Saturday, May 28, 2011

Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. ATV

DSCN9101 Ryan Winczura doesn't know much about ATV's but Paris, Laura's granddaughter started riding at 2 on a mini ATV.  5 Star Motorsports in Chilliwack are the best and give you the greatest deal. Laura's year 2 year old grandson , Kingston,  can be seen now in a picture looking like he's driving what would become my new 500 cc . At my age I'm actually glad my Sportsman was broken in by someone so much younger than me.
When I got to 5 Star Motorsports on Yale Road West in Chilliwack there was my new Polaris Sportsman  500 H.O. ATV.  I had a seat added for Gilbert and whatever cute girl guest he let sit with him. It also had a huge front end Polaris  winch  and an especially attractive rifle holder.  It was green and I was thankful that the guys at 5 Star Motorsports went over everything with me succinctly before encouraging me to actually drive it around their lot. I did this very carefully.  Next the 5 Star Motorsports owner was kind enough to drive my Sportsman 500  into the back of my Ford Harley Davidson Edition F350 Diesel Super Duty Truck.  It's hard to believe that anything could add to the beauty of my truck but with that Polaris Sportsman in the back I actually thought even my beloved truck looked better.  It did concern me though that I didn't imagine I could ever drive my ATV into the back of a truck despite how easy it had looked.  Further the idea of driving the ATV off the truck in reverse seemed something that wasn't going to happen.  I was glad there that the Polaris looked pretty as it would probably become an art piece that remained forever in the back of the truck.
Then Laura Gilbert and I headed off to Envision for liability insurance.  This would allow me to ride logging roads. Everyone apparently gets liability insurance.  As it was my first ATV and I had to consider that I might actually drive it,  I got all the insurance. . Alien abduction is covered as it the rapture. If my ATV goes before me I can collect on the insurance.
We then drove on to Canyon Alpine RV Park where Brent had been watching over my Rockport Mini Lite Motor home.  I thought it a good idea for the Polaris Sportsman 500 to get a good night sleep before I actually considered  drivig  it out of the back of the truck.  Laura wasn't sure I should actually ever take it out of the back of the truck.  Gilbert was just delighted to be in the outdoors sniffing everything a dog could sniff.
In the morning I positioned the truck in front of a two foot ledge, laid out my ramp.  After extensive prayers and burnt offerings, I backed the new Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O.ATV down the ramp and sang Hallelujah. It really wasn't at all difficult.
Gilbert was very excited.  The Sportsman was as much for him as me.  The last couple of years I've hunted with a Honda 230 enduro motorcycle.  Gilbert has ridden in a carrier on the back but his excitement when I get off the bike nearly tipped it.  Then with the recent increased truck size from the Ford Ranger to Ford F350  I found it difficult alone to get the motorcycle onto the back.  Gilbert will continue to ride on Harley Electra Glide in city and cruising  but now offroad  he will learn to ride on the ATV with a quick release harness.  I liked there was lots of storage at the front and in the seat of the ATV. Further I liked  that everything could be locked down.
This first time out I drove off alone. It was a bit like one of those black and white cowboy  movies with the lone fellow riding off to his potential end.   I headed up into the Alpine with a rifle only too ready to shoot a black bear if one actually tried to maul me.  I was really ever so careful at first with the ATV.   However,  remembering what Ryan had done I got the courage to increase the speed over 5 mph. It wasn't long then before I was up to 25 mph and still feeling safe.   The Polaris Sportsman 500 is simply unbelievable as a hunting machine.  I drove all over the side roads going through culverts, down and  up ravines.  The roads I took were decomissioned.  The ATV had no problems.  Compared to a motorcycle I could actually look around on the ATV really scanning the hills and forest.   I was on gravel, mud and grass going through ditches and motoring up and down without any difficulty.  The Low gear was perfect for coming down the mountainside.  It rained alot while I was riding but the sun poked it's head out from time to time just to admire my new Sportsman and my increasingly competent driving.  With luck I will keep ahead of Kingston for a few months though I doubt I'll ever catch up to Paris given her head start. Ryan was planning on a Ranger 850 with turbo charge and Harrier fighter plane hovering capability.
I love the Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. ATV.   Thank you Ryan.  Thank you Kingston for breaking it in and  thank you 5 Star Motorsport.


Anonymous said...

that is one cool machine

Shannon said...

Lol Those kids are something else..... both of their first words were either go go or fast???? Glad u like the new addition.... my moms pink hunting riffle will look great on it too!!!! : )

haykind said...
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