Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Investor Security and the Conservatives

The Canadian economy survived the 2008 depression with 1 in 8 Americans on food stamps, several European countries facing austerity measures and major old age pension losses in Greece.  The Canadian economy faired relatively well in comparison with investments and jobs beginning to return.  In the first election debate it was good for me to hear Layton talking about the need for more doctors.  I'm not sure what Ignatieff was on about and Gilles was trying to define Quebeckers from Quebeckers.  Harper spoke to the economy and jobs.  Canada depends on investment and investment will be maintained and rise with stability.  With the Conservatives remaining in Government investors will see reason to continue and increase investment in Canada. They will see their money as being safe here.  However if either the Liberals or NDP and certainly the Quebecois gain power investment will freeze for at least a year to see just what a left wing government will do.  Jobs would freeze up and naturally the Liberals and NDP and Quebecois would increase taxes.  Further the Liberals under Paul Marten cut the health care spending creating the line ups and old technology we have in health care today.  I vote for the conservatives because a 'stable' government right now is simply the best way to ensure economic recovery and get Canada through these tough times.  Too many people are unemployed.  In 4 years when the economy world wide is back on track by all means vote NDP and get more doctors, and let everyone have a new tractor. But for now lets not scare away investors.

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