Thursday, May 5, 2011

Voltaren Emulgel Cream
I've used this and I've recommended it.  It's a non steroidal anti inflamatory (NSAID) cream that provides amazing pain relief and motion to areas of soft tissue injury. This includes things like whiplash injuries and old rotator cuff tears. It's marketted for strains.  Non steroidal anti inflamatories are an alternative to salicilic acid or asa.  The best known of the NSAID  class is ibuprofen.  The value of Voltaren is that it is a cream that can be applied several times a day , maximum 4 times.  I suppose it can be used for extended periods. There are pages of 'medical disclaimer' information.  Lawyers and Judged drink scotch and smoke cigars. They also drive cars. The risks of living in modern society make medicine safe by comparison.  The fact is I sometimes get a 'crick in my neck'.  The old 'liniments' of my grandfather's era dispite smelling grand and heating the skin don't do much.  Voltaren goes on smooth and is undetectable.  I don't use it regularly. I use it once in a while and I get a good night's sleep whereas the pain or old age and rheumatism might well disrupt my sleep.  It's gets me over the hump. It's an alternative to ending up like Charlie Sheen perhaps.  From my perspective as patient and physician it's a good drug. It's an addition to my life and it's an addition to my patients lives. It shouldn't be abused. It's probably can contribute marginally to strokes and heart attacks but so can marriage and divorce and working for certain corporations.  I'm just thankful today that I thought, two nights I didn't sleep well because I got a draft on my neck and I  used some voltaren last night and I slept just fine.  My friend has a rotator cuff injury and he's not ready for surgery and medications upset his stomach. Voltaren Emulgel Cream is the best alternative.  Eventually he'll probably need surgery.  In the mean time he's doing whatever it takes to get through the day. Voltaren is a good thing to have in his tool box of solutions. This is what is called a testimonial. it's anecdotal evidence.  There's excellent scientific support for NSAID. We've been using them for years safely and effectively. There was even an ASA cream that worked great on reducing the swelling and itch around mosquito bites.  Voltaren might well work on that too. I've just used it on my neck.  I didn't have a stroke or heart attack. It gave me relief.  Great stuff.  Thanks guys for making this.

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