Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook Censorship is a FACT

Today my blog, this blog, was 'blocked' by Facebook.  No explanation except that it was thought to be 'offensive' .  Not 'what article' or 'offensive' to who, just offensive.  I was 'guilty until proven innoscent'.
I was given the option to say why "I" didn't think I was offensive. I wrote that I was an "award winning writer, a physician,  a psychiatrist, and a minister".  I was tempted to go on and list the dozens of medical degrees, awards from a variety of organizations, countless affiliations, send them my banker's personal number to show my paltry attempts at saving and my accountant's phone number to  show my punitive and outrageous tax receipts for 30 plus years, (to cite my good sportsmanship if anything). It's offensive when unknown 'POWERFUL PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE AND COVERT FORCES" "f*** with you.  It's downright frightening.  I didn't.  I realized that FACEBOOK has this 'system'.  It offends based on some "report' by some "POLITICALLY CORRECT" Bullies and then you are instantly 'guilty'.
It was frightening.  Facebook is a WORLD POWER. It's accused this blog of being "offensive".  It called me 'offensive' and if I didn't do anything I would be "blacklisted'.  At least they tell you you're blacklisted. I've been told by others I was on the RCMP and American "lists" when I was involved in peace marches.
It's not the first time I've been black listed. I wrote a song about God in high school. I said that I thought God was bored by the world and no longer paying attention.  I was expelled because of the "style" of communication.  I was told by the English teacher brought in to support the Principal that my poetry and songs had no 'literary value'.  I was expelled then later asked to return because parents of students objected more to the "censorship".
I wrote an article criticizing the American politicians war mongering in a medical journal.  The medical journal  was 'banned' in the United States. The Editor phoned me "ecstatic" and  thanked me for making his journal 'relevant'.
I was approached and advised quietly that my article on "Civil Committment" and "Imprisonment" had been 'read' and I should be 'careful'.
I was invited to a dinner where the community business leader after several glasses of wine bragged about having had a union agitator 'knee capped'.  By that time I was realizing that what I'd been taught about the world, democracy, freedom and such in social studies at school was pretty much a 'crock'.
Today, I simply say, "If you haven't any scars, then you're just being used".  I loved Dylan's song, "You've got to Serve Somebody. Maybe the Devil or it May be the Lord, but you have to Serve somebody."
Little Sister's Bookstore here in Vancouver has been plagued for years by perverted censors wanting the right to watch porn themselves and deny other adults the freedom to read or see whatever without it being 'selected' politically by Big Brother and Big Sister.
I've been writing about Julian Assange because his story is only a story of 'censorship'.  The CIA have apparently put pressure on Sweden to find a couple of bimbos to testify that Julian fell asleep after sex.  If Julian had been female he'd have been accused of being a witch.
This is how it goes.  One doesn't look at the 'content' but rather the 'process'.  The 'way' people behave shows who are the 'bullies' and who are the Machiavellians.  When Stalin was killing millions you didn't listen to what he said, you learned what was 'safe' by looking at who had been air brushed out of existence in the pictures of the Russian Communist Party.  It's like the missing of Argentina.
I've been outspoken about the  Conservative Party of Canada. The fact is I consider the Liberals and NDP to embrace the ideas of 'political correctness' and would not at all be surprised to learn that a Liberal or NDP took offense at my support for the Conservatives.
I am a Christian and this is offensive to many.  Like Kierkegard and Bonhoffer, I've even offended some Christians who would rather I was Jewish or Buddhist than claim association with them. I publicly say "Christianity is too important and rich a religion and  tradition to leave in the hands of opportunists and interlopers."
I even criticized the originator of FACEBOOK after a movie exposed his theft of the engineering and codes of the Harvard classmates. The courts found against him and typically the 'fine' didn't make a dint in the 'profits' of the 'stolen technology'.  There was a similiar movie about the theft of design of the windshield washer by individuals in the Car Industry.  Years later the wrong is righted.  Legal reform is as a consequence of these examples and many more being demanded by all except those who benefit from the increasing failures in the legal system.
I doubt there will be a means whereby I will be able to 'confront' my accusers.  In Canada if you want to get ahead and it's a close competition you make an 'anonymous' phone call to the Child Police and say that your competitor is sexually abusing their kids.  Michael Creighton's classic book Disclosure showed how the 'Sexual Offender" legislation was being used to gain advancement.  It was such a complaint locally that men said that women in business were previously wanting to 'f' their way to top but now were bypassing that and simply claiming they'd been 'f''d to have competition removed. It's a variation of the CIA and Julian Assange.  The courts are trumping democracy despite Troudeau saying the 'state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation."
When something happens to me, because I'm a mediocre common sort myself, I think of all the millions of people who have been 'censored' , 'black listed', 'persecuted' and haven't been able to say, "i'm a writer, I'm a physician, I'm a world traveller, I'm a minister."  My brain injured patients and the mentally ill are commonly predjudiced against. The elderly are increasingly marginalized.
I have objected to this Canadian Election which will cost an estimated 1.5 billion dollars.  The 'official' public announcement for the last election was $300 million".  The private watchdog figure was '$1.5 billion dollar."  Jack Layton of the NDP is responsible for this because he didn't support the Conservative budget's bid for support of all the elderly. Like the Liberals, the NDP have their 'special groups'.  This kind of 'opinion' is 'unacceptable'.  It gets one threatened in Canada.
I've had death threats. My family had death threats when I fought a case of anti semiticism.  Similiarly when I objected to Rabbis raping I was called an anti semite and threatened.  Thankfully the Anglican and Catholic Priest Pedophiles didn't threaten me when I objected to their treatment in Residential Schools.  I was criticized by 'wealthy white' people for supporting First Nations in that situation.
If you actually take a 'stand' you become a target.  The terror in Canada is evident in the 'wishy washy' 'mediocre' 'grey' "political correctness' which dominates everything.
Facebook is an organization of 'censorship'.
I suspect I'll be 'allowed back in',  when I dealt with 'in groups' , (there was a great girl school movie which exposed this phenomena well) they commonly 'ostricized' someone and then invited them back to show them they can be 'eliminated'.  The idea is that this 'treatment' will make them 'watch' what they say.
It just makes me think that FACEBOOK as a WORLD POWER is perhaps more corrupt than even MUBARACK and GADAFFI's Organizations. At least those 'beaurocracies' were 'peopled' not 'robotic'.  Clearly given FACEBOOK"S "EXTRAORDINARY POWER and that Power leads to Abuse there is need for OVERSEER on FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP.
Imagine the potential for a 'timely' shutdown of one 'political' idea.  Say Ignatieff is a friend of Mark Zuckerman and suddenly no one hears of Harper the week before the election.  Imagine Mark Zuckerman is a friend of Hillary Clinton and the same occurs in the American election.  Where's democracy and where's freedom of speech.
I remember the first major computer scam I was 'suckered into'. It was the 'bank machine'.  Overnight these went up and it was a 'free way' to get money and the banks all saved on staff and those with more machines attracted customers.  Then the costs came later.
It's that way with the heroin and cocaine pushers down here in downtown eastside. All the drugs you want are 'free' at first. When you get hooked the hidden cost comes out. The banks and the drug dealers didn't think about the 'charges' 'after the fact'. It was part of the diabolical plans.  It's the corporate 'trojan horse'.
FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP is now a "FACT".  It's already been selling all our personal information for months or years by changing the 'privacy settings' without appropriate notice. What next.

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