Sunday, February 12, 2012

Confessions on a Sunday Morning

I loved hot dogs with mustard and relish at baseball games.  I loved candy floss at the circus. I loved the Monkeys when they first appeared on tv.  I watched the Dick Clark Bandstand and loved Herman Hermits. My friends and I went to the Beatles movies and watched the girls scream and complained we couldn't hear the movie because we were looking for meaning.  I wore bell bottoms. I wore flowers in my hair and had peace symbols painted on my face.  I marched in peace demonstrations. I was against nuclear war.  I learned to bicycle without training wheels but wanted them.  I didn't like liver and onions. I got tired of eating moose as a kid one year and tried trading moose meat sandwiches for peanut butter and jam.  I wore my brothers hand me down clothing when I was a kid and my clothing was given to my cousins.  I shopped in second hand stores. I stole a chocolate bar and later stole a playboy magazine. I skipped out of school to go to the coffee shop. I liked sex.  I didn't fake orgasms. I drank milk out of the container in the refridgerator.  I hitch hiked.  I rode on ice flows in break up polling in the river.  I said  Iwas going to church when I went to a friends.  I smoked cigarettes.  I hung out with left wing radicals and right wing radicals.  I didn't always do what was right. I was suspended from high school.  I lied when I was young.  I told the truth when I was older and a lie would have saved me so much more trouble.  I have got into more trouble being good than I did being bad. I haven't been particularly good at being bad and envied people who were really bad.  I have regretted a conscience.  I have had too many second helpings. I liked watching Jerry Springer.  I have watched soap operas. I've slept in on Sunday and missed church.  I've been a poor husband.  I 've failed some times in most things that I've done but I've kept doing them and usually got better.  I'm still muddling along.  I 'm on my way to church this morning.  I might nod off or think about other things during the service.  I'll probably look at my watch sometime too.  IMG 0657

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