Monday, May 23, 2011

The Great Divorce - Pacific Theatre

I loved reading C.S. Lewis' Great Divorce but I think I enjoyed Pacific Theatre's ( presentation even better.  Everything about this play was simply perfect.  George Drance and the Magi Theatre had adapted the novel making it a very fine play.  Kyle Rideout directed the play and the timing and acting showed evidence of such fine professionalism.  The cast was large for Pacific Theatre.  Actors included Brandon Bate, Matt Beairsto, Julie Casselman, Masae Day, Stephanie Elgersma, Kyla Ferrier, Evan Frayne, Lyndon Johnson, Jeff McMahon, Phil Miguel, Holly Pillsbury, Kirsty Provan Sarah Ruth.  Each of these characters played a person or spirt at the gate of heaven.  Foibles and outright vanities kept the very human from progressing on to the mountain of God.   Laura McLean, Ana Lelena Garza, Frank Nickel, Jessica Howell, Chris McLaren, Florence Barret, Lauchlin Johnston, and Crystal Dodding all made the production truly memorable.  The cast was young. It was a young crowd and yet the story and it's themes were old and timeless.  Laura and I left thankful we'd come and talking all the way home about this truly wonderful  Christian production.

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Karen Mason said...

We enjoyed this play as well. William, great to reconnect with you via your blog!
Karen Mason (nee McRuer - Class of 78, U of M :) )