Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wiccan Christianity

My friend didn't join us for communion today.  She did come and share a pew.
"Not into ritual cannibalism?"  I asked.
"That's it exactly," she said.
"But you're wearing a cross," I responded, eyeing the traditional cross which like much of Christianity may have screwed up. The Romans were said to use a T for crucifixions.  Changing all the hymn books alone from 'cross" to "Tee" would have been a monumentally costly task.  "The Old Southern Tee" might have sat well though with the golfers avoiding work on the sabbath.
"I accesorized for the occasion," she answered.
Her partner added, "I got it for her. She wouldn't accept the exorcism, I offered instead.".
The church was fairly Marion.  Lots of reference to female God, mother God, God "She" but careful avoidance of the Goddess.  Jesus apparently called God, "Our Father" but in the reconstructionism of the Bible today Psalm 23 became 'She leadeth me beside still waters."  The Italian painters put their patrons and city fathers in the crowds. The face on the devil in a Michelangelo painting was that of his principal critic. Jesus Christ Superstar looked surprisingly like an effeminate English schoolboy whereas Jesus himself was supposedly Jewish, at least on his mother's side.  If God is black as the Coptic Christian church might desire, then Jesus might well have been mulatto.
"Do you think we'll get to eat Mary soon," I asked my friend.
"If we do, I think she should be represented with cheese.  Then we could have wine and cheese and bread. "  She giggled.  Her Catholic roots show when she's being bad.  All that practice avoiding pokes by nuns.  The Catholic church has so many saints that when the Greeks and Romans eventually accepted Jesus and the triune God, the saints soon filled up the loss of all the Mount Olympus characters.  If you're going to change brands you want 'more' , 'not less'.  Christianity at least gave three gods in one which was more than Zeus and the Pagan gods could muster for their supreme being..  Spirit, father and son, or these days, daughter as Christ's gender changes to match the times.  Daughter God.
Something is  missing though.  Be Gentle to the Earth messages of eco religion only work in urban centres where Joni Mitchell's sings "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."  Christians are now praying for the dung beetles since researchers  showed that all the other eco granola birkenstock lot were interested in saving only the cuddly and cute.  Christians care for worms too because no one else does. They've had a rough time since the increase in cremation over burial.
"The music was terrific," he said, when we gathered outside to compare notes.  "I loved her sermon."  she said.
"Didn't the other guy shave off his rooster hair cut." her partner asked
"He did, " I answered, "he had a red mohawk. He was doing the youth ministery then."
The cherry blossoms were out.  Easter was coming soon.  Politics being what they are, good time to be in church.   World needs a lot of prayer.  Friends in Christ need contact too.

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