Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Romantic First Date Questions

1) Why is such a beautiful obviously intelligent person such as yourself single at your age?
2) Why is such a handsome intelligent person such as yourself single at your age?
2) What did your ex say was wrong with you?
3) Did you take care of your dying parents?
4) How many sexual partners have you had, really?  Intercourse?
5) Do you have any transmittable diseases?
6) Do your children, parents, friends still speak to you?
7) Do you believe in God?
8) What do you worship?
9) What is your work?
10) How long have you been there?
11) What is your longest sexual relationship?
12) What is the longest time you have been in a sexual relationship?
13) Have you ever killed anyone?
14) Have you been anally probed by blue aliens?
15) Have you ever been treated for addiction?
16) Have you ever been arrested?
17) Have you had an abortion? How many?
18) Do you want children?
19) When was the last time you were with children?
18) What do you and your friends like to do?
19) Are you a terrorist?
20) Who did you vote for in the last election?
21) Do you wear depends?
22) Do you think the man or woman should pay for the viagra?
23) Do you floss?
24) How far did you go in school? Why did you stop?
25) What trophies, medals or awards have you got?
26) What demeanors, failures or negatives have you faced?
27) Do you believe in life after death?
28) What is your best sexual relationship experience?
29) What is your worst sexual relationship experience?
30) What is the longest time you have gone without sexual intercourse?
31) What is the first name of your banker?
32) Why did you take so long in answering question_____?
33) What would cause you to break up a relationship?
34) How many of your friends are divorced?
35) How many of your friends have successful long term relationships?
36) Did your parents divorce?
37) Can you show me a picture of your mother/father?
38) What do people find unappealing about your parents?
39) What do people find appealing about your parents?
40) What is the first name of your lawyer?
41) Do you believe the CIA are controlling your mind?
42) Are you an environmentalist?
43) Are you a whacko?
44) What are you not telling me about yourself that's going to hurt me eventually?
45) What's the longest time you've spent in hospital?
46) What little things upset you?
47) Do you snore?
48) What do you do after you fart?
49) What is your favourite joke?
50) Are you, your family or any of your friends cannibals?

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