women asked me to shit one them.  I refused.  I got hit really hard trying to escape from violent women.  “You can’t leave me!” she scream. “No man has ever left me!!”  I ‘m growing deaf in the left ear. I put it down to shooting rifles but it could well be the cauliflower ear I was given by the woman bashing me as I tried to get out of the door.
“Women are never violent unless they have been attacked’ was the halcyon cry of the Canadian courts.
I’ve been attacked when I said “I’ve got to get some sleep, I work in the morning’ and the woman has been screaming for four hours and wants to keep screaming.  I’ve got up to go to a hotel to get some sleep so I don’t kill a patient in surgery in the morning and have been hit leaving the room.
I remember another woman telling me , ‘you can’t go to the hospital. you can’t leave me because you’re on call. you tell them you can’t come . if you cared for me you’d stay’.  That was the end of that relationship.
All my life men have been called the persecutors.  First chivalry then feminism then radical feminism and then the insanity of sexist women today, angry violent and lying, always claiming the victim role a bit like Israel in every interaction with the Palestinians.
And personally,  I HAVE NEVER HIT A WOMAN.  I HAVE been hit several times by women. Women have threatened my life.  Women have had their boyfriends hit me because my wives have pissed them off. I’ve fought a couple of low brows and hurt these thugs because their girl friends thought my wife was ‘disrespecting them’.   I can say I’ve not felt good punching a stupid sick brute who is only trying to please his mommy girlfriend.
I’ve never raped or sexually assaulted a woman.  But I was raped as a young man.  Sexually assaulted for sure.  I even had a woman ‘take advantage of me’ sexually when i was comatose at a party too drunk and stoned to move.  She undressed me and fondled me and climbed on top of me and was angry because I ejaculated immediately.  I didn’t feel good about that. I know I am supposed to.  She was older. I know she had sex with several other men that night so it’s probably wasn’t ‘assault’ and at best it could be said ‘she took advantage of me’ . I know if a man did that to a woman it would be rape.  Then I’ve had to live with double standards all my life. Mostly  I have been afraid to question them because when I do my freedom is threatened, violence is threatened, and I’m verbally abused to say the least.
But I’ve seen the dangers that my wives and girlfriends had had to face and the threats to them physically that they’ve known so I do appreciate their ‘vulnerability’.  When I was young I fought three guys trying to pick on a physically littler guy.  Most of the women I ‘ve known are physically littler and with rare exception most of women I’ve known have been physically incompetent to defend themselves. It’s saddened me.   I’ve only admired the few mature women I’ve known who were competent in martial arts and weapons.  I love the women I know who can take care of themselves personally.  My grandmother could take care of herself.  I liked working in the country because generally the women were so much less dependent than their city sisters.  The country women could shoot and ride horses. My ex wife, a city girl, was highly competent physically, a good shot and horsewoman, sailor and physically canny in Canada though out of Vancouver she was forever getting us in dangerous situations.  She’d piss off women native to their countries and the women would talk to the men and the men would threaten my life telling me to ‘control’ my wife.  She wasnt easy to control when she was sober let alone when she was drunk. The wives and girl friends who drank and did drugs weren't very lady like, not that I 'verbally' was a gentleman.   What canadian woman is controllable either.  So I’d get pushed around. I remember three guys pushing me about after my drunken wife had hit one of their wives.  Women do that sort of thing but you aren't supposed to talk about it.  Domestic violence studies show that 50% or more of the violence is female generated but that's not what the politics and courts say.  SPECIAL VICTIM STATUS. One female judge in Canada found 350 plus cases consecutively against the man.
Still,  maybe 99% of women are victims ,but maybe just maybe .000001% aren’t always and ever victims.  Just maybe.
A(n RCMP just knocked on the door. Gilbert had a marvellous time barking and defending the home. I had to throw on pants and go out side.  A woman had been sexually assaulted walking alone in the woods at night.  They were going door to door showing us pictures of this scruffy guy.  The chivalry part of me came on board. I have seen the damage first hand of sexual assault specially from the pedophiles and hate that the girls of Cologne and Rothingham are being raped and silenced.  It’s so sad.  I just don’t know.  I look at the picture.  I look at the young cop. )
I don’t want to be around children and I don’t feel safe around women though. I don’t know.  I was falsely accused by a crack cocaine addicted ex prostitute of sexually harassing her.  All she said was lies.  She was trying to extort $5000 told me she’d ‘accuse me of sexual assault if I didn’t give her $5000”.  I’d caught her stealing.  I wanted her to leave.  The lawyer who cost me $10,000 told me ‘this happens all the time, we always recommend men pay”.  I talked to dozens of men in business and learned that everyone of them had been ‘shook’ down at some point. They all laughed at me because ‘the going price is ‘$2000”.  “When ever we fire women they do this.”  “It’s happened a dozen times in our firm”.  A million dollars in time and energy,  thousands of dollars later, I was exonerated but she got the money in the end because the bureaucracy all on salary all committed to the ‘innocence of all women’ and ‘all men are rapists’ and ‘solidarity with women’ simply could not accept that one man might be innocent.
“Women never lie about sex, “ said the College of Physican Assistant Registrar, a female physician.
The Vancouver police said, “when we sent an officer to get the stuff she’d stolen, she said "of course she'd taken it and no she wasn't giving it back and further t4hat our officer had sexually harassed her. We’re sorry we’ve closed the file. “ Cowards.  Or smart.  I've been involved in a half dozen or more false sexual assault cases, and mostly it's been women who have stopped the lying psychopaths.  In one case though it was the police coroner who was at the site of the crime and diagnosed the woman had faked her wounds. She admitted to me she'd lied about being raped over and over again for money ,for revenge. "It was easy."

Still maybe 99% of women are victims but maybe .00000000001% aren’t.  My mother was a saint like Mary so it’s always hard for a man especially one who is divorced and knows he failed his marriages to think it's not his own inherent failure as a human. ‘  The judge said ‘you should give her everything. You can’t expect 50%.  You didn’t care for her enough.  A man shouldn’t expect anything after a divorce.”
That song, “Id rather be a hammer than a nail’ rings in my ears at times like that.
And the Christian white male in me says, “you’re a sinner.’  And Noblesse oblige.  And ‘I tried. I did my best’.  “Your best isn’t good enough’.  ‘I never meant for her to cry’.  “It doesn’t matter what you wanted. She’s crying.  You’re responsible for women crying.’  “it’s all your fault’.  I’d been brought up that way.  So I blamed myself. I curled up in a fetal position and waited till the kicking stopped.
I was poor.
I was homeless.
I was without food.
I was hungry.
I couldn’t work.
I accepted church charity.
I was on disability.
I was in jail.
I was in the psychiatric asylum.
But never was I told it wasn’t my fault. Always I was blamed.  Always people were angry with me and always there was punishment with a smile.  If ever I said to my mother or to any one, “she….’ I was told to shut up or was hit.’  If ever as a child, and I remember 6 years old, said ‘But he did….” i was told and hit and said’ It doesn’t matter what he or she did, you had no right to ‘react’.  You’re a man.
So when the female teacher stripped me in class in kindergarten and caned me naked , she was the victim. When the principals caned me I was the evil one.  When my mother or father hit me they said, “You make us hit you. If we don’t hit you the teachers or police will hit you harder and they may hit us so we’re doing this for your own good.”   And when I ran away as a teen ager my parents were told that they didn’t hit me enough and that they should lock me up like a dog. I heard the police chief telling my dad that and saw how sad my gentle father was to be told he had to hit and imprison his son.  The teacher had knocked me out with a wooden hammer thrown at my head and I’d had an egg the size of a golf ball in my forehead. My crime was I didn't stop what I was doing quick enough and he was making an 'example' of me. When my parents objected they were told that the teachers all agreed that ‘Billy Hay wasn’t beaten enough’ and that ‘his parents should beat him more’.  I lived in terror that year and didn’t so much want to run away from my home, where I knew my parents loved me, but from Canada.  I wanted to go to California but changed my mind. It was winter and I didn’t want to upset my mom and dad.  So I came home but my parents had contacted the police and they came in and talked to my dad.  I’d only been gone a few hours but it was winter in Canada and the adults knew a 16 or 17 year old kid might die alone in winter.  They cared in their own way.
But maybe only women are victims.  Maybe only feminist women are real victims.  Anally raped I wasn’t really raped because I wasn’t vaginally raped.  I never could be a victim with a woman. They had that all sewed up.   it was their “SPECIAL STATUS” and men weren’t going hone into their FRANCHISE or move in on their BRAND.
Still, maybe 99% of women are victims but what if maybe .00000000000001% aren’t.  That thought is still going to be the death of me.   I’ve already gone through so much ‘sensitivity training’. The doctors and men in general are forever getting told we're not good enough and that we're neanderthals and that we have to change.   It just hasn’t taken. I don't want to live anywhere where there are women and children.  I understand those adults only and especially those elder adults only living places because the old men just aren't safe today.   Like the Climate Change pseudoscientist position that ‘the consensus of scientists agree with the UN so this topic is closed and no one can question it or we’ll send them to jail’.  Huh?!
I’m just too radical.  “You are either with us or agin us” I”ve been told over and over again. “All or nothing’.  No maybe. No middle of the road.  All or nothing. YES or NO?
Lie, you idiot. Fuddle Duck,  say Fuddle Duck, my Liberal friends say. Lying always works for the left.  I just don't do it.  It's a character flaw.  I am truth teller.  I'm working on discernment. I'm trying desperately to avoid people and places where lying is the fashion.

3) Quebec - all my life Quebec has been the VICTIM.  Quebec and the French  ngrates have been telling me about their mistreatment since Waterloo and the Plains of Abraham.  All my life as an Western English Canadian I’ve been told that the French have “SPECIAL STATUS” and that I am am their victimizer.  Even after they got countless billions of dollars from Western English Canadians they bite the hand that feeds, threaten to leave and call us all stupid shits.  Fuck you English.
I have been required to learn French. I’ve paid for everything French and then one day in Montreal the French took down all the English signs.  There was no social justice in Quebec.  There was no level playing field.  Further as a Canadian I learned that I couldn’t get work in Quebec because my 12 years of high school French didn’t make my ‘language’ strong enough.  Further I was disenfranchised as a Western Canadian because I could never speak both languages well enough for the French ‘language police’.  Indeed I was never welcomed in any of the Federal government positions because I was ‘linguistically disabled’.  But this ‘disability’ was considered ‘offensive’ and ‘punishable’ and I suffered a great deal by being told I’d never be able to lead in Canada because my English accent ‘offended the ears of the Quebec’.  My St Boniface room mate was humiliated in Quebec by their ridiculing him for his St. Boniface accent.  If he, a fully bilingual person was to be inadequate there was little hope for me.
So maybe 99% of Quebec are victims, what about the .0001%?
3) Jews - Jews have always been victims as long as I’ve been on the planet.  AUSCHWITZ gave them pride of place.  And really I supported them and supporting my Jewish friends my life and my families life was threatened.  There is antisemeticsm.  But when a group of Jews were caught for theft and claimed that they were ‘victims of antisemiticism’  it seemed a bit far fetched.  And over time I saw that the Auschwitz Brand competed with the Rwanda Brand and the Cambodia Brand and the SUDAN brand.  This was a marketing issue not a humanitarian issue.  Then there was the day that the Israelis invaded a ship at sea and claimed they were the victims but I’m a sea captain. And I couldn’t really identify with the Israeli air gunships and machine guns because as a ship captain I identified with the ship captain whose ship was invaded by pirates.  So I had problems with Israelis as always the victims especially when I heard my Palestinian Christian tell me how her Christian people were persecuted.  So yes the Jews are victims 90% of the time but 10% of the time maybe not.  I was called ‘anti semiotic ‘ when I voiced this thought. So maybe 99% of the time and .001% maybe?
I remembered my wife shouting at me, “you will agree with me when I’m wrong’.  True, loyalty is important and we don’t need each other’s loyalty as much when we’re right.  Thankfully most of my jewish friends were moderates whatever that means to a Jew.  I suspect mostly I’m not considered a threat because I’m irrelevant.  My Jewish friend says he’s considered ‘irrelevant’ by the Jews that matter.  We are the marginalized but ‘we’re not allowed to be victims’.  We don’t get “SPECIAL STATUS” .  Victimship does get Special Status.  There is a major competition for ‘special status’ too because it’s not only lucrative but it’s powerful.
4)Indians/aboriginals/indigenous/first nations - all my life the aboriginals have been victims.  What more can I say.  White man is the oppressor of aboriginals though elsewhere black men oppressed the aboriginals and brown men and red yellow men oppressed the aboriginals as did red men oppress red men.  So while it’s ‘racist’ to single out the white man as the oppressor it’s acceptable for a black woman to oppress a brown man.  In Canada with it’s multiculturalism and liberalism all this wasn’t complicated but then it was.  With immigration the competition for victim status heated up.  Further the French , notorious oppressors of aboriginals, because they were oppressed didn’t have to deal with the issue of oppression till recently when it was recognized French Canadian men were indeed white and according to the Marxist play, white men rape women.  Now Quebec is an oppressor of aboriginals and the rising number of aboriginals and the increasing wealth of aboriginals makes them a major powerful lobby competitive with the Jewish Lobby, The Quebec Lobby and the Women Lobby.
I’ve never hit an Aboriginal.  My cousins are aboriginal.  I grew up defending aboriginals and have given millions of dollars of my time pro bono to aboriginals.  I’ve been threatened by aboriginals. Aboriginals tried to kill me when I was saving the life of an aboriginal.  When I tried to stop an aboriginal woman being raped in a back ally she shouted at me, “I’d rather be raped by an Indian than saved by a whitey”.  At that moment a group of guys ,aboriginal (we called them Indians back then) f came around the corner and I had to run for my life grabbing my girlfriend who’d said ‘aren’t you going to do something’ when we saw the girl being pushed down on the sidewalk.  Later she’d say, “why did you get  involved, you almost got me killed. You know how frightening that was for me.”
When an Indian was shooting at me screaming ‘kill the whitey’ one day and bullets were flying by my head because he mistakenly thought I was on aboriginal land when I shot a grouse I didn’t feel like a victimizer.But maybe his great great grandfather was victimized by someone else's great great grandfather and I was getting the hand me downs.  My great great grandfathers were getting the shit kicked out of them by the English in Ireland or Culloden.  But no one can mention Culloden. Irish Slaves and Culloden don't fit the PC Narrative.
But other than my Metis cousins, despite helping countless natives for decades,  I’ve always had the uncanny feeling that natives would not help me. Indeed I have challenged my native friends about how they only beg and demand for themselves and never help others. I’ve pointed out that Jews help all manner of underdogs as I myself have.  My French Canadian room mate would have given his life to protect me.  With the Jews I expect that there may be an element of Marxist wisdom in keeping perpetual warfare going so they as a minority group can take advantage of the never ending war.  The women I've always helped seemed to take it as 'entitlement'.  I've given fortunes to women and they've always just laughed at what a sucker men are.  My mother loved me more than anyone and my aunts were jewels so I really should be thankful.  I've had great female friends.
Other Jewish and Muslem and secular friends, the physician and psychiatrist friends , are just as stupid as me . We admit we’d take a bullet out of Jesus, Mohammed, Hitler and Stalin and Obama and Justin Trudeau and Nixon and Buddha.  We’re an indiscriminate lot as physicians and none of my friends who aren’t physicians understand why I’m so concerned that the Bahrain doctors were imprisoned for treating partisans and non partisans.  It challenges my fundamental belief system and makes me wonder if I became a doctor because we never have to choose sides. But today all countries are targeting the red cross and in Vancouver the rioters attacked the ambulances.  So I m beginning to think that doctors and nurses need to be issued hand guns because increasingly we’re being attacked.   I've been threatened with guns and knives and struck in my office or at the hospital. I’ve been attacked a half dozen times in my work and never have the authorities cared. They’re in rank denial about the danger of the front line care givers  all the while they cowardly stay as far as humanly possible from the real work and heavy lifting of front line medicine and surgery.Beaurocrats in general lead from behind.  Like the Communists who shot the soldiers from behind to get them to go forward.  Corporate ship captains these days are demanding to be the first to leave their sinking ships.
So I don’t know, it’s just that I now know Aboriginal Millionaires.  My aboriginal lawyer friend is arrogant, obnoxious,  pompous and vengeful.  Meanwhile my aboriginal leader friend with countless grandchildren had two of his houses burned  down by his own people but is as close to Martin Luther as anyone I know, a truly loving peaceful quiet elder . His successes have helped so many aboriginal people he’s become envied by those he helped. The TALL POPPY syndrome is very much alive in Canada.
It still seems  though that while 99% of aboriginals are victims maybe .0001% aren’t.
5) Blacks;   I grew up with all manner of immigrants around.  Mom and Dad travelled and befriended people from other countries. So our friendship network included poles, ukranians, filipinos,  blacks,  chinese, catholics,even, jews, americans, just about anyone who was competent.  If you worked and weren’t a ’shirker’ you were alright with the family.  Part of that was being Baptist.  There was only one Jew and one black person and one chinese person in my neighbourhood growing up.   As protestants we thought the Catholics were the ‘other’.  If someone accused my Irish mother of being “Caholicphobic’ they’d be right on because Grandad was an orange man and he’d left Ireland because he got tired of Catholics blowing things up.  He came to Canada because it was peace fl.Then the Immigrants brought their wars with them. And the East Indians blew up the Canadian air plane.  Dukabors burnt down houses. Dad just shook his head and said the people should leave their wars behind.
My friend is black.  He’s an American Canadian immigrant.  He loves Canada.  When he talks about the Southern States he’s pretty angry. I’ve never thought he thinks I’m white. I’ve only started thinking about him as Black when I began getting called RACIST for questioning Muslim Syrians being fast tracked to Canada with all the evidence of riots in Europe, hundreds of women attacked in Cologne, the Muslim pedophila rings in Britain and the Angry Muslem men in Eastern Canada shouting at Canadians about their right to have sex with 9 yo girls while the LIBERALS are supporting SHARIA LAW courts for Muslems to complement the ABORIGINAL COURTS for aboriginals. I didn't even think of the Syrians as a 'race'.  I certainly wasn't Islamophobe because I've never had anything but admiration for the Sufi's. A couple of my greatest mentors were Egyptian.  They were psychiatrists. I might have thought less of them if they were surgeons but I never thought of them as 'other'.
I know some really rich and important black people in Canada and they don’t seem like Victims to me.  I suppose EVERY MINORITY IS A VICTIM according to PC but I just don’t see it individually.  The richest family in Canada is apparently Scottish but individually he’s not personally helped me though I accept I’ve been blessed to have been born in Canada. I'm eternally grateful that I wasn't born elsewhere. Being a Toronto Maple Leaf fan I was abused for years and only became accepted in the sporting world when I moved to Vancouver and started supporting the Canucks.  The fact is black hasn’t been part of my world except for a couple of black friends. I’ve never fought a black . I grew up with a black doctor who was the best doctor a boy could have when he was desperately sick.  I just missed out on the black thing. The media is full of blacks that sure haven't missed out on the white thing. The white thing is all they seem to talk about.  I have to admit I really like the Black guys called the Black criminals and wankers on their shit.  Like the one guy who said 'how can it help the black people if black people take every opportunity to have a riot so they can break into black people's stores and steal their cvs'.  Reason doesn't affect the irrational emotional sensationalist PC Leftist crowd. They don't listen to anything but their VICTIM mantras.
It also doesn’t mean that complete  strangers don’t call me “RACIST WHITE SHIT” all the time not even knowing me.
And I’ve put my time , my money and my work into helping people regardless of race and as a physician I’m poor today because I worked with the poor and marginalized.  You get rich by being a doctor to the rich. it’s not rocket science. The richest doctors are the cosmetic plastic surgeons because they don’t help the sick, they help the rich and well.  Doc Holiday might well do a little work in a burn unit but the money is where the rich and powerful and well are.  I’ve always worked in the dark alleys of this world with the needy.  That doesn’t count at all.It certainly doesn't pay.
Activists are a special group like journalists and critics in general.  They are above looking at facts. They just talk and make money off criticizing everyone.  I’ve lost money off helping people . I did years of pro bono work only to be condemned time and again in the rich Canadian courts for helping people who the courts clearly wanted to be denied ‘their day in the courts’.  Journalists have attacked me for my pro bono work helping women in recovery.  Whole columns have been written against me for years of pro bono work.  I’ve been condemned by my colleagues even for helping schizophrenics.  R.D. Laing the great defender of Schizophrenics was pilloried by his society.  It’s not new.
If you stand up you make yourself a target. I know I'm not alone too.  Just stupider than my colleagues.
If you are a ‘good samaritan’ in Canada you are running a risk of being destroyed along with those you help.  When you get to heaven , St. Peter asks you, “show me your scars’.  If you have none, he says, “didn’t you find anyone or anything worth fighting for.  Didn’t you learn how to love.”
So again, I ask what if 99% of Blacks are perfect and only .00001% are maybe questionable.  And then if there is a bad black like Idi Amin, say a black man is a murdering rapist, do I have to call him a RADICAL BLACK to be politically correct?  And like, duh, the Queen of England and Canada is a woman and Obama is black. He’s the President of the most powerful country in history.So they're victims right, and because I'm a poor old white guy I'm the bad guy, right.?   I just want to know if I've got this straight.
 6) Gays, Lesbians, Transexual, Non Binary, Transvestites - I’m a male transvestite. I wear kilts and have even worn gowns but w’ere persecuted as perverts. My strictly gay friends are now ‘accepted’ victims’ . Gays and Lesbians have higher special status in the Sexual Victim Registry with the Transexuals vying desperately to catch up and get the same perks but it still happens that Transwomen are rejected by the biological women and transmen by the the biological men and both by gays and lesbians.  But the transvestites they’re ridiculous. They're Monty Python and Benny Hill material.
When I got dressed up for the famous Vancouver ball, a group of men , drove down Davie street shouting obscenities and threats  at all of us.  I felt really vulnerable in high heels and felt a lot of sympathy for women then.  Men dressed as women. Women dressed as men that night.   It’s a very funny charity fund raiser.   The drag queen ball.  I’ve also done the Rocky Horror Picture show in lingerie with my toilet roll ready in my hand.   I do dress up for Halloween too and wore a diaper once but mostly preferred pirate attire. All women in the west are Transvestites.  Still when I put on a kilt for Robby Burns night I get asked by Asians, “why are men dressing like women tonight.?”  So as a tainted heterosexual , once raped . you are an outsider. At best  you get to be a bisexual.  Then bisexuals are the most outside in the sexual world, not homosexual enough or heterosexual enough and thoroughly stigmatized.  Asexual isn’t too good either since the priests ruined it for the monks and hermits.    Wanker is the most acceptable slur today. Calling a person a masturbator is still fair game.  I’ve been called every sexually negative word by someone sometime and never has it related to sex.  When my ATV was stolen, the thief said,  “Of course I stole the homos’s ATV” Of course the police and courts didn’t do anything because ‘sexual status’ isn’t quite there yet as I learned helping AIDS patients.  In a game of Victim STATUS chess the lowest one is still a pedophile. But all the other sexual deviants including the S&M crowd are fair game. The SODOMITES are a particularly bad lot. And watching Porn of any kind still costs men their jobs all the time, but women can watch erotica.  50 Shades of Grey, a more disgusting book than any Penthouse letters ever was is okay because the billionaire has his lawyers get the virgin to sign a consent form before he whisks her off in his helicopter.
But what if we agreed 99% of the perverts are saints is it possible that .000001% of this group could be wrong maybe once? Maybe once.
7) Immigrants - My grandfather’s and grandmother’s were immigrants and I didn’t hear them ever whine about Canada.  They were critical about the British Empire but would have fought as Canadians if called up to do so. Certainly my father joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and served in World War II as a bombardier.  He was scared he told me but never shot at.  He was scared of the stupidity of the officers and the things that were expected of soldiers.  He described a few occasions when he nearly died doing something that looked good on a map but didn’t take into account ravines and cliffs and such. Military ’timelines’ were myths that humans were expected to be superhuman to meet for the sake of officers who were good and bad.  Dad’s most important lesson he learned in the military he said, was “Never Volunteer’.  His best camaraderie though was with ex service men or the men he worked with.
Canada is a country of immigrants. All my life I’ve been surrounded by immigrants. Even though my best friends have been French Canadians and other Immigrant Canadians, I’m called XENOPHOBIC and RACIST constantly simply  because I question our immigration board letting in a 3 time  drug dealer murderer from Cuba who has done time in Cuban and US Jails and tells me he thought the people he killed needed killing.  I wonder what this guy is doing in Canada. When I ask this question i'm called a XENOPHOBE.  The scares even me and I’m attacked for asking the question.  Really, verbally attacked.
Always my ‘license to practice medicine’ is threatened whenever I say anything ‘POLITICALLY INCORRECT”.  Where physicians were once the voice of reason in politics now all my colleagues, all those I know, say, “I can’t afford to get involved in politics. The College of Physicians and Surgeons would have my license.”  “Look what happened to…….and the list goes on”.
The beauorocratic attack politically is never direct. it’s always indirect. The COMMUNISTS were the best. When I was with the Psychiatrists against Political Abuse of Psychiatry, I learned how the game worked.  It’s standard operating procedure in guerrilla warfare.  “FIND SOME DIRT ON HIM and if you can’t find dirt on her, make it up”.
But I’m tired of defending my Grandfather and Grandmother as immigrants. The issue was never about immigration.  Pierre Trudeau changed the laws regarding immigration to discourage the ‘needed’ immigrants and encourage those who were sick   My black doctor friend said, “I only came to Canada because my parents  needed dialysis.  We wanted to go to the states but we couldn’t afford to pay for dialysis. That’s why all my friends came to Canada because they have sick or disabled family who were costing them too much in our country.  Now as a doctor here myself I can’t appreciate that the free health care system means I get paid very little and pay exorbitant taxes. In the end it’s better than where I came from."
8) Vegetarians/Anti Vaccers/Scent Senstives…etc etc…etc.
I am a hunter and a fisherman. I was a strict vegetarian for years and then an egg and fish guy then an egg fish and fowl guy then a bloody moose ,venison and bear loving Canadian who is the scum of the earth because while I’ve shot my food with a bow, shoot deer with bow and arrow, and hunted pigs with spears (scariest thing I’ve done;the pigs all got away and I ran away) I’m the enemy of all. I’m the evil one.  I’m a chicken killer.  All those whose families have ever in the history of the world, in all 100,000 years who have ever eaten meat are suspect and abusing the poor vegetarians and their pure food diet people.  I’m to be outlawed. The stigma against me is so great that I have to pay a fortune for the rifles I own and have been put in special registry of dirty bad Canadians who are watched 24/7 by the law because they are evil.  Anyone who has killed an animal is SATAN.  The poor vegetarians are victimized by our presence in their midst. They line up on streets showing pictures of chickens being killed.  I noticed they’re wearing leather and things like that but that just inflames them .  I been spat on by people who have told me that ‘people like you need to be killed so the plants can live’.  I say I’m killing the deer to save the plants and they look at me with disdain and chant ‘killer killer killer’.  Vegetarians are holy.

The fact is I find it hard to kill animals and when I raised chickens I found it really  hard to kill the chickens I raised.  I don’t even like killing fish.  But then I felt sentimental about pulling up carrots.  I am a big sissy and I’ve been called a sissy countless times.  I’ve been called a killer and a sissy and an old white guy and all manner of horrible hate names. These are just the english terms.  I’m sometimes interested in what I overhead when two people were pointing at me and calling me something as I was walking by. Just walking down the street in Canada or some other country, and much to my surprise,s I’ve looked up the word and I’ve learned that there are countless words in other languages that translate roughly to something like ‘nigger’ would in our english language. But it’s okay for people to use those words , words like ‘smuck’ or ‘round eyes’ but it’s not okay if they’re translated. My French friend told me just some of the french canadian "hate language"words for the English. Oddly they seemed to have some religious slur thrown in. But the vegetarians seem to get all the venom needed in ‘meat eater’.
I guess ‘cannibal’ doesn’t need a lot of dressing on it.  If my neighbour ate my child and I was trying to be wholly inclusive and avoiding hate speech I might slur ‘cannibal’ at them even knowing the ‘PC speech police’ might not care if the guy ate my kid but certainly would be there to arrest me for saying ‘cannibal’.If I didn't want to go to jail, I'd have to remember to say something like "YOU RADICAL CANNIBAL!"
Oddly my Immigrant vegetarian friends don’t care that I eat meat. It’s only the white Canadian female vegetarians from wealthy families with private school education that have called me filthy names for being a meat eater and objecting to them blocking the sidewalk with their demonstration and signs.  A lot of my life I’m just trying to get to and from my work as a physician and I have to go through all this drama and I’m tired. I broke up a fight once between three white guys and three black guys in front of my apartment and then all six of them were going to beat me up. I’ve had all these white girls angry with me because I just want to walk down the street and they’re angry I’m not caring for the chickens they’re holding up pictures about.  it didn’t help that I told them I killed Bambi to protect the vegetables.    I know I’m wrong. I know I’m the source of all evil in the world.  My ex wives made it very clear that I’m the source of all evil.  I am a total and utter failure .  So I understand why vegetarians would hate me. But…..all ….100%.
But what if 99% of vegetarians and all the other folk are   right, is it possible maybe  that .00001% are wrong?  Maybe?
8) Refugees.  One of my favourite psychiatrist friends came as a refugee. My first wife came as a refugee.  Obviously I love refugees.  I love that people who are persecuted in their country can come here. I love that my refugee friends who  lvoe Canada and compare Canada so favourably with their country of persecution.
I’ve helped countless refugees.
I’ve raised an eyebrow though when increasingly ‘political refugees’ who have come to Canada because their lives were in danger in their country once they get citizen status and are on disability return to their country. It happens more and more and has caused me some concern.  There have been reasonable explanations. Regimes have changed.  It’s all above board most of the time but occasionally it’s the  DISABILITY INDUSTRY that has attracted patients who turn out later not to be ‘at risk’ in their country.  But one bad apple…… They’re rare in the range of things though I’ve noticed that the Canadian government doesn’t rectify matters when these same people turn out to be doing a variety of criminal activities here.  They seem to have SPECIAL STATUS.
Increasingly as a Canadian I’ve thought ‘if i did that’ I’d be arrested.
But I know of no country where an Immigrant of a minority religion gets to be the MINISTER OF DEFENCE.  We have Mr. Singh and we had Dr. Hedy Fry who I campaigned for and yet travelling around the world I notice no CANADIAN Immigrant to other countries being made Minister of Defence. I know of no Muslim Country where a Christian could be Minister of Defence. I know too that Syria had a law that said ‘only a Muslim could be President”.  Further, travelling I found that there were restrictions on foreigners buying land all over the world and so many restrictions to me as an immigrant.  Mexico our friendly neighbour even had restrictions against me as a Canadian.
The whole idea of ‘fair play’ or ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’ or ‘level playing field’ or ‘equal opportunity’ are all meaningless to a whole lot of people of other religions and nationalities. I begin to worry playing soccer doesn't teach people to be good sports like playing hockey does.
When I questioned the decision to have ‘25000 refugees’ brought into Canada  in a month because of political showboating and suddenly we were going to accept refugees from a country who were the allies not of our ally America, but rather of our former enemy Russia, and were of a religion that promoted death to infidels (Christians, Secularists, and Canadians in general) I expressed my heart felt ‘fear” . In stead of being told ‘we understand your fear’ I was called a RACIST.  "I was called an Islamophobe" (It was as bad as when I questioned yet another tax , the CARBON TAX, a tax on breathing, on top of all the taxes we already pay as Canadians and how useless the government increasingly is, having multi million dollar parties and giving billions of dollars to the UN, I was called a CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER>  i.e. "YOU're Psychotic!!! to question more Taxation by your Liberal Good Government.  I
 was lied to by my leadership and was attacked verbally in the most offensive way.  Indeed I was threatened.  I continue to be called RACIST and XENOPHOBIC.  People tell me to get the fuck out of Canada if you don't like Justin Trudeau and his plan to bring in hundreds of thousands of immigrants willy nilly at billions of dollars cost when all day long I see homeless people and can't get supplies for my patients and haven't any resources and am chronically tired of saying no to patients who can't understand why they've paid for services and can't get anything.  
(Now Canada has a history of having had refugees and immigrant women from the Congo.  These Muslem women were sent to Canada by their warlord husbands.  Each husband had 4 to 10 wives. The men sent their wives here to collect disability.  The women collected disability here and sent 9/10 of the money back to the Congo.  American soldiers wondering who was paying for the ammunition which the Muslim terrorists were shooting at them found out that the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT was Paying for the AMMUNITION and Weapons to supply terrorists by this little African muslim women's scam).
Having lived in America I know that the terrorists that attacked America came through Canada so I have some anxiety.
I was bombed when I lived in London by the IRA. I evacuated buildings a dozen times. My life was often threatened.  My wife was caught in a bomb blast.  Her face was torn up by flying glass. She cried in her sleep.  We were scared. Our parents wanted us to come home because it was so dangerous.  A plane I was boarding was found to have a terrorist on board. I’ve had my close calls.  I’m not known for crying wolf.
But when I expressed concern I was condemned.  I was called a RACIST. I was called countless obscenities.
I recently was called IGNORANT.  I was called UNEDUCATED.  I WAS CALLED WHITE.  I WAS CALLED OLD MAN.  The number of slurs and character assassinations and hate speech directed at me in the last few months is incredible.  And though I never ‘started’ any of these visious violent interchanges I might well have contributed to their escalation.  As a Christian I’m taught to ‘turn my cheek 70 times 70 times so I keep count and when the right number pops up I confess I do take a certain delight in retaliating which I recognize is a character flaw but I’ve also found that bullies will bully until you hit back.
An Israeli leader just got in deep shit saying that the only thing that stops a muslim terrorist is the threat to rape their daughter. Naturally as an isralei in the world of real politick he’s probably had the life of his daughter threatened. RAPE is indeed a recognized act of war in the history.  The RAPE of the SABINES wasn’t at all sexist but biological. By ‘raping the wives of your defeated’ you could ensure that they had a generation delay in the production of another army.  But SEXISTS only see rape through their discrete lens i.e. about women.  Boys and men have been raped in the past too but they don’t count.  Still it’s all ‘barbaric’ but when Mr. Harper tried to stop the genital mutilation of children with his law against ‘barbaric practices’ he was condemned a dirty old white man despite the law being proposed by  muslim and  hindu canadian woman.
The fact is a REFUGEE is a VICTIM all the time.
I have this problem because when I was in italy the refugees who were attacking girls there were former soldiers from Africa.  I got mugged and called an‘INFIDEL” as my cross was torn from my neck by a muslim gang, ex military. The Greeks were incensed at the Afghanistan and Iraqi young men attacking Christians and stealing their silver and gold crosses to sell because they didn’t care for the wider ramifications these attacks had on the Greek Tourist trade.  So my friend who rescues ’snakes’ says that no one wants to put money into saving ‘reptiles’ but the SPCA has a booming trade in cuddly kittens, puppies and bunnies.  Sentimentalism and Emotional Reasoning reign.
 But to even question if a refugee might be a psychopath is to break the rules. This is despite the fact that we have major crime problems in Vancouver because of Immigrant or Refugee TONG Gang Members from the East and Russian Gangsters from the west.  To even suggest that a Middle East refugee might be a serial murderer or a serial rapist or GOD FORBID, Isis or a Jihadist, may get you arrested.  Justin Trudeau was more angry with a refugee being pepper sprayed than he was when Canadians living here were murdered by terrorists. He certainly didn't get very concerned about police being killed.  There’s that double standard.
But what if 99% of refugees are saints  and only .0001% of refugees are dangerous psychopaths, is that reason for concern.  Or should we be, claiming we want to hear from all Canadians,  but shut up any Canadian who expresses ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’.  I heard once that a woman being raped was criticized for screaming. Ironic because we're normally condemned for not screaming.
An American soldier told me that a beaurocratic message had been sent round advising the soldiers to remember that they may be being filmed when they are wounded and that profanities negatively affect the war effort. So don’t say ‘fuck’ when you are shot, please.
Don’t you just love POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!. We can all kill and maim and lie and cheat just as long as we maintain the proper grammar, speak with proper sentences, wear suits, smile that lizard like way.
I’ve helped countless refugees get into Canada. I’ve done thousands of dollars of ‘volunteer’ ‘pro bono’ work for refugees getting them the letters and referrals needed for them to get resources and assistance they need.
So maybe 99% of refugees are perfect but what about that .0001%.
I don’t know where it stops.
As a Christian I’m taught that I must ‘get down off the cross, we can use the wood’.  There’s a song, ‘were you there when they crucified the lord’ and it teaches us that we weren’t just spectators but that we were shoving the spear in his side. That’s the message of Sinners.
It’s a joke when the therapists did ‘past life regression’ therapy and the hypnotists looked at ‘past lives’.  Everyone was Cleopatra or some King or Queen.  But no one was Hitler or Stalin or Jack the Ripper.  It’s just ‘not nice’.
Now some of the SPECIAL STATUS ‘victims’ are Christians too so I wonder ‘what their part was in killing Jesus’ because as Christian’s we are taught to believe that we are all Sinners.  Even Peter denied Jesus.  In the history of Martyrs all one generally had to do was say, alright I’ll worship the Emperor. Okay the lions don’t get fed with a Christian today, The same with witch trials .  Mostly people just had to say, okay I’m a witch and they didn’t get burnt.  The big problem is the truth tellers and those inflexible sorts that won’t lie.  Jesus, they are a royal pain in the ass. Personally, I’m not a very good Christian because I don’t think I’d insist I was if one of my friends or family were threatened. Hell, threaten my dog and I’m jelly.  I know because my cat was killed when I took a stand against something earlier in my life.I regretted what I had done. It didn't seem to warrant the death of my cat.  She was an innocent and I couldn't protect her.
The problem arises for me today is the HIERARCHY OF SPECIAL STATUS.  If a brown refugee man rapes a jewish aboriginal women which counts more especially if one is from Quebec and one is from Western Canada and both have a history of drug abuse and lying but the judge is a Liberal or an atheist, whose the more victim.
It’s just incredibly confusing for me.  I really don’t know what the law is any more.  I know ‘thou shalt not kill’ but even ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is gone in Canada because everyone’s lives are ruined with only the accusation and then FACEBOOK gossip columns do the rest.

Finally I’m suffering from a disease which makes me tend to be prone to self pity.  I spend all day convincing myself life is good.  I do prayer and meditation and force myself daily to see that the glass is half full or all full.  Hell I know that the problem is me.  My friend Milton, a marvellous black Christian used to tell me he had a sentence on his mirror that said “you’re looking at the problem’.
So I know that.  Justin Trudeau is probably Jesus Christ incarnate.  Obama is probably Einstein.  Putin is for sure Mother Mary. I love Leonard Cohen.  I am the KY Jelly.
But I know I’m not supposed to think like this, especially now.  I am warned by the threats and the verbal abuse.
It’s just every day I want to run away from Canada because I don’t belong here.  I have no home.  I sailed away once and it was good.  More and more people come to me agoraphobic and social phobic. The number of people who are anxious is incredible.  Everyone I know is afraid to talk openly now.
I loved when my Indian friend told me ‘we all had to learn to whisper’ .
Now I’ve been told to leave Canada. That I’m not a Canadian.  Every time Justin Trudeau or a liberal speaks for Canadians I know they’re not speaking for me so I’m utterly and fully excluded.  So I really want to leave. I’m tired of the hate speech.  I’m so tired of AD HOMINEMs.  I’m so very tired of being told I’m IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED, STUPID, SEXIST, ISLAMAPHOBE, RACIST, WHITE and OLD and the names go on and on. I could take it but not when the leader of the country and his leading party and his followers are constantly calling me names anytime I disagree with something they say.  I spend all day dealing with people who I tell that they’re better than the names they’re called. I am all day long hearing people talk about their abuse in this country. Then I go to FACEBOOK and I hear it all night.
I thought to make a job of it.  I try to give it back .  You hit me. I hit you back.
But I’m just too tired.

FACE BOOK doesn’t want me.
CANADA doesn’t want me.  I’ve been told too many times to Fuck off .  Get out of Canada. If you don’t like it leave.  It’s where I was born.  No other country wants CANADIANS.  I can’t claim refugee status in any other country.  Most of Africa won’t have me because I’m a wanker.  Blacks don’t masturbate or have sex with other men or women with women so most black countries kill people like me who admit to it.  Muslim countries don’t want Christians.  Buddhist countries don’t want Christians.  Everyone thinks that as a doctor I should be able to go anywhere but it’s not like that. There are barriers to doctors all over the world. I have a dog.  Dogs are discriminated against everywhere in Canada and as a dog owner I’m discriminated everywhere in churches, in AA meetings, in stores.  The only reason I’m willing to go to heaven is they take dogs.  Generally I’ve learned too that if a place doesn’t want my dog they’re eventually going to hurt me.  It was even better when I had my cat.  Generally speaking people who don’t like pets don't like pet owners and don’t like me.  Weird. I have fish too.  It’s too much baggage so no one wants me.  The Landlords hate us and no one cares about us but we don’t have any SPECIAL STATUS. I pay more in all the hotels and I”m excluded everywhere even though my dog is a THERAPY DOG.
So I don’t know where to go.  Somedays I just don’t go out. I’m afraid to talk to people because I might say something that might offend them. I lived with wives who were depressed and everything I said offended them so now I’m in a country where I’m feeling like those last years when their parents had died and they were depressed and everything I did was offensive and I spent years walking on egg shells until I accepted I was the problem and ran away.  I’m always running away.  Soon all I’ll have to run away to death but that’s okay.Death looks better than Canada some days.  Especially if Heaven is like Mark Twain's Captain Stormfield's heaven.
I’m a dinosaur. I’m extinct.
I don’t have a SPECIAL STATUS category. I can’t even complain about being bullied.
I don’t even have a country any more. I’m not a Canadian.  CANADIANS don’t think like I do.
Reminds me of when Paul Simon wrote the song about ‘going off to look for America’.  I guess that’s what I m going to have to do soon.
I miss my sailboat.  Sometimes I could find Canada standing by the mast smashing through big waves heeled over in a storm.  Sometimes I found Canada riding on my motorcycle through the mountains.  It’s been raining for days. Maybe when the tulips come back I’ll get some hope. Maybe even have some faith.
It just seems bleak.  Life is suffering unto death, Kierkegaard said.But he was Dutch.  He never was a Canadian.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Radicalism and Canada

I am not a radical Canadian.  I’m pro Canada.  I was born here. I know Canada intimately. I’ve lived in various provinces and cities in Canada. I’ve lived and worked in wilderness, rural, suburban,  urban and inner urban areas of Canada.  I find more and more Canadians are urbanites whose knowledge of other areas of Canada are less than tourists.  Especially talking to activists and doom sayers I am astonished at their ignorance of the resources and wilderness of Canada.  When people talk of reservations I’m mostly aware that they’ve never been on one let alone the dozens I’ve been to.  When someone from Quebec talks about western Canada commonly their knowledge is less than Germans or Americans.  I’ve been to Quebec often. I’ve not worked there but I’ve spent weeks at a time in their cities and province.  Most Torontonians know nothing of Ontario let alone Manitoba.  Yet we all talk with ‘authority’ as Canadians.
I can honestly say that I don’t know any ‘radical’ Canadians.  The most radical Canadianism I know is the fellow who insists he’s not American.  I’ve lived in America as well as Canada and Britain so I’m not so sure I’d quickly judge these other countries in this way. Usually Canadians who speak like this are referring to the propaganda media representation of other countries. Canada is a country of misinformation and propaganda but I'm not so sure it isn't better than most countries where the governments are even more ignorant than Canada's is arrogant.
An American, in Colorado, on seeing my Harley Davidson license commented, “Canada, that’s north of us. Mexico is south, right?”  I answered yes, knowing that many people in Richmond wouldn’t know where Nanaimo or Squamish were or if Saskatchewan or Manitoba was further than Alberta.  We’re an ignorant people collectively in Canada.  There are always smart and stupid people but education beyond college isn’t rated as important as it is in Europe. I was astonished at travelling in Europe how admired education was for the knowledge not the money. Here a degree is equated in how much it can pay for a job.
I liked that in the US in a lot of places people who weren’t certified for a particular position simply weren’t allowed to do that. Here in British Columbia it’s attractiveness is that it’s the last place for the rise of the generalist.  The handy man can get the top specialist position.  Generalists and specialists are only differentiated by finance.  Standards aren’t that important.  Our construction industry is only better than Quebec's which is considered one of the worst and most corrupt in the world.
 Our education system charges a fortune for degrees but does little politically to ensure that those who don’t have a degree aren’t able to have the position because of what they know sexually or whose son or brother they are. One gets a degree in Canada only to find that the best jobs are already taken by those without degrees who knew someone or had some sexual or financial pull.
Corruption is a universal problem and while I’m critical of corruption here  in Canada ,my immigrant and refugee friends tell me that their countries make Canada look pristine by comparison.  By world standards the corruption of Quebec is probably mediocre.  My political science friend says that Canada as a country has ‘institutionalized baksheesh”.  Baksheesh is a bribe or a personal tax.  Canada is collectively taxed to dying while in other countries there are hands that need to be greased to get from one room to the next till you’re actually at the person who does the matter you have enquired about having done.Business is personal. It's more likely to get you killed in Mexico than it is in Canada for sure.
Increasingly Canada makes rules for companies and individuals behaviour overseas.  I can only believe these people are ‘wanting some of the action’ without actually knowing anything about other countries. Usually they have lived their lives a yuppies in some big Canadian city, usually Toronto or Montreal.
I’ve never been to Newfoundland.  I regret that.  The day I was to go, the ferry was cancelled because of storms so I never got there and travelled south to Boston instead.  One of the cross country road trips I took enjoying visiting the amazing variety that is Canada.  I truly love the geography and vegetation of Canada, the people, despite the homogenization of the people.  While the cities increasingly lack diversity, the land will never lose its appeal.  Tundras of the north, the Atlantic and Pacific, the great lakes, the Laurentians, the Rockies, the beaches of Vancouver, the wheat fields, and all the other cliches of Canada.  I love the land.
That’s what so many others want. They want our land and resources. They don’t want our culture. They don’t want our government. They don’t want our history. They’re like the first white men who came to Canada in the 1500’s. They wanted fish and furs.  Now the yellow men come and they want our Vancouver land for their houses.  The brown men want the place for their businesses only because our police have historically kept our businesses safe.  The blacks like to come here to get away from the violence where they were and to get into the trade we have here. No one wants Canadian Culture.
They do want ‘free health care’.
I’m a doctor and I have had ‘wage controls’ on my income for 30 years.  Doctors can't afford to buy houses in Canada because the "creepy" real estate moguls won't accept 'controls' except on doctor income. Everyone knows that health care , with the doctor and nurse wage slaves and rich fact administration, is what makes Canada most desirable.
I do a considerable amount of actual ‘pro bono’ work.  It’s had me condemned in the media, especially the pro dope trade Vancouver Sun yellow journalists,  because I’ve taken on those rejected marginal people who the courts and media  scandalize and shame along with me. I’ve defended these underdogs in my belief in ‘fairness’ and ‘justice’  and  “universal health care’.  I am shocked that in Bahrain doctors are jailed for treated patients.  In Muslim countries doctors are told they are only to treat the ‘right sort of people’.  This is tyranny.  In Canada may be a two tier system of care.  The rich often get what the poor cannot access.  Hence the rich go to Edgewood Treatment Centre like Betty Ford Clinic for addiction whereas the poor are given needle exchange and told to inject in the Insite drug pub where nurse waitresses will ensure they are cut off before they overdose.  Thanks to doctors and nurses accepting low hourly incomes and long hours and poor support the system works despite the increasing burden of interfering administration.
But I’m not a radical Canadian.  I’m just a Canadian.  We don’t really believe in radical anything here except maybe radical hockey, radical ideas, like love and quantum physics, string theory and multiverse.  We have heros who are scientists like Colonel Hadfield and also love our singers like Bruce Coburn and Laura McLaughland.  We give the Order of Canada to Dr. Jack Hildes for his work establishing Circumpolar Health Care as well as to Burton Cummings for his many hit records with the Guess Who.
I’m anxious around radical religion and radical politics and radical feminists and radical abortionist and anyone really who is radical enough to want to kill anyone, especially those who say ‘kill infidels’.  But the fact is I don’t know any radical Canadians.  I am not a radical Canadian and I don’t know radical Canadians.
 I do know the most amazing creative and ingenious Canadians.  I know Canadians who are loving and kind and yet would kill you in a second in self defence. I hate that the courts are so biased to the politically correct and serve primarily the rich and elite but otherwise they're not particularly onerous.  I have so many Canadian friends in the sciences, arts, military, politics, health care, law,  industry and resources and government and I truly admire them all individually in their work and home lives.  There’s incredible diversity in my friendship network and that concerns me because so many of my friends many of whom are elderly , young, Christian, Jewish, anti abortion, LGBT, writers, artists, performers, physicians, lawyers would be persecuted, arrested or killed living in so many of the nations of the world.  Half my friends would likely be arrested in Communist countries though I have several card carrying Communist friends.  Half my sexually diverse friends would be killed in most Muslim countries and almost all of Africa.  My Jewish friends would be persecuted in half the world. My Christian friends would be persecuted in China and countless other countries.  I am certain most of my writer friends, especially the poets would be arrested in most countries. The scientists would be made to work directly for the governments because they’re that good.  My business friends would likely do okay in their work but not be able to share what they think and feel socially. My political friends would generally be in trouble somewhere.
Canada is a land in which I’ve known freedom.  Increasingly I see this government and the policies of the world attempting to harmonize Canada to a reductionist 'world order'.  They want to reduce it to something radically un Canadian, something politically correct and 'safe'. Too few Canadians realize that 'buzz words' get their 'buzz' from the 'spin'.  What they sound like is the opposite of what they are.  Hence 'politically correct '  is truly politically incorrect.  And 'safe places' are the most unsafe places in the world.  At least 'carbon tax' is true since its just one more tax on a mountain of tax.  Sometimes these things concern me.
I’m not a Radical Canadian.  I don’t want to become one.