Saturday, February 25, 2012

Circle William

I'm enjoying reading this superb thriller by Bill Harlow. I'm half way into the book and loving the characterizations.  Schmidt brothers, one a White house press secretary in Washington, the other a maverick destroyer captain in the Mediterranean..  Terrorists and high tech. It's written in 1999.  Ghaddafi is still alive and some of the background I didn't know about Libya comes clear in the novel. I really want to go to the south of France for a vacation now too.  Capt. Bill Harlow was 25 years in the Navy and Chief of Public Affairs for the CIA.  Now that makes a real kind of authority to attach to a decidedly talented writer. Enjoying Circle William so much I definitely plan to see if Bill Harlow has written anything more recent. I suspect his take on matters will keep the air of authenticity. I hope his characters continue too as other heros of the sea have like Richard Bolitho.


15-Seconds said...


I just stumbled across your kind comments. Sorry to say I have not written any new novels since Circle William -- but did co-author "At the Center of the Storm" George Tenet's 2007 memoir and have "Hard Measures" coming out April 30th -- written with Jose Rodriguez, former chief of CIA's clandestine service.

Not as many laughs in either of those books -- but I hope people find them informative, nonetheless. Thanks for your kind words.

Bill Harlow

haykind said...

Certainly an honour to hear from such a fine author. Now looking forward to reading 'At the Center of the Storm" and "Hard Measures".