Thursday, May 5, 2011

Turning Point Recovery Society 4th Annual Gala Fundraiser

IMG 1842What a joyful occasion. This is truly the best recovery fund raising  Gala event of the year. Turning Point Recovery Society, a licensed non-profit organization, has for 29 years  provided long term abstinence based residential environment to people suffering from the disease of addiction. They have thereby improved the health and well being of the communities they serve.   Thanks to so many volunteers and fundraising activities such as this, Turning Point Recovery Society is able to seek government funding less.  That said the Society finds such  support from private and public services to the extent that they were able to announce a new women only housing development tonight.  It's a project that has been in the works for 5 years.
Four Seasons Hotel is a truly elegant venue. The meal and service was the finest.  We thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the evening.  Randene Neil of sponsor Global TV was a beautiful  entertaining Emcee..  The President of the Society is Gary Schubak. Board Members and other notorieties including Richmond Liberal MLA were introduced.  Brenda Plant, exceptional Executive Director gave a heart warming speech about the work the society does.  A brief film showed the success stories.
Then Katey Sagel, quest speaker, held the audience in the palm of her hand with the inspiration and sincerity of her message of hope.  Who would believe that this was "Peg Bundy" from "Married with Children". Yet sure enough she said "Al" in such a way as to establish her actress bonafides beyond a doubt.  Her talk though was of her journey as a spiritual person, a woman and a mother in the era of rock stars and LA culture. When she stepped from the stage the whole audience lept to it's feet in standing ovation.  Clearly as an actress and singer songwriter she had known her share of these .  Tonight's audience celebrated her heart felt message and the humanity of her personhood.
Earlier I had the fun of  skipping in and out to bid on opera tickets, symphony, and First Nations art.  Westjet had offered for draw tickets for two to wherever they flew and this was a very busy lottery.  (The winner eventually was escorted away in the protection of body guards.)  Queen Charlotte Fishing Lodge tickets for two for 4 days all included excursion  eventually were auctioned for $4000 as one of many big ticket items.
All round a marvellous evening of doing good by being there while decadently enjoying good food and fine company, listening to genius and bidding and acquiring more pleasures for future enjoyment.  I can't wait till next year to suffer more on behalf of a very good cause. IMG 1840 IMG 1841IMG 1842

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