Saturday, February 13, 2016

Journal - Feb. 13,2016

Laura and I left Gilbert to guard George at the apartment while we left to brave the rain and general ugliness of this Vancouver day.
Stockmarket's fall on days like this. 
Traders become pessimistic.  
My own S.A.D Lite is at the office.  
We did walk down the street and get into my sweet Miata M5X.  It's like a cockpit on a motorcycle.  I always feel good in my little sports car.  
Reminds me of my room mate Fernand's MG when we were 20.  A young person's car for an old person.  The perfect city car, fuel efficient but perfect parking. And as Laura and I and Gilbert did last week, good for a short road trip to Bellingham.  
My brother and sister in law drove it down the California coast roads for a week.  Limited storage.  Little more room than on my Harley.
Lifts my spirit when I have the right 'fit'.  The car is perfect for the city though hard to get in and out of.  My truck is perfect for the country.  
It began to rain when we got out of the car at Broadway.  Laura invited me out for little Sushi restaurant, Shizen Ya, beside the Vancouver Umbrella store across from Finlandria and down from Toys r Us.  Great meal. Loved the gomae, Geisha Girl Rolls and Assorted Sashimia. 
A while since we've had Japanese.  When I worked on Broadway I'd often eat Sushi but since moving to the DTES and then out by the Racetrack I've just not been around so many fine Japanese restaurants.  That's probably contributed to my being fat.  Definitely it has nothing to do with Gluttony and Sloth. Totally 'environmnental' factors in my case personally. I wish Alexander would write a book on 'dislocation' factors for Hagen Daz addiction.  His rats would like that. 
After lunch we drove down to my Tru Value Optical on Broadway. I've been going there some 15 years always getting great service and great glasses.  My ophthalmologist is just around the corner too.  My office was near by at Willow Fairmont.  The old haunts.  Decades I was on Broadway.  My first work in Vancouver was as a supervisor in the nearby VGH Psychiatric Emergency, 30 years ago.   Lots of memories.
Next stop was London Drugs.  I love London Drugs.  The Broadway London Drugs has the best computer store.  The consultant there, an East Indian fellow is the most knowledgeable and helpful computer salesman in Vancouver. I"ve gone to him for years for advice and to buy equipment, always able to trust that he knows the latest and can understand what I want from a piece of equipment.  Today he got me this sweet Microsoft universal Foldable Keyboard. I've got it linked to my iPhone6 with blue tooth. Now I won't need to carry around my Apple notepad since the phone and keyboard give me everything I mostly do on the go.
I've a tremor in my left hand secondary to  neck injury with crashes but made worse by always carrying a laptop. Before it was books.  When I'm not carting a shoulder bag for a while the tremor goes so I'm trying to reduce the weight I haul about.  This does it.  Also if my bag was stolen I'd rather lose a keyboard than a computer.

Laura bought a kettle.
Now we're sitting in Blenz looking at the rainy outdoors and loving umbrellas.  Time to return to Gilbert. He and George will be glad for the company again.  

In the news I've been following the Jian Gomeshi Trial, definitely a study in mendacity.  The Muslim , radical, fundamentalists and jihadists continue to attack Christians and aetheists while Obama Merkel and Trudeau attack anyone who makes the 'politically incorrect statement of calling 'radical muslims' just Muslims.  I wish the authorities would be as judgemental of terrorists as those who fear them and don't have the body guards and private armies that the leadership do. 
 Everyone who objects to any of the Cologne rape and threats and slurs in the street are hated by the authorities.  The actions of these tyrannical authoritarians encourage conspiracy theories. Agenda 21 of the UN certainly encourages global take over. The Marx concept of continual war and the Mohammedans jihad certainly go together.  Mostly everyone who has common sense feel the government doesn't care .  Trudeau with historic cronyism has already begun funnelling billions to Quebec while the west withers. Alberta is scorned by the liberals .  Wars and rumours of wars are everywhere. The middle class are killed by taxation and laws increase so everyone is a criminal.  Last week Michigan outlawed oral sex.  Apparently it had once been a part of the anti homosexuality clauses but now it was just more of the perverted courts scandalous attacks on private lives.  Obama has infiltrated every surveillance aspect just like Stalin and like Saudi. Civil rights are gone everywhere and here in Canada Dugald Christie said only the rich can afford court.
I'm older and fear more loss of freedom. All I believed in and fought for is lost.  I feel more and more like a prisoner and less like a free citizen because of all the dirty minded sexist laws against speech and taxes on everything.  In Lebanon refugee camps many refugees didn't want to come to Canada not just because of the weather but because increasingly word gets out.  It's a great country for drug dealers , the ultra rich, corrupt city government and criminals. Everyone I know is struggling.  
Complainers too.  Canada is a great country of complainers, not that I ever do. 
I'm thankful I'm alive. I"m thankful my family is alive. I'm thankful for the work and the roads. I'm thankful for my family7 and friends. I'm thankful for the technology. I'm thankful for this Blenz coffee house and chai latte and free wi fi.. I'm thankful for my friendship with Laura and Gilbert. I'm thankful for years of work and service.  I'm thankful for the play we saw last night, Common Grace.  
Now the parking meter is running out and warning me that the tow trucks will descend if I don't get back and save it.   

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