Monday, February 29, 2016

Rape, drugs, consent and lawyer chaperones.

I think the Oscars occurred. There’s news on Facebook of a Lady Gaga song about rape on campus. I’m sure it’s moving. It’s just that I remember the ‘stats’ for a few years back that said that ‘rape was least likely to occur on campus’ .  The book was addressing the ‘privileged rich girls’ concerned about themselves when often a mile from campus was a poor neighbourhood where rape was common.  This was addressing the question of more lights on campus when there were thought to be better places to put the money, i.e. more lights in a nearby black ghetto.  Now the figure ‘1 in 5’ girls will be raped in college years comes up but the question I remember was whether this was ‘on campus’.  Clearly rape is a crime against the young.  But what are 4 in 5 doing differently.  Further the ‘stats’ have been muddied by ‘date rape’.  The former stats were about ‘violent rape’ , ‘gang rape’ and now ‘date rape’ is this ‘grey area’.
Historically consent was a physical statement.  A woman ‘consented’ to sex by her behaviour.  Now the rich judges say that ‘consent’ is a legal document drawn up and signed before sexual congress. Indeed all manner of perverse behaviour is permissible if a lawyer agrees. That’s the message of 50 shades of grey.
So increasingly we’re seeing the increase of state power through courts in the bedrooms of the nation.  Further, we see more ‘make work’ for lawyers.  Men simply must not ‘date’ women without the woman offering a ‘date agreement’.  This is acceptable for the rich but the poor are the ones who are going to be dinged by this.  Only the poor can’t afford a lawyer for a date.  Only the poor and stupid will be without the properly notarized ‘consent’ document.
I’ve had ‘unwanted’ sex.  There used to be a difference between ‘unwanted’ sex and ‘rape’ .  But the expansion of this definition expands the police/legal state’.
Today I teach people to be ‘assertive’ and find that very few know the difference between ‘assertive’ and ‘aggressive’.  Today I teach ‘consent’ and few women are ready to ‘admit desire’.  Indeed studies show that women are ‘turned down’ 1 in 10 to 1 in 100 times for men when it comes to dating.  The fact is that men simply can’t take the risk to their lives and their careers of dating in these violent times.  The tragedy is that as the courts profit the cultural shift is to Moslem ‘behavioural consent’ laws.  A woman not wearing a burga in public is available for sex.
My older female friend said ‘when I wear 4 inch heels I’m not planning on walking. They’re my ‘fuck me’ shoes’.   But that’s no longer the case.  The ’SLUT WALK” closed the door on behaviour as consent.  So that means no man is safe in college from ‘false accusation’ without ‘written lawyer notarized’ consent. We know statistically that the range of ‘false accusation’ is at least 1 in 10 and ranges upwards from that.
Frankly I can’t recommend men attend mixed colleges and universities  and believe that military schools are the only ‘safe’ place for men today.
Clearly women would do well to go to female only colleges and universities until they are past the age of risk for rape.  There is a need further for ‘cloister living ‘ to return and definitely our society can learn major lessons from the Moslem society where apparently ‘rape’ is not the widespread disease it is in Canada and America.  Multiculturalism may well be what has failed since given the ‘history’ of ‘behavioural consent’ there are clearly ‘mixed messages’.
This can all be stopped by everyone having a lawyer chaperone at all times or by separation of sexes, new behaviour and consent agreements, and generally a recognition that both children , male and female, must be protected from this epidemic.
Personally I think it’s alcohol and drugs and would focus the financial attention on removing alcohol from university and college related activities rather than adding more lights.  I’d also do drug testing of those involved like we would with accident reporting, testing the accused and the accuser.  The reason for this is simply that drugs cause ‘psychosis’ and ‘memory’ loss as well as ‘violent behaviour’.  Rather than locking up a ‘date rapist’ if he is drinking or using drugs, repeat behaviour can be expected if he is drinking or using drugs, therefore the right treatment is drug and alcohol treatment and prohibition for the individual.
I really don’t think boys and girls go to university with the intention of being the rapist or to be raped so clearly there’s more involved than lighting and ‘good girl victims’ and ‘bad man victimizer’s and ‘rape culture hysteria’.  I’ve mentioned just a few of the changes that need to be made.
The best is removal of drugs and alcohol because statistically rape is more associated with drugs and alcohol than any other variable.

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