Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Poem

Tuesday poem
-William Hay (Feb.7,2012)
I longed for a song to open Tuesday
With more than a thought of a half price movie
Something to spring me from bed
And turn my head to prayer and life
But Cat Stevens said Tuesday was Dead
Tray Anastasia only talked of Tuesday evening
Rolling Stones did well to give us Ruby
No doubt by now a beautiful grandmother
No one would admit
That Tuesday was an orphan
Except George Castanza on Seinfeld
Claiming Tuesday had no feeling.
Tuesday lost somehow in the week
Of days with more significant meaning
Yet chosen incongruously often for
Presidential elections
Opening  before the hump
This little lost waif of a day
After Monday the only passage to Wednesday
Without there be dragons
Thank God for Tuesdays with Moray
Not a song but a book at least
That could elevate this otherwise
Potentially muddled little day.
The Pogues and Cowboy Junkies
Had their way with you
As did Metallica
But still you hung in there
I love you, Tuesday.

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