Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Mobile Home Experience

The last time I attempted moving my home, I rolled the truck and trailer.  Laura thought she was going to die.  Gilbert was definitely interested. I got a whiplash and a  new trailer.   The  second hand one had had great   potential for error, such as break failure. . I got a bigger truck too. In trailer world,  the bigger the truck the less likely the trailer is to win in a contest. My last truck had literally dove into the ditch rather than fight it out with a banshee trailer.   That last trailer had been a bully. This trailer was  not. The Rockwood Minilite is highly civilized RV from Travelhome, Langley.

I've spent 6 months on and off in the mobile home without it moving.  Laura thought it was just fine like it was.

"You don't really need to move a mobile home, " she said.  I couldn't stand it any longer.  I kept looking at the wheels knowing they were supposed to go round.

Tom came over and checked all the connections with me. It was Good Friday.  If we were going to die it was a good day in the Christian calendar.  Tom actually suggested we take the mobile home for a ride a round the block.  There was no cataclysmic consequences.

Today Laura and I actually got the mobile home organized ourselves.  She waved like the queen and somehow we got tongue and ball alligned.  Gilbert knowing something was definitely up climbed into the truck to ensure he'd not be left behind.  We actually drove out of the Burnaby Caribou RV Park. Dave from the office kindly checked my connections one last time before we exitted.   Then we were rolling.  Freeway here we come.  I've loved all the Chevy Chase movies so his Holliday series was uppermost in mind.  That and the Torentino Road Rage Series.

We drove  to Chilliwack. We filled up on diesel and propane.  We had a terrific lunch at the Husky then we headed up to Hope. Hope is where we rolled the last trailer. There's an anniversary thing going on here.  There are trailer demons around Hope.

Just beyond Hope the truck engine overheated.  I don't know why.  I'm not a Ford Diesel Mechanic. I thought it was a sign from God that this Easter we should go back to Chilliwack.  Fortunately we'd not headed up the Coquahalla and  I was able to turn around on Highway #3.  We're back in Chilliwach.  Given that God has spoken to us directly through the Diesel Engine of the Truck I would say it's a time for thanksgiving.

I've already phoned Tom and he's going to pick us up for Easter morning church service.  Later I 'll talk to a mechanic and ask if he'll lay hands on my Ford truck.  In the meantime, we're loving being alive given how greatly the odds were stacked against us in our minds.




Jean said...

Thanksgiving it is. Glad you are all safe. Happy Easter.

preeti said...

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