Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spousal Abuse-Domestic Violence - Against Men

One of the principle problems of any discussion of domestic violence or spousal abuse is the persisting belief that 'women' as a 'gender' are 'collectively' victims.  One may as well enter into a discussion about Middle East Peace with a Zionist Jew or Radical Palestinian.  This collective 'denial' of violence as 'species' violence perpetuates gender violence as much as any number of other factors.
Radical feminism began with social communism.  In communism there is a paranoid vision of the world derived from Marx.  He saw the world in terms of 'victims', the 'proletariat' and 'victimizers' the beourgeosie and his solution was a one class society.  However Lenin felt that this 'one class' society required 'dictatorship' of the proletariat hence the latter day Russian communist regime with the dachaus and special stores for the 'leadership'.  China is no different and all communist countries despite their successful revolutionary beginnings have turned into the feudal equivalents theywere against.  There is a middle in society and Scottish socialism showed clearly that there was a place for diversity and a middle class and that 'war', the only solution of communism, was unnecessary.
In gender politics the new beourgeosie were the Women's Studies Professors and the the writers of radical feminism all the way down to the lipstick feminists who sound very much like people without a banner.  Hence the movement in universities to expand from the revolutionary 'paranoid' position of 'us against them' to (finally) some work on the value of 'egalitarianism".  The irony is this latest group calls themselves 'egalitarian feminists"  which sounds like capitalist communists to those who pay attention to language.  But we do have our 'red tories' today and and our blue liberals as everyone fights for centre stage and the teen agers claim they don't wear a uniform.
While 'crime studies' show that men are more likely than women to use violence, other studies usually family and domestic violence studies  show that men are more likely to inflict injury but that when all acts of physical aggression or violence are considered women are either as aggressive as men or more violent than men.
These violence studies further do not take into account that while men may be sexually aggressive women are freer to and are more likely to act out their aggression against men by having sex with their partners friends, family members or bosses.  Further agression between females is often expressed sexually through sex with a a girl's  boyfriend.
Further female parents acting alone were the most common perpetrators of child abuse.
Added to this,1/3 of sexual abuse victims are likely to sexually abuse themselves.  Then too a significant portion of physically abused will go on to physically abuse.
In addition to this there is a major variable of the person who has had one aggressive relationship compared to the person who has recurrent aggressive relationships. In the latter there are predators and volunteers more than predators and victims.
When I have been willing to enter into a discussion of solutions to the problem of spousal abuse or domestic violence from this position of 'fact' and 'scientific information' I have been threatened , ostracized and attacked directly and indirectly.  I have never hit a woman but I have repeatedly physically violated by women publicly and privately.  I have further treated countless men probably an equal number to the women I have treated who have been violently attacked by women.
The researchers I have known who were men have been castigated for bringing forward this information yet until we move out of this backwater we will not be able to get on with addressing the inherrent species violence and the bullying of those in power whether female or male. Further the tendency of any revolution is to exchange one bully and their spouse for another bully and their spouse. Matriarchy has long be associated by anthrolopologists with war, slavery and torture.  That suggests that violence is not gender specific but rather 'species' specific.
Lesbians have the highest incidence of violence over homosexuals and both have greater violence than heterosexuals.
Note that alcohol and drugs are directly associated with violence as are poverty and most importantly men fight men and women fight women so focusing on 'blame' rather than 'solutions' is going nowhere.
2007 1/4 of relationships reported violence.

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