Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lacey Rha's Cafe, Castle Rock, Washington

I don't know why I do this to myself.  I saw the movie Falling Down. I totally related to Michael Douglas when he shot up the fast food joint because they'd stopped serving breakfast a minute before he arrived.  I've had this experience a dozen times at MacDonalds.  Yet there I was barrelling along the I5 highway on my Harley, saw the Golden Arches, and thought, "I'd like to have some breakfast." I turned off, parked the motorcycle, stood in line, and just as I placed my order, the girl said, "We've just stopped serving breakfast."  I left.
Back on the motorcycle.  I still wanted was breakfast.  Back on the highway I saw the Business I5 circle route going through Castle Rock. My friend George who has a penchant for scoping out small towns, has infallible taste in which are great, just told me he loved Castle Rock.  Maybe they had breakfast.
Sure enough, in this quaint and pretty little town of Castle Rock where the kids teams are called the Rockets,  I found  Lacey Rha's Cafe with a sign saying 'all day breakfast'.  Music to my ears.  I entered. A couple of retired people were enjoying their meal. There were a couple of recliners to assure you that you were welcome to stay and relax.  The decor was interesting. It had that uptown Starbucks feel without the chain store evil and that hometown trucker stop country feel without the smells of diesel .  l loved the pictures of old time Castle Rock on the wall.  The host, Bobby Jack,  was attentive but not hovering.  Others came and went.  I stayed. It felt like home.
I spent a couple of months as a short order cook in my university years.  I appreciate a clean grill. The hash browns and eggs were perfect. So was the sausage.  Now this was a real breakfast. I also had a side of biscuits and gravy. There was enough food source in there I could go for days on the gravy alone.  Definitely not fattening for an olympic athlete in training.  As for me, I felt loved.
I liked the americano.  I liked the uptown coffee experience with wifi thrown in but I really like the hometown cooking.  As usual George is right. Castle Rock is a place worth stopping at.  Lacey Rha's Cafe' is scrumptuous.  Now I can walk about an explore this little gem of a town. DSCN8904DSCN8901DSCN8902DSCN8903DSCN8900

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