Sunday, February 5, 2012

St. James Anglican Church, Vancouver, Canada Feb.5, 2012

Another great day at church.  The St. James choir was glorious as usual.  Incense and ritual.  I actually found myself making notes on the sermon. Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II on the eve of her Diamond Jubilee then discussion of obligations of Christians.  I was poking at my iphone so only got a bit of it. Not too different from my own Christian walk as a result.  If I'd had a whole keyboard I'd have got it more accurately. But then I'm a master of excuses. I'd be a better Christian....if aliens hadn't abducted me the night the dog ate my home work....Nonetheless my notes give some indication of what  was going on.
What are our obligations as baptized Christians
1. Be at mass on Sundays and study the teachings and pray daily
2 live in power of holy spirit, daily examination and repentance and yearly participation in repentance service
3 read scriptures daily and live by grace
4 love your neighbour
5 be self compassionate
6 be merciful
7 give alms
8 strive for kingdom of god
Christian lead life of obligation as duty and joy in service of Christ
Obligation authenticates our promises

Mark Greenaway-Robbins sermon feb512
When I carried Gilbert up for communion I noticed the other parents babies were shaved.  Gilbert is by far the harriest one in the church besides his friend Phil. Trying to be solemn and resist dancing, being brought up Baptist, the temptation to dance in church is almost Davidic, I was amused to see that Gilbert thought the kneeling rest was a pillow for his chin. After almost everyone had gone down stairs for coffee I got a picture of the great hall.  I love when they ring the bell in the church service.  IMG 0614
IMG 0613


Anonymous said...

What about Bear and Dido?

haykind said...

The Bear and Dido are Fr Mark's dogs, and big dogs and older dogs than Gilbert. Gilbert thinks they're really fine friends.