Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gilbert - Harley Biker Dog

My 1 year old cockapoo, Gilbert, began riding motorcycles at a few months old, in a pouch I hung around my neck. He graduated to a Harley Davidson dog carryier case I bought from Trev Deely. That's how we travelled to work on my Harley Davidson Electroglide Classic last summer.  When the rain and snow came we stopped riding only to begin again this year. He has doggles now and a helmut from Zoomer pet wear.  He's waiting on his leather jacket for more protection but has the Harley Davidson and Harley Davidson fleece.  I took him for a ride a couple of weeks ago after he'd been groomed and lost his sheep dog dreadlock hair.  He began to shiver. It was clear he wasn't enjoying that ride till we stopped and got him an extra heavy black and white skull and cross bones sweater to wear over the light weight ski sweater. Once he was warm he was back to enjoying the ride.  My biker friends thought he should have his own electric heated liner. I'm just glad the warm weather is coming so we can both just cruise in our Harley Davidson t shirts. Gilbert biker2Gilbert Biker3Gilbert biker

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