Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vancouver RV Show - TRADEX - Abbotsford BC

What a beautiful sunny day for an RV show. Laura, Gilbert and I were all set to go. Then my Ford F350 truck didn't start because I'd not used it for nearly a month in the cold. With the help of my jumper cables I connected my dead battery to Laura's Honda Civic battery. It was a hard start but eventually the truck engine turned over to applause and tag wagging. We were on our way.
A short drive paying attention to the new traffic pattern for Surrey in preparation for the increased lanes and new bridge.
At TRADEX it was packed and we were routed to the overflow parking. Gilbert stayed to guard the truck.
Inside it was RV wonderland with the higher rock star homes on wheels buses running $500,000 show price normally much much more. We loved the new ultr lite car towables with toilets and showers at $15,000.
My trailer is a Rorest River Rockwood last year's model. It was great that nothing seemed better for my needs and I came away loving my trailer even more. There was a skookum toy hauler I might well have bought if it was available when I was buying my regular RV. Truly compact but really tasteful decor.
Laura and I after a year of using my trailer really could compare looking at towing weight, length, turning radius, use off road hunting versus solely highway, layout, storage, etc. It was definitely God's will I got the trailer that serves us so well knowing as little as we did. I'm thankful to the Travelhome guys for their great advice. There were a half dozen major trailer brands there with something for everyone. There were even zodiac boats and Yamaha scooters and generators along with every accessory imaginable. Shaw direct tv had a great set up and we looked longingly at that but we only came home with a load of Watkins spices and home products. I love the shows for restocking the high qualit spices, bug lotions, hand creams and such.
Rather smug that we had most everything we could want except direct tv and a skookum tire air monitor we rejoined Gilbert all excited about RVing. Riding back to Vancouver in the truck we discussed where to go for the first RV trip. There's so many possibilities in BC.

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