Sunday, April 10, 2011

F35 and Liberal Lies

The F35 Joint Strike Fighter plot thickens. It turns out that the Liberal party was actually part of the research and development, coupled with allies, including obviously the United States, which 'chose' the F35. The Liberals  may well have contributed $150 million to the F35.  The key politically is that Ignatieff is claiming that we should spend that money on babies.  It's a 'hearts and minds' election attack. Blame the Conservatives and then screw everyone.  It naturally screws the allies,  researchers, developers, the military and the air force men and women.  But in an election screwing the military is a great 'hearts and minds' tactic.  The key is that Ignatieff wants more money to pay beaurocrats.  With the "health care' spending by Liberals we didn't get more MRI's or more resources but we got more Administration and more Legislation.  Now here is history repeating itself for the Liberals with the military and the F35.
See what David Krayton says:
"But the Liberals have done this before, and the dreadful legacy of the EH-101 helicopter was the result. The Brian Mulroney government had initially ordered 50 of these helicopters to replace both the Labrador search and rescue helicopter and the Sea King shipborne helicopter. New PM Kim Campbell downgraded that order to 35 but that was still too much for the Liberal Party. In 1993, when the decade of despair commenced, Jean Chretien cancelled the EH-101, claiming it was a “Cadillac” and that the Canadian military should never require any product approaching the best. The chopper cancellation played a large part in that year’s election campaign and Chretien kept his promise. The result was 10 years of chaos and cancellation fees. The Liberal government ultimately turned around at bought the EH-101 as the search and rescue replacement (now called the Cormorant so nobody would notice that it was the same aircraft) and dithered about replacing the Sea King to the point that Air Force crews aboard Navy ships are still flying the 48-year-old helicopter and waiting for the delivery of the 24 Cyclone replacements. This is precisely the road that Ignatieff wants to take us down – again.
It’s a road that should be far less travelled."
Note the same language, the F35 was also called a "cadillac'. Ignatieff can't even come up with his own ideas. As a former professor he should be failed for plagiarizing.

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