Friday, April 15, 2011

CBC - Canadian Election

I've e made it amply clear that I'm a conservative this election. I am voting for Prime Minister Steven Harper.  That's because I like what Steven Harper has done for Canada these last few years.  I believe he could do a whole lot more and whole lot better if he had a majority government.  This election I've been getting most of my informaition about the election campaign through the CBC.  Over the years I've criticized the CBC as Communist Broadcasting Corporation. At times they've been so left wing one thought that Mao was writing their copy.  This election I have to say even though I think the Media is overall anti Conservative the CBC keeps surprising me.  I am waiting for the reversal.  2 days before the election they'll say the Liberals are winning when they're continuing to lose or some such 'tricky dicky' or 'tricky iggy' campaign scam. Mostly though to date I've actually had the ability to sort out from listening to the CBC what the main points being made by each party is.  I listen to the CBC driving my Harley to work and catch the National at night.

So far I've heard a couple of obvious election smear tactics presented by the reporters of the CBC as "news" rather than Liberal election propaganda.  One was this silly incompetent unethical woman reporter.  She looked rather frumpy and talked like a gossip columnist with 'insider' information.  According to her she'd seen Harper with 'notes' at one of the debates or discussions at some time in the past.  She said she thought the rules were that you could not bring notes.  She also asked later some person in charge if one was supposed to have notes.  Apparently she said, he said, she said notes weren't allowed.  When the CBC reporter, maybe it was Mansbridge, asked her why she didn't say something at the time, this woman who was obviously in her 50's pulled that little girl putting a finger in her cheek dimple pose and said "i was afraid to ask (the big man) why he had notes."  From what  I got this was a 'false accusation' of a dubious nature made about somewhat vague rules long after the fact but clearly suggesting 1) Harper needs notes.  Harper is brilliant and even academic Ignatieff touted as a 'big brain' would acknowledge Harper doesn't need notes and if he had notes he wasn't cheating because if he was cheating then 2) This liberal female reporter would have been all over him to get her story. That was a non story but interesting as low blow politics.  Further it appeared she was 'selling' her story to the old  soap opera ladies. I used to think that people who watched 'soap operas' where the ones who fell for this tripe but that's not true.  Soap opera fans are no different from CBC fans and include many educated and world experienced people.  They're the equivalent of folk who like to watch sports on tv and they're smart enough to recognise this liberal reporter was 'playing them".

The other one was this story that this Ontario woman Liberal campaigners campaign was being sabotaged by phone calls from the states purporting to be this liberal party asking them to vote.  Apparently she even received a phone call from this group and when she contronted them herself over the phone they said they were 'conservatives'.  Not surprising the conservative candidate denied all this.  He didn't know anything about it.  The CBC could not verify it either. The Liberal said she actually signed an affadavit to show she wasn't lying. At least she realized what people would think. But the aim was to portray herself as a victim of the "big bad man' and she was a 'little girl' who just happened to pick up the phone at her campaign office and like Nancy Drew 'catch' the Conservative who identified himself.  So this politician who signs affadavits to prove she's not lying, like she wouldn't lie on an affadavit, knowing it couldn't be prooved gets herself on the CBC.

Meanwhile the campaign goes on.  Quebec is voting liberal and separatist as usual.  In BC the Conservatives are way ahead.  Not surprising given that Westerners don't live off the government tit like Quebec so they actually vote for someone who cares about real jobs.  The NDP continue to get support. Locally they are the only ones with signs out in the areas I drive in suggesting Layton was planning to force an election way before he nixed the budget.  But despite my bias to CBC election reporting they aren't painting everything red this time round.  Not quite objective or neutral but at least informative.

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