Thursday, April 28, 2011

Libby Davis

Now Libby Davis is this great NDP political representative who has served East Vancouver for many years. I've so often admired her views and really enjoyed her contribution to parliament.  She really has made a contribution locally as well.  The problem from my point of view is she is not with the Conservatives and I'm voting Conservative.  Churchill said if you are not a socialist at 20 you have no heart but if you are not a capitalist at 40 you have no brains. I'm well over 40. Mostly these days I'm worried for my soul.
I  said that earlier that voting for Libby Davis would be a wasted vote.  Clearly everyone should vote Conservatives and cheer the Canucks as well.  If the Canucks were NDP they would not have won against the BlackHawks.  Liberals would outlaw or tax hockey as politically incorrect.   They'd certainly require all those who ever played hockey to register their hockey sticks given the potential for violence inherrent in that game. There are some things that are that obvious.
However I earlier wrote that voting for the NDP would be a wasted vote and that the Conservatives were likely to regain Vancouver East. This I hope would be true.  The Canucks beat the Blackhawks in overtime so I am hoping.
However, in an interesting twist of Canadian politics according to preliminary polls and what we can glean from the left wing Canadian media, that the NDP are walking all over the two tongued Liberals.  It actually appears that the NDP are going to be the official opposition to a Conservative majority government.
In this case having Libby Davis as an opposition leader would be a great asset to Canadians with her desire for democratic reform of parliament.  Western Canada is simply not proportionally represented federally.  Were the West represented Quebec would have been carved out of the country by Alberta drillers and set adrift to join Iceland years ago.  When I'm not Conservative I'm in favour of the Western Canada Separatist Movement.  I think that British Columbia in the Pacific Rim  should ally with Hawaii so we have a winter vacation spot to escape the rain.
However if Quebec is going to go NDP rather than separate then an argument could be made for the West seeing some value in the NDP. Locally we could join French with Mandarin, Spanish, Punjabi, Ukranian, or German as a multilingual second language province in tune with the times
When I lived in Manitoba we had NDP and Conservatives without any harm to the local population as a result of the bipolar swings like the old Whig and Tory British situation.  Here in British Columbia it's almost always been Liberal (which locally means Conservative) and NDP (which provincially means Red light district Commie left wing tree hungers and lunatic artists to name a few of the fringe elements).  There is no middle party in provincial politics.
That said, it's possible that Chretien and the gross corruptions, scandals, deceit and wasted spending of that unforgettable era of government party time, the liberals last years of power, will not be forgotten despite Ignatieff's belief Canadians have collective alzheimers , and clearly won't be forgiven this election.
So I recommend that Libby Davis be made ambassador so that East Vancouver can vote Conservative but that when when the NDP make up the opposition party in Ottawa she remains in politics.  Troudeau did something like that to Broadbent when Broadbent had the potential of making the NDP Canada's opposition party of choice.  Vote Conservative but tell the NDP to make Libby Davis the ambassador to Hawaii so we can begin negotiations for our place in the sun.


Anonymous said...

"I said that earlier that voting for Libby Davis would be a wasted vote."

You are clearly deluded or undemocratic.

Have a look at the steadily growing pluralities Libby has won over the years.

In terms of that the Blackhawks would have been beaten in 4 games.

haykind said...

I can't disagree. I'm a really big fan of Libby Davis for positions I've seen her take individually, confronting censorship, wanting electoral reform etc. I've admired her for years. My only complaint is she's not conservative.