Saturday, February 18, 2012

Christie Blatchford and the Mutiny in the Canadian Courts

I just read Christie Blatchford's Comment, "Minimum jail time tests court's powers' in the National Post Saturday Feb,18, 2012. It was very informative.  It seems that the courts are in 'mutiny' against the elected parliament and elective legislature. Thanks to the wit of Christie Blatchford  we see the the pout and tongue sticking of the big girls and big boys  of the courts wagging their ears at prime ministers and premiers.  Now what will we do?  Personally I think we should call in the 'military judges'  to set the matter right. It's pretty obvious that there is civil disobedience in the courts.  Troudeau brought the tanks out against the people. So isn't it time that Stephen Harper and Christie Clark bring in the military to address the overt and covert 'strike' of the courts using all manner of passive aggression, slow down,  and misinformation, and babble gook  to literally defeat the elected governments of the day. Christie Blatchfords suggest that the judges run for office but I'd rather see them 'elected' if they are going to act above the law.

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