Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trinity Lutheran Church, Everett, Washington

DSCN8941Spending the night at the Cascadia Best Western, I looked up churches in Everett  on line.  Trinity Episcopalean was my first choice but it was listed as 'family' oriented.  As a single biker walking into 'family churches' I could feel 'less than'.  I know I'm part of the family of Christ. I know I have a family elsewhere.  My dad goes to the Anglican Church. Mom and the family went to the Trinity Baptist Church. I'm trinitarian.   I attend Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver. It's listed as 'inclusive'.  Everyone is welcome.  Even sinners.  Best churches have their share of sinners though. Mostly people think of "inclusive"  as "gay' friendly.  After the last divorce I stopped judging myself based on marriage or sexuality.  There's no marriage in Canada except a thing called "prenuptial agreements'.  I lost faith when the church stood by and watched the courts prey on  the married while protecting the common law and players. . So much for elitism.  Today I'm working on forgiving my society for the corruption of the justice system which seems only to serve the strong.  Perhaps as it should be.  Otherwise there'd be no reason for the church where outsiders like me can find a place inside.

Trinity Lutheran Church was that sort of place.  I arrived late. The service starts at 10 am.  Immediately a fine gentleman had a program in my hand and showed me where we were.  Next a lovely lady moved over and gave me a song book when the next hymn happened. These people really are welcoming.  I'm carrying my helmut dressed in armour and leathers and they treat me like I'm a child of God. The minister, Jocylyn made a point of welcoming us all to the communion table.  There were three visitors like me and they gave us a welcoming package. Just some information, a church mug  with a single tea and cocoa package to get you using the mug.  It meant alot. Last time I got something given to me in church like that right off was in a Pentecostal Church in Honolulu.  I'm always giving money to the church because they do good work for the truly needy..  But they didn't know that.  I was glad too that I'd given well at collection.  I think I covered the cost of the mug and then some.  It's not even necessary for visitors to the church to add to the collection baske.t.  I like the church because when I didn't have hundreds to give they welcomed me. I just put a buck in the basket when I could back then.   Always the way with Christians.  Best entertainment in town for a buck any Sunday morning.

Lutherans can sing.  My friend George is a Lutheran but attends Christ Church with me. He's a jazz pianist so doesn't appreciate my cowboy yodelling and wailing while singing church hymns.  Add a bit of gospel Bob Dylan nasal stirrings to Handel and I've given George reason for prayer and forgiveness. He;d like this church.  Good harmony.

Meanwhile I'd come into Everett  doing over  70 mph listening to Mercy Me on the Harley Electra Glide Stereo system..  Third Day sounds good too over the pipes.

At least three people invited me for coffee.  Normally I arrive late and split early.  Asked if I'd have coffee or tea, I said "Tea, in honour of the Royal Wedding".  Just loved doing that.  We've still got royalty when America only has Hollywood.    Everett is a navy base.  Once when I complained to an American sailor about the delay the Americans took coming to the aid of England during WWII , he answered,  "Alot of Americans weren't happy about that at the time." Some Americans still remember 1776.

Reverend Jocylyn joined us at the table where I'd sat down and was talking with a young man who like myself was new to the church.  She was warm and sincere and smart.  She told us her husband was the tall one at the next table.  She recognised the young fellow's name as "lutheran'.  Icelandic origins.  Next we were talking about Finns.  I was fascinated. I'd thought Lutherans were just German radicals.  Martin Luther had been the priest that started Christianity as something separate from the Catholic Papal Authority.  Bonhoffer was the Lutheran who stood up to Hitler when so many were kowtowing to authority and the reign of terror.  Always made me admire Lutherans.

The Anglicans have been doing alot of eposcopal work with them.  I could understand why.  The people I met at Trinity Lutheran Church like my friend George are the kind of people Christ would want as disciples.  I'm never too sure that they'd want me but I do like Christians.  Salt of the earth. Jesus even accepted tax collectors in his midst so I figure I can be included in the family of Christ. I certainly felt included at Trinity Lutheran Church in Everett.


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