Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vancouver East and Irene Yat Co

Vancouver East has been a federal electoral district since 1935.  The area is where China Town and the Downtown Eastside are located.  It's presently NDP.  Libby Davis is the MLA.  The Conservative Party has been increasing it's percentage of the vote with each election.   Conservative Irene Yat Co is due to win the election for this year given the trend.  This is where politics gets sad. Libby Davis is one of my all time favourite MLA's.  Unfortunately I can't support the NDP this year.  I've voted NDP in the past but was a strong liberal for decades till the Chretien corruptions made Mulroney look like a saint.

I just can't support the NDP because Jack Layton could have avoided an Election. The Conservatives had a budget for health care and the elderly but Jack Layton pulled the plug and went Liberal with the Coalition.

So here's the classic situation where locally there is a very good MLA but at the Federal Level the party is hurting the country.  Layton isn't the leader Canada needs.  Harper has kept Canada stable and ensured economically that we don't have inflation.  The Liberals and NDP are talking about 'hand outs' and 'give aways' of money they will promise but that will lead to inflation.

Libby Davis is for electoral reform. The senate is part of the problem in Canada. There's too little democracy and too much 'government appointment'.

But Libby Davis is NDP.  A vote for the NDP this election is a lost vote or a vote for a Coalition with the Quebecois.

Further, Vancouver EAST is changing.  Churchill said, "If you're not a socialist when you're 20, you have no heart but if you're not a capitalist when you're 40 you have no brains."  Wikipedia says the average income of Vancouver East is over $66,000.  It's not a hippy dippy place.  The Chinese merchants here are hurting because of the movement to Richmond of the Chinese buyers. Too many people are afraid to shop here because of the crime in this area.  Conservatives have most sensible about law and order over the years understanding that communities need to be safe.  People here need to be safe from the Pictons of the world.

Irene Yat Co  was the editor of the Phillipine Journal.   She has been a small business owner.   She understands the Pacific Asian connection.  Gastown and Chinatown cater to the tourism that comes with the cruise ships.  There's revitalisation of this community.   Irene Yat Co represent the new East Vancouver.



Anonymous said...

Layton is known as

gassy jack

because he knows he will never win the eletion so he can say anything he wants

and he does

Anonymous said...

FYI Libby Davies is the MP in van. East.. An MLA is a member of the provincial govt not federal