Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vancouver to Ellensburg Motorcycling

Snoqualmie Starbucks was a terrific pitstop.  When I got back heading east on the I90 the winds had increased.  15 to 25 knots is perfect for sailing but something else riding on a motorcycle through mountain passes.  I had come in search of sunshine and like alot of prayers I hadn't specific about altitude and wind conditions so didn't quite get what I had hoped for.  I was fortunate that I kept ahead of the rain though. The sunshine kept breaking through above me. When I got into the mountain pass with snow still on the ground it not only looked cold, it was cold.
This brought me back  to thinking about fashion and the need for a biker cod piece. What I wondered about, was the name 'cod piece'.  Wouldn't the name change with size? Some might sport a 'minnow piece' while others might wear a "whale piece".  Given the propensity these days to name women according to cat's, pumas, cougars etc,   might an entertaining designer not name one a 'catfish piece'.  Being of the west coast I really think I'd want a 'salmon piece' myself ,but perhaps not pink salmon.  May rainbow or even lake trout or simply a pike piece given the value of alliteration.
I'd lost  all feeling there myself by the time I broached  the peak of the mountain. My legs despite the chaps were also numb. On the way down hill I had to flex my fingers in the gloves to keep them prepared for shifting.   120 to 140 km with wind and a sprinkle of rain in that austere barren winter pass was definitely chilling.    I filled up gas at Cleelum, a really rustic pretty little town.  The washrooms were heated so  I took a while to get my gear straightened out, thankful no one had to actually 'use' the washroom.  After that I was down in the valleys where the cows and windmills made a nice picture op.
Ellensburg is the town where the Central Washington University is located..  It's also famous for it's rodeo. It has quite the thriving little campus with lots of red brick  buildings and lots of off campus apartments.  I finally found my way to Hampton Courts.Hotel after driving around town before the sun went down.   The fellows at the Hampton Court  reception were tremendously welcoming.  I parked the Harley outfront chaining it to a lamp post. I can see it from the room. The room is magnificent.  It's a waste in a way being alone.  I did turn the heat way up and immediately ordered a pizza.  Now I'm going to watch tv and fall asleep.  The fact is the challenge made the ride that much more special.
Tomorrow the weather is for higher temperatures and more sunshine.  I'm looking forward to heading south.  I've never been in this area. It's like Manning Park but the forest is bit more civilized. Great streams and mountain views.  The freeway system is awesome.  DSCN8880 DSCN8882DSCN8881DSCN8883DSCN8884DSCN8885DSCN8887DSCN8890DSCN8893

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