Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Divine Grace

Divine grace is present in many religions and traditions.  In Christianity it differs somewhat between protestantism and catholocism.  I heard a young man speak of Grace Ministry last week.  I trusted his trust in God's Grace as he spoke.  He touched on the Grace I seem to intuitively know. It's core to 12 step programs.  It says that God is Love and as a loving God, God is watching out for me.  Jesus said that God cared about everything even the flowers in the field, so it followed he cared that much more for his servants. In all ways I try to serve God. I'm not particularly good at it.  Serving God means to do one's best as best one can in all one does.  Rather than living like i 'm in a slum I try to raise my consciousness to see the world as sacred and that all my endeavours in this world should serve the sacred.  That said I can with Grace have an equally strong sense that God is there for me.  That awful fear of mine that I'm performing a silly trapeeze act without a net goest when I think like that.
Administrations want me to be a pretzel and others demand that I do the high wire acts.  Everywhere I turn there are condemning superior looks.  It's the new world order that women purse their lips and frown and look like all men farted in the elevator.  It's the new world order that has all men looking down their incredibly long noses at those beneath them.  They too wrinkle their noses as if to say you smell in that old new world order code.  In all this I am the nigger of man or the monkey boy with the sadistic grinder master. I do the tricks every day and if I'm especially good I'll get a chit I can take to the company store. There I can  redeem my paltry chit  for some trinket those whose work is managing property passed on by generations or gambling stocks and money or playing with armies and gun deals have considered the natives like me will fall for. I am a sucker for shiny things and at the end of the day eat my hagen daz ice cream and giggle like a monkey boy. I'll do whatever the worldly masters tell me to do to get my chits and ice cream.
It's that image I can hold in my mind and suck the soul from my daily walk with God. In contrast Grace Ministry says that all I have even the ache of whiplash and age, the wear and tear are God's gift. Everything is here for a reason. Everything is a special loving message to me from God who cares for me minutely and magnificently. The great hide and seek is for me to see the half empty glass as half filled. My joy depends on my laughing at the whips of my oppressors.  I am to be like Jesus who said, "They know not what they do."  I am to love them as sick not bad. I am to rejoice in all things. I 'm to dance and laugh and see wonder in this life.
My tendency is to self pity though. I'm a sucker for revenge and mean spirited psychopathic resentments. I'd rather plot the topple of tyrants and build biological weapons for mass destruction selective for thelong wrinkled noses of the contemptuous.  I am constantly afraid of coalitions and government tortures and ennui and stupidity.  I am a coward and a tiny cog in a great machine of malice. I am a shivering protoplasm who can't help but wonder why my ancestors left the ocean or why I was forced to the leave the womb. I am expelled from some distant Eden. I'm a sad and weary thing waiting to die and forget this travail of living.
Or I'm a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.  God's grace is what I can depend on.  I can sing Hallelulajah and shout thanks to the ends of the world.  This is God's day.  And God has given this day to me.
There was a man and a boy in a basement full of shit.  The man was complaining while the boy was digging everywhere.  What are you doing, asked the man.  "I"m looking for the pony, said the boy, With this much shit, there has to be a pony."  Knowing God's grace a man can be a boy again.  I would see this day through the eyes of a child.  God thank you for your Grace, this free gift of you that I have done nothing to deserve, and can not know, why you have given me such potential for wonder.

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