Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I fit

God, I fit
Thank you for this place
Where I fit
Even when I don't feel I fit
Thank you for our bit of peace
Where I feel safe for this moment of prayer
Thank you for the meditation where
I feel maybe I can be hopeful
God, I fit
Even when they tell me I don't belong
To go away
Don't return my calls,
Ignore me and shame me and claim I'm guilty
For their mistakes,
I fit
Even when I cry out
Lose faith and believe I can't go on another day
But you are with me
Carrying me, guiding me
Holding me
When I feel so alone, alien, and afraid
I fit with you, Lord.
Even when I feel I don't fit here
Thank you, Jesus, Mary,Abraham, Paul, John, Jacob, Peter, James, and Martha
I love you St. Martha.

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