Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today I will do my best,
My parents raised me thus.
To be a Christian is to do 'my utmost for His highest'.
It means to 'dream the impossible dream'.
I believe I can be more.
I know it is a struggle.

On the Sistine Chapel ceiling Adam reaches up to God,
The spark of life transmits.
I have known at the outer limits of my being the finest blessings,
Like women who give birth only when more effort is unimaginable.
I have climbed the mountains, sailed the seas,
Loved others who have not loved me.

I am seeking, have always sought, pray and meditate
And want that which I can not see.
I would be the eyes of God and speak truth, love as God loves.
It's been since childhood I've set out to do my best, to serve,
Despite those who say your  best is not good enough for them.
Today I know that those around me, as disimiliar as I am,
Mainly do the same, for there are so few who would do their worst
At any time, in any place.
I am blessed to know this.

I feel the presence of Christ in my life,
And sometimes glimpse the past and future as his will for me.
Thy will be done, Lord.
Let me do my best to be what you would have me be.
Guide me in all my endeavours.
Strengthen my resolve to reach higher, go further, and live deeper
Each day, in your presence.
Thy will be done.  My utmost for your highest.
Waken me to the possibilities of You, Lord.

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