Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sound Harley Davidson Washington
I was barrelling up the I5  after attending church in Everett at Trinity Lutheran  when I saw the big Maryville Harley Davidson sign. I caught the next turn off and looped back.  The joy of owning a Harley and being a member of the Harley Owner's Group is that all their stores become a kind of club house.  My concern today was socks. I'd not packed enough socks so hoped I'd find a pair at the Harley. Any excuse works.  Just a reason to stop and look at bikes.
I liked the Sound Harley Davidson because they did have socks and now my feet are feeling a whole lot better. Besides they had a coffee bar with a kiwi manning it. She served me up a mean Mocha.  I wouldn't want to be a latte Harley Driver.  The whiskey drinking riders die young whereas us coffee drinkers can live long and enjoy the best of Harley's mean machines.
 I'm sure enjoying mine. Nothing like the ride. Sunshine today and time to get out on the road. I'll mix it up with some winding slower roads but I sure am enjoying the freeway speed.  You sure appreciate the extra power my Harley Electra Glide  has on the freeway. Last night a big truck changing lanes almost squeezed me in with a passing car. Thanks to the Harley power I lit out of there like my tail was on fire. I'm am not a pancake today. I told the minister at church today that motorcycling was a prayerful time.  Loving the ride. Thanks you Harley Davidson !  Thank you Jesus!DSCN8944DSCN8942DSCN8943DSCN8945

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