Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday in February

We had a really sunny warm day this week. It was sneaky indeed. Had me believing for that day summer had come.  Then the next day it rained. Doom and gloom. The crashing depression of seasonal affective disorder struck and all across the city heads dove under sheets and no one wanted to leave their pillows. I thought I was coming down with a fever and a cold though it was all merely psychological. The self pity on a rainy cold February day in Vancouver is palpable.  Driving was dangerous too because everyone was suddenly suicidal.
The weather report promised dry spells today. The RV show was last week with it's promise of summer camping. This weekend it's the Vancouver Boat Show with its tease of fair winds and following seas, the thought of sailing in the Strait, the winter storms all gone.  But winter lingers in Vancouver to March. The rest of the country is blanketted in snow and cold but they have the light. Here the sunshine only really comes for sure in April but more and more there will be days of tease.  Harley Davidson motorcycle drivers had their bikes out of storage this last week getting out on the road styling. But March and April it's going to be a veritable blitz of motorcycles. Then the convertibles and bonfires of old umbrellas.
I'll phone Dad in hospital in Ottawa. That will be a good start for today. The little guy, Gilbert is keen for play and the cats Angel and Tiffany are prowling about.  They're always hopeful and optimistic about the day.  Gilbert's enthusiasm is infectious.
It's going to be a good day. It's a Thursday and Thursdays are sweet. That's what Rogers and Hammerstein in Pipe Dream said and when were they every wrong.

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