Friday, April 22, 2011

Vote in the Canadian Election

I've been going on about the election. I've ranted, maybe even raved. I've shamelessly promoted my party of choice.  I've rallied.  I've been enthusiastic. I've enjoyed that several others have taken me up on my flag waving and waved theirs harder.  I've been lambasted, criticized and purloined. I've done the same in return.  It's barely been civil.  Not terribly intelligent. Opinions and cat calling.  Good political banter.  I'm a conservative and it sounds so strange for this old man whose life has been criticized as a liberal thinker.  A pink Tory.  Centrist and moderate with a distrust if not paranoia of all politicians, government especially.  Really chosing any one is picking the best of a bad lot.  The beaurocracy and system is so corrupt as to limit so much how anyone can perform. Those that try are even more restricted by the bigger powers of the empires that surround our great but small country.  We may be smarter and faster and more wild than most but we don't have the sheer numbers of stupidity that other nations can hold forth.

There has been snobbery. A great deal of deceit. Even, I've been astonished at how orchestrated and corrupt some systems were.  The media coverage has been at times downright diabolical.

But what has concerned me is that I know there is a 'SECRET FILE' and all I've said has gone in the "SECRET FILE".  We've gone from a society of doers to talkers and the administration to maintain their power keep 'FILES" on everyone. It was once thought Stalinesqe but it's the new Canadian.  Thank God for the Freedom of Information act which I encourage everyone to use simply because there are powers who simply revel in the thought that they have 'dirt' on others.  Having used the Freedom of Information act myself I've been interested in the amount of blacking out that is done of what administrations say among themselves. All individuals say can and will be used against them. In contrast the 'SECRET FILES" can be expunged to protect the Appointed from the level playing fields of public opinion, political correctness and litigation.

Canadians are said to be apathetic. They're literally afraid.  They know about the secret files. They fear expressing opinion. They fear even going out to vote.  It's called apathy. But apathy is fear.  They're afraid that they won't change anything but more so they're afraid that if they're seen to take a 'side' the other side will punish them.  They're mostly afraid they'll end up in the 'SECRET FILE".

There's  a very old fashioned belief  called democracy.  It's a time to speak up for what one believes. I know there are cameras out there. There are microphones. Big Brother gets Bigger every day and Big Sister is probably pulling his chain now too.  But elections are the one time when you can show 'numbers'.  It's the numbers that vote that count not the actual sides that are taken. If 20 million plus canadians or more voted the jokers wouldn't dare to piss us off whether NDP, Liberal or Conservatives.  As for the Quebecois they should be put on a boat and sent to Australia and the Western Canada Separatist party put in charge of Quebec to repatriate the rhinocerous.  Still it's the numbers.  Governments fear the collective will of the people. They live on boring us to death. They thrive on divide and conquer.

I chose to be vocal in this election simply to encourage participation.  I know that administration, politicians, and all their appointed dandies are really happy if they can have power without having to consider the millions of Canadians collectively watching them. They want to 'watch us' .   For democracy to work we 'the people' need to be the watch dogs.  The very least we can do is 'vote'. By the numbers of those who 'vote' ,regardless of party,  can cause government to show restraint.  Now naturally I'd like you to vote Conservative but I'd rather you vote anything but not vote.

They way government works is that if millions will vote, which is the least effort one has to put out, then they fear that hundreds of thousands might rally to introduce democratic reforms like 'recall' and 'accountability'.  By voting en mass we show government that they are being watched and that we keep a less than secret file on each and every one of them.  Elections are the time to turn the tables.  Elections are when people can show that they will make the effort to go to a ballot box and vote.  Government's are afraid of votes, so vote.



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