Saturday, February 11, 2012

Majestic Futon, 4th and Burrard, Vancouver

Majestic Futon is where Laura got her bedroom suite. It's this upscale Kits place with lovely wood boudoirs and couches.  Gilbert sleeps over at Laura's often.  Angel, another regular house guest, appreciated the electric blanket that she and Tiffany, Laura's cat, consider theirs.  We were concerned that Gilbert though might not be as tough as Laura who loves her firm single futon mattress.  Committed to children and pets and rangy things she agreed to sacrifice a little by allowing a second futon mattress to be added to her bed.  This way Gilbert's back and hips would have more support. Angel and Tiffany thought it a good idea too.  So Laura and I went back to Majestic and bought a new futon they make up from scratch themselves.  A few days later the lovely friendly helpful people there phoned to say the futon was ready.
So having just visitted the chiropractor, Dr. Richard Cho and not having Gilbert in the Ural Motorcycle IMG 0655side car I picked up the futon and brought it back to Laura's.  She's making the bed up right now with the help of Angel and Tiffany while I'm keeping  Gilbert with his dirty paws and filthy ball out in her backyard. He prefers to help Laura by standing in the centre of the bed and supervising but Tiffany and Angel are vying for that job right now. Gilbert hasn't learned to wipe his paws either.  I may have to lie down on it myself and see if it's safe for Laura, Gilbert, Angel and Tiffany.  I've volunteered for the first trial, being daring, courageous and extremely concerned for others comfort.
IMG 0656I told Laura that I saw all the gorgeous Vancouver women looking at me as I drove back to her.  A biker with a futon in his Ural motorcycle side car is almost irresistable to Vancouver women. Laura says she'd rather a man give her a new  futon over a bottle of wine any day. .

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