Saturday, April 30, 2011

Castle Rock to Olympia Washington Motorcycling

I liked the quaint friendly town of Castle Rock.  I headed out the west side of the town and passed the high school which sports the Rockets. The school has a futuristic rocket ship on a pedestal outside the main building.
After that I was on an interstate going north. After the freeway the winding roads and lower speed made a nice change. Beautiful farmland.  A blue Stellar's Jay landed in a tree ahead of me.  I almost stopped to get a picture. Two horses very interested in me did have me pull over and take their picture.
Then I came on a herd of buffalo.  What a treat seeing one rolling in the dust and a young one enjoying the sun.  The head honcho checked me out so I got his picture.
Then I was back on the freeway enjoying getting out from under a big mean looking cloud spilling water west of me.  The Harley just seemed to take me into Olympia.  The motto is Spirit - Service, People, Integrity, Results, Innovation and Team.  You know someone in beaurocracy got kudos for coming up with that acronym.
I've always liked the town enjoying every time I've passed through, sometimes on motorcycles, sometimes in trucks or cars.  It's the Capital of the State of Washington with a population of 46,478 at the 2010 census.  Wikipedia lists it as a major cultural centre of the Puget Sound region.  So far I've seen lots of cafe's and well dressed people strolling about looking like they don't have a lot to do. I'm biased to government towns, liking them on one hand, but just a little suspicious that I seldom can tell the tourists from those who work there, except for the white shirts and business skirts.  There's a laid back affluence that perhaps the hard work of governing warrants.  I'm just a little suspicious. That's all.  The Canadian elections are on Monday.  In Canada politicians have been described as 'pork barrelling'.  Riding a HOG I can appreciate the affectation.  One doesn't mind if something is pretty. Just so long as it's a mean machine. I hate waste.
I wanted Oysters in Seattle. The Oyster House here at Budd Inlet by the marina is just fine. I'm loving the raw oysters even as I write. They even have Fanny Bay Oysters and I love Fanny Bay Oysters.DSCN8907DSCN8918DSCN8908DSCN8912DSCN8911DSCN8922DSCN8924DSCN8927DSCN8929DSCN8928DSCN8930DSCN8934

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