Sunday, May 29, 2011

Polaris Sportsman 500 HO - Day 2

Laura barbecued steaks which she served with potatoes, sour cream and pees.  I'd found the movie Rush Hour II.  Gilbert was begging for treats.  Life was good at Canyon Alpine RV Park.  After a good night's sleep I woke to walk Gilbert. Then I showered and dressed for another morning on the new Polaris.  I'd used over a third of the tank and done 25 miles.  I added more gas from a gerry can then was ready to go.  Yesterday was raining. Today was sunny.  I saw more deer, lots of bear sign, a grouse, and a hummingbird.  I really put the Polaris Sporstman 500 HO through it's paces.  I  went places I wouldn't or couldn't have gone in the enduro motorcycle.  4x4'ing was terrific.  I scared myself going into a ravine and once crossing rocks on a straight uphill with a decommission cut oddly placed high on a hill.  Other than that I had a ball.  I did stop for some pictures. I also target practiced.  I even had a bit of nap after some exciting standiDSCN9119ing and riding ATV time.  Now I'm back at Canyon Alpine RV where I talked to owner, Brent and his wife Brenda.  "It doesn't look new anymore," Brenda said, "We can lend you a hose and you can hose it down."  I thanked them but hadn't figured on cleaning it up yet as it's only going to get dirty again soon.    DSCN9122DSCN9113DSCN9116DSCN9124DSCN9126DSCN9128

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