Saturday, April 16, 2011

Live Wire Book

Harlen Coben's 19th novel, Live Wire, was a race of a read, a regular steeplechase of fiction.  Such a convoluted plot with all the best characters and some of the finest lines.  Harlan Coben is the New York Time's best seller.  Deal Breaker was the first Myron Bolitar Thriller..  In this book, Live Wire,  tennis star Susse T, pregnant comes to Myron for help.  Win, his friend as usual, eventually saves Myron who in the midst of trying to find the rock star key to the enigma learns his brother is lost and his brother's estranged wife is hooked on heroin.  The mobsters are key to the mystery.  Gangsters and golf courses with basketball and nephews and dope smoking twins. Big Cindi is central while Esperanza now a mother has slowed somewhat from her Pocahantas world wrestling days.  It's all or nothing.  Kaddish should not be said.  The music is pretty and the truth is something else.  I love Myron's father and the family that makes him what he is. So much depth and story comes with a Coben novel and as usual I'm reeling at the ending. No spoilers here. Read Live Wire.  Harlan Coben has again, if it is possible, outdone himself.

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