Sunday, May 1, 2011

Northwest Harley Davidson, Olympia, Washington
I love Northwest Harley Davidson.  I was having a minor  problem with my luggage fitting so I stopped by at service. I told the Harley guy I'd just come up from the Gorge and was on my way back to Vancouver, Canada. The guy comes out with a screw driver and in minutes has the problem solved. I won't even mention what it was because once you've seen how easy it is to fix you might think me stupid for not figuring it out myself.  Suffiise it to say the North West Harley guy was great.  Didn't even ask if I was blond before I  went grey.
I've now got another t shirt. Got one for Laura too.  Gilbert got a ball on a rope. He won't care that it's from Harley.  He fetches tennis balls and old socks. You throw it. He fetches it.
Northwest had a lot of accessories we don't get up north.  They've got a Harley Shirt for dogs.  Pretty spiffy.  Gilbert is wearing hoodies but I thought about the shirt for when he rides the Harley to work or church.  I'd been to the Northwest Harley a couple of years back when I drove back from Portland. Well worth the stop.  Of course I looked at all the new bikes.  Now that I have the Electra Glide I sometimes think I'd like to save that for the highway.  I do miss my Roadster and Buell. They were more city and country bikes. Of course while I'm dreaming I could use a helicopter and lear jet too.  But were it not for dreaming I'd not have the Electra Glide. I love my Electra Glide.DSCN8935 DSCN8937


bobbi said...

Hi Bill,
got my Electra Glide a month ago, loving it, but do miss my FXRSC, tough life eh,,,
Hope you are doing great!

haykind said...

Maybe we can get together for a ride this summer. I miss my roadster in the city but there's nothing like the Electra Glide on the highway. As for the freeway it's unbelievable! Bill

Claudio Mccarty said...

I’m glad you were satisfied with the services of the laborer from Northwest Harley Davidson. He was able to fix your problem in a matter of minutes without you mentioning the root cause of the problem. He is such a witty man and has an expertise with motorbike problems.
Claudio Mccarty