Friday, April 1, 2011

Sino Indian Wars

The Communist Chinese like the Communist Russians before them insisted that they do not attack other nations. Like paranoids, they insist they are only defensive. Their propaganda is that western imperialists are offensive. They would include Canada in that grouping.
Tell this to the Dalai Lama. Tibet was a once peaceful nation invaded by the Communist Chinese.
When people suggest neutrality they forget the fate of so many neutral nations like Tibet. Instead they point to Switzerland which just happens to be one of the major banks of the world for gangsters and tyrants. Further the populace is individually armed. The Swiss Guard which protects the Pope is a mercenary force of Swiss. Nothing granola about them.
The Sino Indian war is an interesting historical fact.
I'd like to be neutral as much as the next guy but I can't afford a spaceship to find utopia. In the meantime I'm grateful to the empires that among other accomplishments have reduced cannibalism in my neighborhood .

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