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Political Thinking Rant

Politics is about secular 'winning'. It's a great beaurocratic legal game.  It's called a 'leader's race'. It's all about who 'scores'.  There are women and men, homosexual, lesbians, immigrants, first nations, westerners, easterners, urban, suburban, rural, but mostly rich and poor.  Harper from the Conservatives wants to win.  Ignatieff from the Liberals wants to win.  Layton from the NDP wants to win.  Individually they all stand to gain if they do.  This is a major job on the line with pensions and benefits and great pay and influence.  None of these individuals is 'sacrificing' themselves.  However, each of them is accomplished enough individually that they might well make as much or more money for themselves outside of politics.  I have learned over the years that each  in their own way popular.
Harper is a much loved family man. He's like Obama that way.  He's an accomplished pianist just as Clinton liked to play the trumpet.  He has a terrifc sense of humor.  Men and women of the media raved about his capacity for caricature before he became Prime Minister and had to back away from the media because in Canada it's been a Liberal/NDP tool for decades.  We still hear about Mulroney's dirty dealings despite him being cleared of all charges whereas Chretien avoided even investigation with the media complicit in their silence.  The media, ad men, spin doctors and the lot of paper pushers always fared well with the Liberals.  Layton started out a pro union man but the unions wanted the budget and he turned his back on them. The NDP have always catered to the 'fringe' element,  radical feminists, but especially those who are 'professional poor'.  There's a core of the old Social Credit movment which was high minded but more and more the NDP has associated itself with things like more marijuana and more legal aid for  lifelong prisoners.  I don't know Layton.  Ignatieff has always seemed like that angry entitled priviledged ivory tower sort.  He really talks to people like they're school students.  I appreciate how the tenured university sorts would like him but I don't know him.  All these years in politics and he's just been criticizing and haranguing.  Mostly he's been promsing to spend taxpayers money. That's frightening to me.  I saw Obama this week was blocked in giving away 30 billion dollars to his party supporters.  That's what I associate the Liberals with.  If they get in power they'd create more jobs for more beaurocrats while driving out every corporation and destroying small businesses.  Canada pays outrageous taxes for less and less.  In Europe they pay taxes but everyone gets 'stuff'.
Here we pay taxes supposedly for 'health care' but we've got such long waitlists and every 'health care support' but no doctors.  Anything important we pay privately for because the Liberals called 'health care' 'hand holding'  and 'advertising.  Under the liberal government doctors and nurses were left aside while glossy magazines were put out for patients.
But I started out to talk about political thinking. Note how political talk is often tangential, obsessive, and circumstantial.  I noted that Harper was pro Israel and that the Israelis bought F35's and want Canadians to have F35's.  Ignatieff was flaunting his arm around a young moslem girl in sharia dress so I thought what's that about.  Ignatieff was against the Jews when Harper was pro Israeli.  Canada took a lot of heat for Harper's decisions on behalf of our  traditional ally.  Yet here was Ignatieff appearing anti Israel but the Liberals are traditionally pro Jews.  In England it was the Conservatives that created the Israel state but later it was the Conservatives that backed Egypt.  Hard to follow these things. In Canada the major rising media control has been Jewish. So when Chretien gave away all the taxpayers money in his swindle it stands to reason that this minority group benefitted more than others.  It's like supporting Hollywood.  You couldn't help support the minority jews there in the same way.  The NDP have always supported the poor jews.  Marx, Lennin and the original communist parties were principally jewish intellectuals.  Not surprising since the Nazi of the day were so anti semetic.  Are the conservatives courting the Americans with their international support of Israel. Are the Liberals courting the rich homeland jews who might well not be zionist however have powerful control of aspects of media that would help them manipulate the public.
Now I could have used any minority group to show what I'm trying to say. Hedy Fry has been playing to the black immigrant women.  Libby Davis plays to the lesbian women.  Everyone plays to the minorities.
Political thinking is a bout winning. That means getting votes.  Though the Jews are a minority they have a major presence financially, in the media, and legally and in medicine. The Chinese are engineers and doctors, builders too but so many are Christian and Conservative because of their strong family and financial conservativism.
Somewhere there is a score sheet. What it shows is that though there may only 1 or 2 % of Jews in Canada they vote for a particular issues.  Most Canadian jews aren't zionists and many are anti american.  More and more are pro pacific rim.  So the question in the election is who is Ignatieff playing too.  He's just an actor so there's a producer and director that has either said the Jewish vote doesn't count or that they can get the media on their side and that way get the jewish vote that they care for.  Screw Israel and the United States.  Hedy Fry, a doctor, said screw doctors and raved insanely about crosses burning in Prince GEorge because her main constituency was immigrant black women.  Now these immigrant black women are often high educacated and speak french so they're replacing the old Quebecois in federal beurocracy.  Hedy gets the women's vote by getting the black women's vote.  But why.
It always comes back to votes and money.  Money buys votes and votes gets power.
Even after Churchill, a conservative, literally won the war, he lost the peace time vote because the majority of voters didn't show up.
Minority groups vote.  People who are working 12 hours a day might not find the time to get out and vote but the 'professional poor' certainly do. Also if you're gay and you've been discriminated against by cowboy cops riding into your community beating up men at private parties you will get out to vote.  Also if you're an immigrant you often come from countries where work and jobs all depended on paying the party leaders.  So many immigrants are primed to be good party voters.  In India you had to be political just to work.  Immigrrants are by way of selections joiners and will work together and join so they can bring a lot of political power with them. My Hindu friend bought a car with four other hindu friends and time shared the car.  This was his way to rapid success and independence in Canada.  I'd never want to share my Harley Davidson with anyone. No one else but me gets to drive it. That's a very Canadian thought. My friend is like that now with his Harley but alot of Canadians have been their whole life subjected to 'divide and conquer'.
Politics is strategy.  It really doesn't matter to me who you vote for.  I truly believe if everyone in Canada was forced to vote or every one in Canada was paid to vote the Conservatives would win by alandslide. They'd have a majority government and major changes for the benefit of all Canadians would occur.  If the liberals won they'd be supporting the special interest groups they'd targetted and if the NDP won they'd turn the country upside down and maybe even get us kicked out of North America.  That's my belief.
The fact is that political parties are assessing us all as Jews, First Nations, professional, unprofessional, rural, employed, unemployed, sex offender, drunkard, militarist, vegetarian or whatever.  They are all using polls to assess what we apparently like and marketting themselves directly to our foibles.
You're an idiot if you don't recognise that Harper is coca cola and Ignatieff is pepsi.  Layton is just dirty water in a pretty bottle.  It's advertising, marketting and all about the brand.
They all want the Jewish vote.  The trouble is the Jewish vote is not a single vote It's zionist, it's aetheist, it's orthodox, it's conservative, it's liberal, it's poor, it's rich, it's women and men.  Sure if the liberals said they were going to support a nuclear weapons program for Iran rather than Ignatieff just manhandling a young moslem woman for the cameras the Jewish community would join together because the political machine within the Jewish community would go to create paranoia and say we all have to vote Conservative to avoid a Holocaust.  That's politics.  As it is I don't think there's any "jewish vote' in Canada.
There certainly is a ' young urban women's vote'.  The Liberals played this amazingly well in the 2 billion dollar anti hunter, anti farmer, anti rural, anti military, anti police 'GUN REGISTRATION" swindle.  They knew that urban women didn't own guns. They knew this because a smart crooked Liberal read the ORIGINAL GUN REGISTRATION lists  and saw that there were few women's names as gun owners.  So he thought, aha, I have a group I can market too.   I'll say that guns need to be registered and that will steal money from the rurals, give it to the urbans and get the young urban women vote.
It's the opposite in the US where your urban women are principle gun owners. Canadian women  had been lead to believe that phoning 911 got police protection without realizing it just got the police at the site of the crime after the murder. Policing is about catching criminals and not a whole lot about protecting women from criminals.  So in the US women commonly buy a gun and have one in their purse or homes.  Criminals are opportunists so they always go for the easy prey. A  criminal would never attempt to rape an American woman if there was a Canadian woman to choose instead.  European women, Latin women, African women and Asian women are good with knives. Canadian young urban women only know how to order in though recently they've been arming themselves with purse dogs confusing criminals to no end.
The criminals always have guns. Even in England with the toughest gun laws in the world the criminals had guns.  The Liberals counted on Canadian women to be 'stupid' in this regard.  The fathers of Canadian women had fought in WWII and Korea and the Fathers  of Canadian women were the protectors of their mothers and their grandfathers protected their grandmothers with guns.  But the radical feminist movement said 'guns' were bad.  The liberals fanned this. Not only that ,they played up that men who hunted and men who farmed, in general, men who lived in the country, were 'bad' men. They were 'hairy' men. Whereas Liberal men were shaving their bodies and wearing perfume and panities  and not talking about guns with their girlfriends.  The Liberal men were lawyers and beaurocrats and ad men.  They were stealing money in great bank scandals and they always figured if they needed a gun they could buy a criminal with a gun. The liberal men have always thought they were smarter than the rest of Canadians.  Not smart in a good smart way. Arrogant smart.  So they ran an anti gun campaign and said we needed "GUN REGISTRATION".  It was classic liberal politics.
Now the women in Canada at the time were so collectively 'stupid' about guns and gun registration, since they were still buying makeup and reading women's magazines on how to catch a Liberal Man with tricks from Chatelaine and Cosmopolitan that they didn't know that all guns in Canada were already being registered.  Since the 60's whenever anyone bought a gun they had to have a license. Citizens had to apply for that license. Citizens had to then show that license and their identification and sign for the gun at the gun store just the way one bought and signed for a car. If there was an unlicensed gun it was like a buggy in a farmers field. A father had given his son or daughter an old shotgun or 22  from the 50's when every household had a gun. In Israel there is a gun in every househood. Every Jewish  woman in Jerusalem knows how to use a gun. In Canada our grandfathers mostly hunted and went out to the country.  In Alaska today it's considered child abuse if a women takes her kids into the country without a gun. The liberals marketted their gun legislation lies to 'yuppie feminist women' who had never been anywhere that might break their high heels or nails. Thankfully today women are as likely to be out in the woods and wilderness of canada climbing and hikeing. They're carriyng real guns, bear bangers and flare guns. Canadian women aren't afraid of guns anymore.  They just don't like criminals.. So Canadian women today are most likely to vote Conservative.
But the Liberals had to have "GUN REGISTRATION" . Why. Because stupid single urban women didn't want men to have guns.  They didn't know anything about guns but they were arrogant and outrageously silly. This got 2 billion dollars in jobs for liberal men.  It also ensured that the liberal party would never get a vote again in the country but they didn't care about Canadians in rural areas. Nobody does because all the people are in the city.  So how to get more city votes and how to get more money to liberal men.  Liberal men mostly need government jobs like NDP men.  Criminals today have hand guns, machine guns and rocket launchers thanks to the liberals and their very silly girlfiends.
One of my female friends just did her gun training and the teacher was a woman who lead safaris and a quarter to a third of the class were women. Today the top marksmen in Canada were women and my women police friends aren't afraid of guns like their silly sisters were two decades back.   The only female Prime Minister in Canada was Conservative Kim Campbell and she'd ensured that Canadians were protected from gun toting criminals.  Prior to her all this registration was in place. Kim Campbell was tough on crime. But the Liberals wanted to 'look' like they were so they made up a 'lie'.  And they sold that 'lie' to the Canadian people. They're 'admen'. The emperoror has new clothes.
In health care I saw that Canadians wanted more doctors, more nurses and more medicine and surgery.  What the liberals have consistently given them is a 'lie' in my field. Liberlas have given more 'administration', more 'party politicos' and more 'legislation' and  health care 'registration'. Doctors and nurses aren't even allowed to see patients without a lawyer in the room. Health care in Canada is now 90% beaurocratic legal and adman money.    When  the conservative budget called for more money for rural doctors, Jack Layton shot that budget down.  Jack doesn't care for rural people. There's not enough votes in the country.  He's a city guy. His constituency is the 'professional poor".  .

So this is 'political thnking.  Note that I am politically thinking too. To a liberal or an NDP I don't know what I'm talking about.  Politics is about whether you're a conservative and you believe in the Canucks and think Goretsky is a great hockey player or whether you believe in granola and hot yoga and adult pornography and think Ignatieff is your man. Or you're a revolutionary like Layton who would have Canada as poor as Cuba.

Political thinking is about crazy thinking. The greatest study of political thinking was a study when schizophrenics and those in mental asylums were asked to vote and they voted exactly the same distribution as Canadians. They voted for Conservatives and Liberals and NDP's and their votes were the same as Canadians who were supposedly sane.

So read the 'crazy thinking' in this political thinking piece.It's my rant. It's just a bit more of an honest rant than Ignatieff or Layton in my opinion.  Political thnking is all about opinion and everyone in Canada is entitled to an opinion, especially in politics,  despite what Ignatieff and Layton say.  I'm voting Conservative. I'm voting for Freedom.  I'm voting for Canada. I would like every single Canadian to vote. I am less concerned if they vote Liberal or NDP or Liberal and NDP versus Conservative. I want to see democracy at work.  So I have an opinion in politics. Everyone is 'entited to an opinion' in politics. Even silly single urban girls who don't know anything about guns and gun registration and could be bought by ads to believe that Canadians didn't have gun legislation are entitled to their silly stupid opinions.  The only un registered guns are criminals guns.  Guns rarely kill. Cities kill a whole lot more people than guns. But if this political thingking looks slightly skewed realize that that is 'political thinking'. Political thinking is partisan thinking. No one is 'right'.  In retrospect they're right or wrong but at the time it's like a 'court argument'. It's debate and it doesn't matter if the politicians lie like with the Liberals 'gun registration ' or 'health care' but only if the population doesn't know they lied till after the vote.
Further politics is never about the best person for the job.  Jesus Christ was killed by politics and politicians.  Politics is about chosing the least bad alternative. Right now I think that's Harper.  Harper isn't Jesus Christ and Ignatieff isn't Charlie Sheen. Layton isn't  Cheech and Chong.  The Quebecois are bozo the clown, though.  But politics is like hockey because there's a winner and a loser.  I like the Canucks.  I will tell you why I think my team is better and why I think your team is going to lose. That's political thinking.  There will be truth and there will be logic but there will be a lot more rhetoric. If you want to understand this more, look up the Nizkor Project.
Using my previous example, if jews were 90 % of canadians and only 1 % of jews  voted, and jews were poor and smart you'd not hear a thing about jews in this election.  Instead if there were 10% immigrants and 9% of immigrants voted then you'd hear alot about immigrants.  There are lists and the question is are your people voting and contributing money and what do your people want.
Canadians vote like insane people.  That's the bottom line. And that's what political thinking sounds like.  Now get out, campaign  and vote  I personally think elections are a release valve in which Canadians can rant and rave and run around like insane people having these silly stupid popularity contests. So vote for Harper because obviously from my writing you can see that's the only safe and mature way to vote.   .

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