Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Communication Theory

Communication Theory is a very intriguing paradigm which states that our principal purpose is communication. Kurt Vonnegut describes us all as 'peepholes on reality'.  In Communication Theory there is no separation between energy and matter.  All matter is frozen energy.  We simply communicate.  All our interaction is therefore some form of communication. Cancer, therefore, in communication theory, is said to be that which we can say in no other way.  In Communication theory therapy one seeks different or better ways of communicating and as importantly ways of deciphering messages.  Meaning is an important word in communication theory which overlaps here with 'logotherapy' as outline in "man's search for meaning'.  What then am I saying and what are you saying and what will we say together become critical questions. .  Couple this to the two principle communications of existence, love and fear, and the basis of a serious meta understanding becomes possible.  Communication theory is about the process as much as the content of communication because how something is said can so ultimately alter the meaning of the communication and truly affect whether it is originates in fear based or love based communication.

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