Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Morning

When I sleep over at Laura's I'm first visited by my Siamese calico cat Angel. She's my snooze bar. She snuggles into my armpit and purrs in my ear. If I have woken with pesky fearful frightening morning thoughts her purring blocks these. I am comforted and fall back to sleep. Angel snuggled next to me through many dark crashing offshore sailing stormy nights when all I could was pray for morning light. She's a sweet longtime companion. Not much later Gilbert my now 2 year old cockatoo will bound onto the bed place his paws on my chest and lick my face. Now that really is an alarm clock. Laura is usually up and having a bath when Gilbert decides he's waited long enough for his morning belly scratch and ball throw. Gilbert always figured its time to play. Not trusting you to have a toy or ball he's always got one ready on his mouth for you. When I stumble to the kitchen to start my expressio coffee machine Angel accompanies me. I sometimes feel her brush past me as she beats me to the cupboard where her wet food is. I put down a can for her. Laura has given Gilbert his morning Little Caesar wet food but now he watches for his chance to steal the cats can. While making the coffee and eating my blueberry or vanilla yogurt I have to be ready to scoop up the cats remaining food when she deigns she's had enough of a nibble. She's a very dainty eater compared to him. He wants to get the scoop on the can and woof it down then he gnaws an the can itself. Laura's cat black and white cat Tiffany who Laura has fed by spooning out wet food into a tiny bowl for, watches the antics of Gilbert and Angel. She likes the perspective of high ground. With the fur babies all taken care of I can settle down to enjoy the morning coffee. When Laura exits the washroom I utterly amaze myself shaving and showering. Even more astonishing to myself I follow that truly miraculous feat by dressing. When I actually have shoes on I am ready for facing the outside world. I find Gilbert's leash and my jacket and we head out the door. Laura in parallel and harmony has usually be moving right along with more underwear and mirror time. The cats have gone back to lying about while Gilbert begins his runs to and fro and about the door about the time I begin to pull on socks and shoes. This is his sign that the day is about to become a truly grand adventure. Just outside the door there is all this territory to be marked with piss and a whole range of new butts to be sniffed. His enthusiasm is infectious. Laura and I take turns holding his leash and letting him drag us through the door into a new day. The cats will be waiting our return to hear all about the adventures of the day.

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