Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Problem with God

The problem with me is fairly straightforward.  The answer to that question would best be put to my ex wives, my former teachers, present administration and any enemies I've collected in this short but interesting lifetime. I've had alot of ideas about the problem with me and tried in various ways to correct the more obvious deficits.
The problem with God however is a bit more difficulty.  Obviously he is a supreme being, the one from which all things emanate.  He is my creator.  He or she is my source of energy and power.  I am nothing without God.  I think because of God and feel because of God and exist because of God.  God is all that is within me and without me.  God is everything.  God is also nothing. God is within and without and beyond all I perceive and know. God is unfathomable.  Yet I have this belief that there is a place where God and I can meet.
I would be in this place always. When I'm there my life and feeling and thought seems in the 'flow', in the 'present' and right.  Yet somehow the nature of this being that God created is unable to keep track and focus on this almost bouncing ball relationship with God.
I want to be more with God and have God more with me. I want to trust more and be less afraid and know God and feel God's protection and safety. I want to soar on Eagle's wings. I want to be uplifted by God. I want to know God and be reassured by God but often feel so far apart from God and not knowing how to return to God.
I feel God is the good times when indeed God is all time. There is no time without God. I want God to take away some pain or discomfort without realizing that pain or discomfort proclaims the existence of God. I would know God in the cozy cuddly sense but God knows me in my whole being and would have me know God is with me always, in sickness, disease and poverty as well as wealth and health.  God is ever with me but I've limitted the experience of God or God has created me with this limitting capacity.
The problem with God then is me.

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