Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fort Garry Flooding

The Red has crested but the concern is the Assiniboine.  The floods are worse in the countryside.  The Winnipeg floodway has improved things so much since I was a child in Fort Garry. The golf course was routinely flooded when we were kids. We'd raft on ice flows during the breakup.  We'd also be sandbagging on the city side of the Badminton Club.  Kids were let out from school to sandbag. I remember earliest sand bagging in elementary school.  There was real concern that our house on North Drive would be flooded. Not today.  I took some pictures for  Fort Gary ex pats to see the difference. Still it's strange looking at trees in the water and remenbering toboganning and skiing down the hill where now there is water up to the Somerset Drive houses.  It's not Brandon though. That's thanks to on going wise Winnipeg civil engineering.  DSC 0501DSC 0505DSC 0506

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