Thursday, April 7, 2011

Liberal Moslem Girl in Media

Ignatieff is vying for the immigrant vote. He's especially vying for the Moslem vote hoping to already have the Jewish vote.  To this end the media portrays an Ignatieff with his arm around this young moslem Liberal woman.  It's a classic political media photo op. Now this same Liberal Moslem girl in traditional garb but with face uncovered tries to get into a Harper meeting for conservatives.  The NDP leaders have meetings for NDP. The Liberals have meetings for Liberals.  The Conservatives have meetings for Conservatives.  This is because when leaders meet the 'general public' the dirty politics group 'shout down' the candidates. These are professional "hecklers'.  They aren't there to ask 'questions' or 'learn' but are sent by the Liberals or NDP to undermine the Conservatives and disrupt meetings. . It's very possible too that the Conservatives have it's own group of hecklers. Knowing conservatives I'd expect them to be volunteers rather than mercenaries.  Conservatives don't to waste money.  Harper and the other leaders too have meetings with the 'general public'.  It's just that the party faithful and the serious political concerns are really tired of having their chance to hear the candidate disrupted by the 'yahoo fringe'. The "yahoo fringe', ie dope smokers and such, tend not to like the Conservatives.  Were it not for the Conservatives Canada would have it's pilots smoking reefers and the public paying the cost of plane crashes.

The COVERT AGGRESSION against Conservatives is to destroy the speaker system, tear down posters, claim they say something which they don't. Now here is the media  making the case for the opposition that Harper is 'exclusvie'.  Here's an obvious "Liberal", Ignatieff's got his arm around her, they're physically coupled on a facebook page and Conservatives and serious politically interested people want a chance to 'hear' what Harper will be doing when he is elected.  Naturally she is excluded.  Ignatieff would exclude Diefenbacker and Mulroney from his Liberal meetings just as quickly.

What concerns me is that the medial in Canada has been long in favour of drugs, alcohol, parties and Liberals. Nothing makes the media happier than wine and dine parties for them.  It's no surprise that Fox News was banned from Canada whereas the ultra Liberal newspaper Globe and Mail persists.  The coverage I've seen of this Liberal 'plant' is appalling.  What's even more sickening is the 'girlish' innoscence that this obvious mata hari brings to the whole show.  In terms of playing the media, Score 1 for Ignatieff.  He's got his arm around her.  We don't even know what she said or did to get excluded from meeting Harper.  For all we know she  was abusive and offensive.  Knowing how politics is 'played' I'd say that this was "planned' weeks in advance.


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