Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Tokenism is a principle divide and conquer technique of politics.  Tokenism says that there are too few midgets in basketball games so that recruiters must have more midgets.  Tokenism says that freckled people form 50% of the electoral group so that 50% of elected people should be freckled. It is the lowest form of discrimination.  It is anti women, anti black, anti first nations, anti midgets, and anti freckled people.  It says that 'merit' is not as important as colour of skin or eyes or sexual preference. It says that a percentage of nuclear scientists should be brain damaged, uneducated or arts majors.  Tokenism uses fancy words like 'elitist' to refer to other tokenist groups while not looking at what they have done for discrimination by adding reverse discrimination to the age old tribalism that maintains the distribution by status quo.

Equavoice is a women's political organization that defines the Marxist Lennist, Communist, and Animal Activist parties as superior to the Conservatives because those former groups had the greatest percentage of women. Interesting the marijuania smokers group had the least women representation thereby denying them that excuse.  Similiarly the Conservatives in the 2008 election put the most women of all parties in power however because other parties had more female losers they were somehow seen as superior to the Conservatives. 25% of the 2011 elected will be women. Conservatives had women in Labour and Health Care cabinet positons in their last goernment. They had Kim Campbell as prime minister.  The women in the Conservative Party are not tokens. They are winning women of merit and distinction.

Elizabeth May became the only Green Party member of parliament.  She complained that she was teased as 'bucky' by another candidate given her teeth. She complained that someone commented on her unhealthy overweight appearnce. She suggests that women are 'hot house plants' who can't succeed in politcs because it's a 'testosterone stew'.  That's a real put down of Indira Gandhi who did succeed.  Margaret Thatcher was certainly called far more names than May.  She's a 'lawyer'.  She should know that behind 'niceness', the "courtlness" of the Borgias and Louis Court of France there was the greatest ugliness.  Psychopaths and sociopaths are the greatest chameleons. They are particularly good at well mannered behaviour and notoriously infiltrate churches and country clubs to take advantage of women who see these 'well mannered' people as 'trustworthy.'  There's shallow and there's deep.  Women have depth and it's a shame that so many women leaders treat them as blond and stupid just because a greater proportion of women prefer soap operas to men.  Soap Operas now according to tokenist standards must have more content to appeal to men.  A few car chases and terrorist bombs in Days in Our Lives would do just nicely..

Yet somehow Equalvoice - how can gender make something equal - argues that by Tokenism women will be served.  Ironically the tokenists hated Margaret Thatcher.  Tokenist deny that their group have 'merit' and insist that they must be 'given' positions based on their gender, height, eye colour or blood type.  It doesn't matter with tokenists.  They have no faith in their own and insist that were it not for their work criticizing the system and insisting on percentages of represenation by sexual orientation

Jews are roughly 1% of the population but anti semetic tokenists would insist that they have only 1% of the wealth.  Tokenism is that antisemetic. By tokenism if a Ukranian had more farm land than a Jew then the Ukranian would have to redistribute his land with a Jew whether the Jew wanted to be a farmer or not.

Christians represent 77% of Canadians.  Are 3/4's of the Supreme Judges in Canada Christian.?  Are 3/4's of the members of parliament Christian?   Tokenists would have us believe that without them Christianity would be a 'hot house plant' that couldn't thrive on it's own.  Good things grown when they're allowed in the light.  Clear the weeds but don't 'dictate' to the garden.  Tokenists are dictators but they present as sheep. Underneath every tokenist is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Tokenism is un Canadian.  Tokenism is frightening. Tokenism is central planning experiments, extremely controlling and authoritarian.  It's fascist and communist as the two go hand in hand. It is undemocratic.  Yet it's pervasive.  It is destroying the beurocracies that are supposed to be an extension of the democracy this country aspires to.

There are too few Bill Hay's as Prime Minister. Based on Tokenism since no Hay Clan member has been Prime Minister in Canada it is time for us to be Prime Minister.  Forget about elections. And if there are elections restrict the choices. You can choose Bill Hay or Gilbert Hay.

Beware of tokenism.  Tokenists hate themselves and their constituents and want you to believe that they need to be 'rescured' and 'appointed' and put in power.  Historically barriers to positions have been removed.  Hence blacks were given the right to vote along with whites.  Today there is an American black president. That occurred without tokenism.  Look at the countries where tokenism was used. Tokenism was South African Apartheid and the South African anti white system that exists today in the devolving South Africa is increasingly  'tribal'  and tokenist..

Divide and conquer.  So what's it going to be Bill Hay or Gilbert Hay for Prime Minister.  I want to be a token Hay prime minister. Hey!


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